So NOT 21 anymore…..

The college babysitter is home for the holiday so Mick and I had the rare opportunity to actually partake in some adult fun last night and attend a 40th birthday party bash. The problem is that adult fun usually involves alcohol and Ms. TooTall is pretty far from the prime party age of 21 and definitely has trouble hanging!  I’m sure the college babysitter thinks I am a total drunk frequently overindulged since each time she is here I come home totally shit-faced over the legal limit.  This makes me feel like a MAJOR loser bad as I never go anywhere with the intention of drinking too much.  Unfortunately, the alcohol gene runs in the family so I have to be pretty careful because my brain doesn’t work normally and I never get the “you’ve had enough” message.  I start drinking and basically never even consider that I’ve had too much until it’s just too late.  Then combine this with the fact that I rarely drink and “too much” comes much faster than one would believe.  Really embarrassing!

Anyhow, I hope I didn’t don’t think I made too much of an ass out of myself at the party and I had a great time and met some really great people.  Meet the birthday girl, Kerry!

Really LOVE this photo with the candles being blown out!

I spent a lot of time talking to these three amazing ladies:  Cynthia, Jen & April.

Cynthia has convinced April to run her first half marathon next spring in CA, so please look for April out on the trail in the spring, pounding out the miles to prepare for that summer half!  Go ladies!!  And Ms. Jen has my dream job if there is such a thing with the FBI…..has even been to Quantico.  Fortunately she isn’t a “secret agent” or the black suits would be rolling in as we speak to confiscate my computer and phone I probably couldn’t have photographed her or mentioned that she was in the FBI.   I’m sure being a Special Agent in Charge  hope I got that right or I will blame my alcohol soaked brain with the FBI probably isn’t as exciting as it sounds or maybe it is?  She has agreed to a 10 miler with me on Black Friday so hopefully I can pump her for more info while I’m sober then. 

It was really fun celebrating with Kerry and I absolutely loved her friends!  I’m also super excited to have met more runners!  And note to self:  more running, less drinking……at this age it takes a full day to recover and that’s just a sad waste of life.  I can’t imagine doing this all the time like we did in college.  I don’t have the time for it and it zaps my energy.  Glad that it’s a rare occasion for me and I’m guessing it will become even more and more rare because the college babysitter will probably stop returning my calls it’s just not worth it and I plan to be smarter in the future.

How do you and your body cope with alcohol?  Do you automatically know when to switch to water or are you a drunk unlucky like me and have trouble recognizing the cut off?

Almost Recovered,                                                                                                        Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                         

4 thoughts on “So NOT 21 anymore…..

  1. Woo-Hoo TTF….ya crack me up! Too much alcohol…problems…recognize…the limits? Ya…maybe some genetics…maybe not…getting shit-faced ok…just as long as you got a DD….LOL!

    Wow…FBI…Secret Agents…..Woo-Hoo! Gotta love it…lady agents. I surrender agent sister…surrender….totally…wave the white flag!

    Seriously, though…ya…got to be careful when imbibing…keep it within reason. My rule in the run schema…party too hard night before…pay the price come morn…no excuses….get out there and do what’s on the schedule. Maybe not as best as can be….but run nonetheless…and know what? Always feel better after doing it…purge the system of toxins and such.

    Woo-Hoo….run…run…run…party with friends….run…run…run…party some more….life’s a party…just gotta choose and balance your beverage intake wisely….or pay the dues the next morning…..haah….how’s that for Coaching!

    peace-n-love all

  2. Love it! So honored to have my party mentioned in your blog. I think you were great and absolutlely did not make an a#% of yourself! I too struggle finding the elusive “stop button” when drinking. Maybe it’s a runner thing? I’ll go with that. Hey, we don’t do it all the time so it’s all good girl! Rock on sistah! ; )

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