The Little Things …..

Another holiday season is in full swing.  While most are probably thinking about food and shopping, I encourage you to think smaller.   Look around you.  I mean really look.  What can you see right this minute that makes you thankful? 

always something to be thankful for

Are you at home with your screaming wonderful children?    Have you taken a minute lately to be thankful for their health, their craziness, their energy, their absolute LOVE of you and everything about you?

Boston Run To Remember_me-michael-aby

Are you at work, stressed out and busy?  Have you taken a minute to be thankful for that craziness which keeps you employed and able to feed/house/cloth those amazing children?  Are you at home and stressed out about the messy house?  Ever wonder why the piles of laundry and dishes seem to never end?  Have you taken a minute to be thankful for your home?

desk-mine  messy dishes

Are you at the grocery picking up last minute supplies for Thanksgiving Dinner?  Maybe a little stressed about dinner and your crazy family?  Have you taken a minute to be thankful for that family which drives you nuts?  I mean, think about it, without them, where would you be?  Without all of the above …. where you would be? 

Some people will be alone for the holidays, not because they want to but because they don’t have other options.  So be thankful.  Be thankful for the little things which may not seem like anything special to you.  Know that someone, somewhere would LOVE to have all of those crazy things that stress you (and me!) out.  Someone, somewhere would love to step right into YOUR life and start LIVING it.  So look around.  Right now.  And GIVE THANKS …. For everything.

thankful people are happy

** Happy Thanksgiving ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

8 thoughts on “The Little Things …..

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  2. Nice post TTF….be thankful nice mantra! I may be one of those alone out there in planet earth…but I know thankful…and just go with the flow and the moment. You are awesome blogger and I enjoy your persecptive and all you post. I can be thankful that I know you! That’s all one needs is to appreciate the goodness of life one has on Thanksgiving….and you are a prat of that.


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