Feeling Sassy…..

It’s Friday and I’m feeling GOOOOOOD!!  I’m not sure why because after a week of very little sleep due to hubby snoring Michael getting up a million times a night, usually Friday is hard. 

So why am I feeling so great?  Maybe it’s the fact that Dr.  Alexis worked out most of my lil aches and pains yesterday and I ran a decently fast, hilly 5K on the treadmill in 25:05 last night?  Maybe it was the AdvoCare Spark I drank when I got up?


Or maybe it’s the amazing cookies that I made this morning instead of washing my hair?


Banana Oat Cookies – Super Easy!  Recipe from Amy C.

2 ripe bananas mashed. 1 cup quick cook oats.  Handful of chocolate chips (optional).  Bake on 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  Great morning treat for the busy mom!!  And they taste amazing!!


Maybe it was the fact that my skinny jeans are fitting well and my pink shoes are poppin’ today?


Maybe it’s the sun, that is creeping out and shining down on the CHI today?  Maybe it is the fact that I can FEEL spring and know that it is close?  Maybe it was the awesome drive to work with the tunes blaring? 

To be honest, I’m not really sure why I feel so amazing today but one thing is for sure, a great feeling like this can never last.  As I pulled into the parking garage this morning and reached into my purse to pull out my gloves, I found these hiding in my purse:


What you say, are those blue things?  Those would be lil boy undies in my purse.  WTF?  I mean really, WTF?  They weren’t there last night.  I didn’t notice them this morn as I was tossing snacks in my purse.  I certainly didn’t put them there.  I don’t even know if they are clean.  Thank you children for once again reminding me that the feeling of sass and swagger is only temporary.  I’m totally back to normal now.  You’ve knocked me back to reality.  Many thanks.  Love you my lil angels!!

Monster Dash_2012_Michael PhotoBomber

Please tell me what random things you have found in your purse that make you say WTF? 

** Always a Mommy First ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

11 thoughts on “Feeling Sassy…..

  1. This made me giggle…as a family, we have this running joke (as in years) where we hide a plastic banana in each other’s things. Often under pillows, but also in lunchboxes, coat pockets, brief cases, you name it.

    I hope they were clean 🙂

  2. My experience says call daycare and make sure “someone” is feeling a bit too free/sassy this morning! Lol. I don’t carry my purse often enough to find odd items, now my work bag is another story……mouth guards (think football), and silverware are probably the oddest. Keep that sass at least until noon and then coast the rest of the day!

    • They weren’t the ones I gave him this morning. And now that I think about it, he went “free” under his jammies last night but Aby had gone upstairs to get a clean pair for him to put on and he didn’t want them. She must have brought them down and he probably just tossed them…..and I’m not guessing they landed in my purse. Lucky me.

  3. TTF…you deserve the “sassy” feeling. As long as the kiddies underwear not soiled…shouldn’t end your sassy-run. Lil one just probably wanted to give you a reminder and a laugh! I don’t have a purse being a guy and normally don’t end up with unusual things on hand. But I can report I often use this “Banji” wrist-band zippered wallet (Planet Buff sells them) and last Friday at Frankie’s in Monee while owing up my share with friends, presumably lost $60 in folded twenties that fell to the floor or something. Anyways…staff at Frankie’s found it and saved it for me! How strange that is and how often does that happen? Someone finds $60 cash and holds it to return to one who lost it!

  4. I found a sock on top of my head on my run the other day. It had gotten stuck to the velcro on top of my hood. I didn’t notice it until I saw a shadow of it bopping around on my head. I must have looked crazy running down the street!

  5. Haha. That made me laugh about your husband snoring. You’re not alone dealing with a snoring husband, lol!

    Love your Brooks running. I am using Newtons now but I still love Brooks. It’s my first love.

    You deserve to be feeling good today despite that surprise underwear. So far, no strange things in my purse. No kids yet. But i would love to have cute boy like yours someday. 🙂

  6. My husband has been snoring and it wakes me up all night long … so he’s been sleeping in the other room. Which is great, because I get up before him, so I don’t have to tip toe around all quiet in my mad dash to make the train!

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