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TAG, I’m it……x2!  There is a getting to know you type game rolling thru the blogosphere.  The concept is that a blogger tags bloggy friends, ask questions and like any good chain letter game they then keep the ball rolling til it fizzles out.  The game is creatively titled “11 Things”.  They ask 11 questions, I answer, then I create 11 questions & tag 11 of my favorite bloggers to do the same.  Don’t kill me but my tag may be coming for YOU!

The questions I received from Jolene & Jess are below, along with my heartfelt answers.   And by the way, I’m doing this for you, all the new “you’s” who may not know me as well as my mom long time friends. 

Jolene – Journey of a Canuck Mom on the Run

1.  Did you have a childhood nickname?  What was it?  Wait for it……Too Tall Fritz was my childhood nickname.  Nice start, Jolene, I couldn’t have ASKED for a better question!
2.  What is the weirdest thing you have ever done while driving?  I will pretend this is not the world wide web where my answer will be sitting out in foreverland, well, forever.  I am guilty of occasionally writing the check to daycare while driving.  I never seem to write it ahead of time and well, time is an “issue” for me.  This doesn’t happen often but I’ve done it more than once.  Sorry about sloppy writing, Nicki.
3.  Do you have any strange phobias? What are they?  Not sure I have a phobia but I really dislike snakes.  Like when I hiked the Grand Canyon in 2005, that was my biggest fear.  I was constantly on the watch for them. 
4.  If you could travel to anyplace right now without worrying about finances or how long you are gone, where would you go? Why?  Rio de Janeiro – white sand beaches, rain forests, Carnival, fit & fab bodies everywhere, plus they stole the 2016 Olympics from Chicago so they must be “all that”.  I wanna go.  Now.  Like, right now.
5.  What was the last movie you saw in the theater?  Breaking Dawn – Part I.  Yep, and I’m proud of it too!  Loved the books and well, the movies aren’t great but it’s part of the mourning process of a good thing coming to an end.  And Aby likes them so it’s one of the ONLY times we get out of the house without everyone else. 
6.  What song always makes you happy when you hear it?  Why?  I have a screaming toddler and a 10-year-old, plus it’s loud at work and on the train.  Silence makes me happy.
7.  If you had to move to another state right now, where would you move and why?  I want to go home to mommy & daddy back to Indiana.  I’m pretty sure the parents would let my whole family move in without much fuss.  I’d be screwed on the cat and 3 dogs though…..or I’d be home packing my bags now.
8.  Salty or sweet?  What is your favorite?  Why choose?  Diversity is a great thing. 
9.  Do you have any pets?  What are they are?  1 bitch-ass cat who is older than God.  3 dogs:  1 Weimaraner & 2 mutts, all approaching 8 years. 
10.  Snow or rain?  Pick your poison.  I love both, unless I have to clean off the dogs paws, then I’ll choose snow and lots of it, please! 
11.  Name someone you would love to meet right now, who is currently living?  Why would you like to meet them?   WOW, tough one.   I know I’m supposed to say  something like Desi Davila, Kara Goucher, or Shalane Flanagan but I have a friend in FL that I have known for years, who I have never actually met.  So, I’d like to meet Angela C.

Jess – Run with Jess

  1. I know you’re a runner – but have you ever watched/cheered at a race?  My daughter is a Cross Country runner so I not only watch/cheer but also perform timing duties or whatever else needs to be done.  However, last year as I was running the Chicago Marathon I promised myself that if I kept going and finished, I didn’t have to run in 2012 but I would instead work a water stop.  But I lied to myself again and will be signing up on Feb 1.
  2. Where’s your favorite place to run?  I like trails.  They can be rail trails, grassy, single track, anything that gets me out of the house into the open air.
  3. Would you rather be able to run fast OR far?  If I had to choose, I’d rather be fast.  I love a good 5K at a quick pace.
  4. Name one bad habit that you want to break:   I eat too much crap.  I do really good and make good choices and eat healthy most of the time but I still like some junk on occasion.
  5. If you could trade lives with anyone for just 1 day, who would it be?  Another tough one.  I think I’d have to take a pass on this one.  I know the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence but I think trading lives would break the illusion of your “hero” or possibly make your life more difficult to handle upon the return.  God got it right, it may not be easy but I’ll take my life today and every day hereafter.
  6. Your ideal workout would consist of……a nice 10 mile run with friends.
  7. Name 1 food item that you’d like to magically make “healthy”:    Pizza.  I usually get it with spinach and tomatoes and then I pretend it’s healthy.
  8. What’s your favorite distance to run, and why?  10 miles.  Its far enough to seem like an accomplishment and a challenge but short enough that it doesn’t require a lot planning or recovery.
  9. What’s the one thing about running that you DON’T like?  Losing toe nails. 
  10. What’s your favorite cross-training exercise?  StairMaster
  11. What sports did you play in high school?   Cross Country (hated distance running as a kid), Gymnastics (not sure why I did this….I sucked),  and Track & Field (I believe I still have the High Jump record at my HS at 5’5″).

Questions to my Bloggy Friends: 

  1. Favorite race/event & why?
  2. Were you a Princess or TomBoy?
  3. Who or What inspires you & why?
  4. Do you have more “online” friends or real life friends?
  5. 20 Year Class Reunion….Are you going, legitimately busy or you wouldn’t be caught dead stepping in the door?
  6. Do you prefer Flowers or Candy from the significant other or should they save the $?
  7. If you were rich and famous and had the balls guts to name your kid something outlandish, what would that be?  First and Middle name, please!
  8. You’re in a marathon, in first place, on world record pace…..You have to “go”.  Do you stop for a port-o-pot, and possibly lose the race and miss the world record or do you go in the street for the world to see?
  9. Why do you run?
  10. Favorite type of run:  Group, Solo, Tempo, Long Run, Speed Work?
  11. Most adventurous “out of character” thing you’ve ever done?

I’m tagging:

  1. Maggie – Mag Mile Runner
  2. Kelly – Running (kell)ometers
  3. Kelly the Culinarian
  4. Jeni – Sparkalish Roar
  5. Amanda – Get to Goal
  6. Katye – Long Legs on the Loose (Team Tough Chik!)
  7. Christy – Christy Runs (Team Tough Chik!)
  8. Carmen – She Runs Everywhere (Team Tough Chik!)
  9. Gina – Slow is the New Fast (Team Tough Chik!)
  10. Susan – Tri SusanK (Team Tough Chik!)
  11. Larissa – Larissa Milano Fitness (Team Tough Chik!)

6 thoughts on “Getting to Know……ME

    • Awesome! I was a little nervous that some people might be a little grumpy about it so first I used several of my blogger friends that are also real life running partners too, then I chose from the Tough Chik list! It is fun!

  1. Enjoyed hearing about your pets – I’ve got an old, bitch ass cat too. He has been grumpy since the day he came into my house and his attitude hasn’t gotten better in the 13 years he’s been here. I think he will out live me just out of spite.

    Thanks for the tag – I’ve posted my answers. Still new to blogging and building my network so this was a lot of fun!

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