Why did I name this blog TooTallFritz?  

I really am not creative at all and couldn’t come up with anything original.  I wanted the blog to be mostly running related but didn’t want “run” in the title because I also wanted it to be a catch-all about the family/kids, running/triathlon/workouts, nutrition/supplements, and really, just anything that I decided to discuss at the time.  Plus, I’m a firm believe that if something isn’t “fun” anymore, then you need to find a different sport/hobby so didn’t want to be locked into a “running” blog.  We can thank my elementary schoolmates for the endearing term “Too Tall Fritz”.    For those of you who may be more removed from my real life (cuz “I’m so much cooler online“……Brad Paisley really hit home with that song), my maiden name was Fritz and I’m 100% German, plus I’m an Aries…..enough said.

Why did I start a blog?

First, I wanted a way to share my thoughts and everyday musings.  Second, I realize my hubby is bored to tears always supportive and enthralled in my endeavors but has a variety of other interests besides MY running and I wanted to give him a bit of a break.  Third, I have been “in” health/wellness/fitness for a long time and have a lot to share.  I thought this might be a better way to help those who are interested and not overwhelm those who don’t care about their life/health  have similar concerns.

Why do I run marathons?

Marathons are a REAL challenge for me and they are far from my forte.  In fact, each time I think about a new one, I want to cry.  However, there is a sense of accountability that the marathon will not allow me to neglect.  I need to be responsible and put in the miles so I don’t die make it thru Marathon Day.  The longer miles make me a stronger runner at the shorter distances and also force me to be less of a lush more responsible with my time and sleeping habits.  Therefore, I will definitely probably run another marathon if my toenails ever grow back from this last one sometime in the future.

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