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  1. Amanda-

    I enjoy reading your posts. They are inspiring. I have been running for 2+years for fun and fitness. I have participate on 5k, 8k and 10k. I plan to challenge myself this year with a half. I live in oak forest and hope to join your frankfort running group for a run.

    I am looking for a recommendation for a hydration belt. Can you suggest some?


    • Thanks so much for the kind words! Find me on Facebook, just “like” the TooTallFritz page if you haven’t already and I will add you to the Frankfort Running group so you will know when and where they are meeting. It’s kinda random at times cuz everyone just posts that they are running and whoever is available can show up. Nice!

      As for hydration belts, I would recommend going to Running for Kicks in Palos and trying on different ones and see which is comfortable for you. I use a fuel belt brand that has 4 bottles. I don’t aways use all 4 bottles but do when it’s warm out or am going a long distance. I don’t get any bounce and it’s not too heavy. I do get some snagging on my clothes but that could be because mine is quite old. I also like that they sell replacement bottles and pouches, etc., plus it has reflective piping for running in the dark. Works well for me but please go to Running for Kicks so you can get the proper size and also try out different brands and styles. They are very nice and will help you!

  2. Was searching for info on whether a Stairmaster would fit through a 30″ doorway and I think you answered my question, but asking HOPEFULLY about details. I know the dimensions are 44″ x 32″, but do you think you could turn on its side at like a 45 degree angle and somehow finagle it? I really want the 4600 PT and need to put it in a proper room. My SO won’t let me leave it in my dining room:) Loved your review!

    • Robin – I have the 4000PT but just got on globalfitness.com and looked at the 4600PT. The machine that you are looking at has the same base (legs as mine). We could get it thru our front door but couldn’t get in thru smaller doors, like to go into the basement, which would be equivalant to the opening of a bedroom door. The way that the shape is with the open “arms”, we are able to finagle it around doors quite a bit if there isn’t a wall on BOTH sides of the door, but if the door is too small and you don’t have room to put half of it in and then swing the other part around, I don’t think it would work. It’s not bad to move around, just tricky with small doors. I can measure my front door vs. my basement door when I get home tonight if you want? And yeah, I’m lucky in that hubby is pretty laid back and doesn’t really feel the need for a formal “dining room”. We do move it around a bit so we can do holidays, etc. When I say it needs to be moved, he is good about helping me.

  3. Thanks so much for your quick reply. I am buying used on Craigslist and the guy just called and said he had no problem with 31″ door. I wonder about that extra inch? ha. The hallway is 36″ and the door isn’t straight-on at the end of the hallway, it’s a slight angle to the right. It’s the kind of config where at the end of the hallway there are two angled doors – the left leads to the utility room and the right leads to the spare bedroom (aka my new workout room). So there is a BIT of wiggle room… also wonder if taking the arms off is possible or would be helpful in leaning it to the side to get it through… Also would love your opinion about height. The spare bedroom ceiling in the basement is only 7’7″ tall. I am 5’10”. I don’t want to bang my head on the ceiling! Gosh I really want to make this work!!! Thanks so much for your advice.

  4. Hi Amanda,

    I enjoyed your article on the New Dopey Challenge. I saw my blog was referenced under related articles, thanks for the link. I posted a link to your article in my FB page so I could share it with others. My wife loves your “Running toward” amd “Running From” statement… Looking forward to more posts!

    Rod Wheaton

  5. How do you carry your rehydrate gel packs on your longer runs? Friends of mine like the Rehyydrate Gel but say they are too large for the loops in their fuel belts. They then use a fanny pack but consider that a nuisance..Any recommendations you have would be appreciated.

    • I use a Flip Belt to carry all my stuff. I carry too much for those little belts. A flip belt holds my phone, keys, gels, sour patch kids & in a race I put $$ & my ID in a ziplock too. Then I use my fuel belt for water only during long runs. I can wear both the flip belt & fuel belt without either moving. In a race I don’t use my fuel belt.

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      • Thank you very much for the insight…I personally just started running on a regular basis this year so I am not up to longer distances like my friends. I am an Advocare distributor and am trying to overcome any objections that come up and you really helped me out.

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