This “About”  section needs to begin with a family photo.  This is us (Hubby, Aby, Michael & Me), this is our life, nobody is ever looking at the camera at the same time, nobody is ever happy at the same time, and it is hard to pin us all down at once.  You probably won’t ever see a professional family photo of “us” on this blog, not because I am opposed to paying for one but more so in that I just don’t think we fit into that nice sitting of the quiet peaceful family, so why lie?  Nothing about our lives is peaceful.  We have Michael, the CRAZYlittleman, Aby, the EMOTIONALteen, Hubby, the OVERWORKEDfamilyman, and Me, the NEUROTICrunner.

In addition to our own chaos, we also have plenty of fur flying around.  This means the house is NEVER clean, if you want to visit, come on over but don’t wear your nice clothes.





Fun times, EVERY day.  Kids screaming, animals puking, homework to be done, bills to be paid, and Me begging to be let out of the house for a run!  But I wouldn’t change a thing, just wish hubby and I had a sitter on a more frequent basis!


16 thoughts on “About

  1. I also wanted to comment on the Monster dash. I did not see a mile marker after mile 9 and that killed me! I need to know where I am at.

  2. I am new to reading your blog and was sharing some info about you with my husband. I happened on this page that tells me you have 3 dogs and 1 cat. We also have 3 dogs and 1 cat. Our kids are grown and live many hours away. I am a runner but not to the extent that you are. I am reading your blog to get some motivation to keep improving my physical abilities even as I age. I did run Boston and I finished but that is all I can say about that. Enough about me, i will be reading your blog as often as possible. Keep it up. And, thank you.

    • So sweet; thanks! And if you ran Boston then you are way ahead of me. The further I go the slower I get……and I okay with that. Keep moving, that’s what really matters!

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  4. Hi Thanks for the follow sorry its taken so long to check out your blog as you can imagine I am pretty busy lol. Love the pics of you dogs and cat I bet Ashlee has those dogs in the palm of her paw 😛

  5. Well that’s awesome and I hope Amanda wins an award for her blogging…unequivocally the most honest description of her family life…and she is a true, and “mortal runner” when it comes to her running (tri too) endeavors. And has a heart as big as one could ever want! Just an awesome perspective…only TTF can do!

  6. How did you like Monumental this year…it was actually my very first marathon back in 2015..and I just happened to get a free entry…fairly flat course except for one area..but no where near as crazy as Nashville, Atlanta or Flying Pig. This year had more crowd support then other years..but Indianapolis is just not a ‘running’ city…we don’t come out and make this a community event like Cincinnati and Nashville and even New Orleans.

    • I love Indy. Its a decent sized race without being huge. Crowd support isn’t why I run but Indy does have some areas that are supported well. Roads weren’t in great condition this year but I’ll still go back for 2018. I like the time of year because the weather is usually good. And I do better on flat courses. This is only 2.5 hours from gone too. It will always be one of my favorites.

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  7. Also Thank you for your review of Hatfield and McCoy…trying to find a KY/WV race…and there are so many….between KY Derby, Urban Bourbon and this one…This race saves me money because I get to knock out two states..but it doesn’t seem entertaining for the hubby and kid..hmm

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