Hot Chocolate 15K/5K (2011) Expo

I went over to Union Station on Thursday to pick up the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K packets for myself and two friends.

This is a stolen stock photo from the net, and let’s just say that things aren’t quite as clean and neat serene in real life as they are in this photo.  I feel bad for those who drove down specifically to pick up the packets because half the streets in the CHI are tore up with “road construction” and the other half are overly congested due to detours and well, uh, road construction.  In fact, just walking there was hell a challenge.  Once I finally got inside Union Station, there was even more confusion as to where I needed to go to get the packets.  There weren’t any signs until I was further inside and headed in the right direction, thanks to a flower vendor.  If you had your bib number(s), then things looked to be very smooth but if you needed them to look up a bib then the process was lengthy and tedious as you waited in line for one of two gentlemen to look up the number on an iPad.  However, I was there at lunch so this was a high volume time and I’m sure was probably better before and after the lunch rush. 

Apparently they messed up all the majority of the Corral Assignments but the volunteers were readily available to take care of the situation and it actually went very well, seeing as I didn’t have a spreadsheet of previous race times in my purse like they expected.

The jackets look awesome, fit well and are flattering.  The sleeves are a bit short on Ms. TooTall but not obnoxious and nothing that would prevent me from wearing it.  Possibly the best event swag that I’ve ever received with a close second going to the 2008 Pleasant Prairie Triathlon in Pleasant Prairie (Kenosha), WI where I received a super soft pullover fleece.  Plus there was a jacket exchange in case you ordered the wrong size.  Other than that, the expo was very small with few vendors and only one lady handing out Ghirardelli Chocolate squares.  I was able to get one square for each of my girls! 

Once I was able to review the packet, I realized it was empty included only our bib, a Chicago Athlete magazine, a coupon for Ghirardelli Chocolate, a coupon for Run Away Multisport and a map of the race day set-up.  I am certainly glad I grabbed the chocolate squares!  That being said, usually 98% of the contents of a large packet/goodie bag is garbage advertisements so I would rather get a good freebie, like this jacket, then a bunch of stuff to haul home and throw out I didn’t need.

Which race do you think has the best expo and more importantly, what is the best race SWAG (Stuff We All Get) you have ever received? 

More later on the actual race!

Good Luck to all of you who are racing/running this weekend!  Get out there and Make IT Happen.

Cheers,                                                                                                                         Amanda – TooTallFritz

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