Still Trying to Keep Cool…..180s Quantum Cool Giveaway

I wish I had a new story to tell but it’s the same thing over and over again, the runners in Chicago, and throughout the Midwest, are melting!  I’m still in shock over how hot and sticky this summer has been and I haven’t ran near the miles as most of you. 

As your may remember in this post HERE, Aby has found a few innovative ways to keep cool while running this summer, one of which was using a 180s Quantum Cool headband.

Days after Aby made me buy got this headband, I received an email from the company that I had won a FREE QuantumCool Training Visor in their weekly Facebook drawing.  I was super psyched and anxious for it to arrive.  I’m not sure I even had the visor for 24 hours before it hit the trail with me for a run.

me_8-11-12_180s Visor I only own one other visor and to be honest, I have never worn it.  I normally only wear “hats” when it rains and a visor is what, half of a hat?  I prefer to run in the woods or shaded areas and haven’t found a real pull toward visors for the purpose of keep the sun out of my eyes.  However, I get hot.  Like really hot.  I melt.  I get headaches in the sun and the idea of a cooling visor, well now THAT appeals to me in a really big way.


The visor is adjustable but holds tightly to the head.  The cooling element is located in the sweatband and the technology is activated with sweat or water.  According to the website: 

QuantumCool moisture activated cooling technology begins to work as soon as sweating occurs.  Cooling your skin is 180s answer to overheating, overexposure to the sun and decreased performance.  Experience the active cooling and increased comfort of QuantumCool and stay out there longer.

I usually just get it wet myself because by the time my body starts sweating, I’m near death, so I just skip ahead and get it wet for my own safety and it is like holding a cool cloth to my forehead.  I don’t notice it being “cold” when I run but I notice it not working when I take it off.  I even used it on the boat one day when it was coolish (mid 80s) and I had to take it off because I was chilled between the breeze and the visor. 

The specific details on the visor:

QuantumCool is located in the sweatband and actively cools as soon as you begin to sweat, cooling skin.  The stretch waffle knit fabric quickly absorbs sweat, naturally increasing the cooling effect. Designed to solve many weather-related challenges that outdoor athletes encounter, the QuantumCool Training Visor offers these additional features:

  • Hook and Loop Elastic Back Closure: Allows for one-handed adjustment to keep the hat comfortable and in place during activity.
  • Lightweight: Protection without impacting performance.
  • Pulse Point Cooling: The cooling element in the sweatband is located on pulse points at the temples, increasing the cooling rate of the body.
  • Technical Stretch: Increases comfort and improves fit.
  • QuantumCool Technology: Moisture Activated Cooling Technology
  • UPF 30+ Protection: Provides added protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

I don’t pretend to be scientific but I like having it when its hot and I keep pulling it out again and again to fight the heat.Me_8-23-12_180s Visor

The QuantumCool Training Visor made its rounds thru the city with me last week and the temps were in the high 80s. 

me_millenium park fountain_8-23-12

Although, I still thought I would pass out before I returned to the office, my forehead and pulse points were cool when I took the visor off.  If you run in sunny areas or get hot and then feel crappy like me, then this might become a new favorite for you as well.  180s Quantum Cooling has generously agreed to give away a QuantumCool Training Visor, a $25 value, to one female and one male reader!  The catch?  Go like them on Facebook HERE.  After you like them on Facebook, then leave a comment below telling me that you did so and I will enter you in the drawing.  I will draw one female and one male winner on Thursday, August 30th so that you have a chance to get a hold of this before the weekend’s long run!  Good luck!

For those of you who do not win and want one of these babies, order the ladies visor HERE or the men’s visor HERE before September 7, 2012 using the 25% off coupon code:  TOOTALL   

Please note that although they have a lot of awesome products on the website, the coupon code is only good for the training visors, which are available in white or black and are gender specific:

image     image

** Stay Cool ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

29 thoughts on “Still Trying to Keep Cool…..180s Quantum Cool Giveaway

  1. Went over to their FB page. Let them know you sent me. I’ve looked at their stuff before, but like you, I’m a hat person. I’d be willing to try a visor because of your review. Thanks!

  2. I liked the page and thank you for this post, I have looked at them online and never thought they could actually help so to hear someone tell it like it is was great!

  3. Funny I always thought visors were dorky but then I started on my tri kick and visors are my thing–hats make my head hot! This looks interesting I liked them on FB–thanks for the post!

  4. I just bought one of those cooling headbands! Im excited to try it! I entered the contest for the giveaway by liking them on FB! Wish me luck! 🙂

  5. I have “liked” them and would soooo totally LOVE to try this visor. I always wear a visor when I run, especially when I run during my lunch break. Keeps my hair out of my face while not smooshing it under a hat. I sweat, just thinking about sweating – if something like this could help eliminate the stinging sweat in my eyes it would be so amazing! Good luck to me! 🙂

  6. Im new to visors, the fabulous Miss Healy treated me to a Rock n Roll Half one from the kind race entry you gave her and I cannot get it through the wash quick enough. I wear it constantly! I have liked !!!!!

  7. I liked their facebook page as well. I’m more of a hat person too but would be willing to try a visor because of your review on them.

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