Pitch Black

I realize on a daily basis that I am getting older. As my 38th birthday fast approaches, I know that I’m not “old” per say but rather things are changing faster than I would like. The last several hours in the car, driving in the pitch blackness of night listening to my fighting, screaming children has brought this even closer to the surface of my attention. Have you looked outside tonight? It’s dark. No stars. No moon. No light. Just black.

I have recently come to the conclusion that I do not like driving in the dark. I can hear the words of my NotSoTall Grandma Fritz in my head declining to drive in the dark. This is my fate. I don’t like it anymore, it makes me nervous and I can’t see anything at all!


At slightly less than 38 years……it’s official I’m an old lady driver. Don’t ask me to go anywhere after dark, I will soon begin to politely decline. If you need my presence after dark, please contact my husband chauffeur.

How about you? Have you begun to notice any old lady/man tendencies as of yet?

Amanda – TooTallFritz

4 thoughts on “Pitch Black

  1. I cant tolerate noise. I hate it. I will sit all day without the TV on and then my hubby watches a movie with the surround sound on ear bleeding level and piss me off!! hate it hate it hate it 😦

  2. I also hate driving in the dark, unless there are super bright streetlights, it’s hard to see. And especially now that I run in the dark a lot, I am so much more aware when I do spot someone out walking/running/biking in the dark and they are NOT wearing anything reflective, or even light or bright colored clothing for that matter. It makes me nervous. And I also hate it when people listen to the TV soooo loud in the next room. I swear, for awhile I thought everyone I lived with surely must be going deaf for how loud they watch the TV.

  3. Well at 58 I would say I certainly do notice the effects of age. I too don’t like driving at night, especially in the pitch-blackness of rural country or other places lacking “citified” light. It’s not so much the darkness, but in the darkness the glare of oncoming headlights are really the concern – a sort of temporary blindness, more so after the car passes and you back into darkness. Not worried about driving off the road, but rather those rare instances of someone walking along the edge or crossing the road that can be difficult to notice until you right on top of them. I have had a few encounters like this. Why someone would be walking along the edge of a rural road at night and not have any reflective clothing on is a mystery to me….other than I know they are not a runner! Hang in there TTF – ya not old – just don’t like driving in the dark – unlike running in the dark with those Knuckle Lights!

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