Halloween is a fun holiday for the young and the old.  My favorite activities are those where we can have a few beers  fun AND take the kiddos along.  Saturday night we decided to make an appearance at a local Haunt (the professional term for an EXTREMELY decorated Halloween house) where they take the “holiday” to a level  of insanity at which most would be unable to afford in terms of $$ or time.  However, in order to even step foot on the sidewalk, I felt pressured wanted to make an effort to be festive.  Normally, I am a total wet blanket more conservative and would “opt out” of dressing up but as I get older, I also seem to find fun in the “little” things so was actually excited about the prospects.  Obviously the kiddos were already set up (photo below of my little pirates:   Aby & Michael and my “Angelic” niece, Alexis). 

However the old people adults needed a little help.  We tried to get creative in an effort to be economical.  Aby has been a vampire several times and we have two capes so I thought we could go as his & hers vampires but thankfully hubby is much more creative than and I and he opted to go as my “bite” victim.  Funny.  I was pretty pale with white make-up, a few blood drippings at the chin and sparkly glitter on top….hard to tell in this crappy photo.

Hubby actually has a bite on his neck if you can see it and loads of make-up on his face and  hands to make him look purplish and dead. 

  And we are off to the local Haunt……….

I must say I was impressed which doesn’t happen often.  The homeowner, is our computer geek guru and I have known him for several years.  Each Halloween, we get an informal invitation to visit the house and attend the SAT night party.  Normally, I am out-of-town at my parents and can’t make it but this year I came home early because Grandma was sick to go to the party.  I had seen the website and knew it was going to be over the top but the live version was so much better!  There was, of course, spooky music, over 200 spiders in and out of the house, a backyard grave yard, a casket with a skeleton and so much more that I could never in a million years do any real justice.

Fun time!  Aby was totally freaked by the spiders, Michael was freaked by everything a lot of different items but they also had a blast.  The host and hostess were also very nice and accommodating about showing off all their hard work.  Kudos to Bob & Family for all that they have done, their creativity and the wonder of their progression from the beginning of the process many, many years ago to what it is today.  Lots of time, $$, and creativity!

And just in case you too need a bit of help in the make-up removal department, it came off surprisingly easy with a baby wipe!

Cheers!                                                                                                                           Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “A Local HAUNT

  1. This is all so cool! Love these “vignettes” that are a slice of your daily life. It has so much flavor just like Kristin Armstrong’s writing. Hope you get a chance to check out her book. Peace all !

  2. Dang…you were not kidding about this place! Bet M was in a tizzy with all that stuff! Would he let you put him down?

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