Fitletic Hydration Belt Review, Giveaway & Discount Code

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There is a new name in the fitness industry in regards to hydration belts. According to the buzz on the trail, this is the current “go to” company for  hydration needs on the run.  Those of us who have been using hydration belts for years want the low down on Fitletic.  If you are like me, then you’ve previously spent hard earned $$ on poor fitting hydration belts that slip, slide & drench you with water. 

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Fitletic sent me a 12 oz belt to review.  That included two 6oz water bottles on an adjustable strap with a large pouch that fits an iPhone 6 (the 6+ would probably NOT fit into this pouch).  Inside the pouch was an interior slit type pocket for credit cards, money and an ID.  The belt also included toggles for a race bib & 2 slots for energy gels.  The gel slots were definitely designed for the most popular gel, GU brand.  But I was able to fold the top of my AdvoCare Rehydrate Gel enough to get it into the slot tightly enough to stay put.

IMG_7306         IMG_7521

Aby and I ran with this belt on two different long runs.  A 9 miler in the POURING rain.  And a 10 miler last weekend.  I wanted both of us to use the belt because we have different body types.  I have a hydration belt that I have been using for YEARS but I can’t seem to find one that fits her curvier frame.  Every belt that we buy for her slides all around and she ditches it less than a mile into the run.  The belt I wear, that also fits her, is no longer available cuz I use my stuff until it dies on the trail.  We both had success with the Fitletic belt  and liked the way that it rode and more importantly stayed put and didn’t move around.  I also let a friend try it out while we were running because she too has issues with poor fitting hydration belts.  We were 3 for 3 on this belt with big smiles and all thumbs up.  Smile  Here is a back view of myself with the belt.  I normally wear my bottles on the back.  That’s what I’m used to doing.  However, if you wanted instant access to the pouch, or you’re racing and need the bib toggles, wear it facing front. 


There are little grippers on the inside of the belt that I haven’t seen on other hydration belts.  They remind me of the grippers on the inside of bike & TRI shorts.  These little boogers really help hold the belt in place so it doesn’t move around.  Great idea!

IMG_7305  IMG_7515

The Fitletic hydration belts come in a variety of color accents, all with reflective piping.  There are two size options:  12 oz (2 – 6 oz bottles) or 16 oz (2 – 8 oz bottles).  If you are running long for marathon training or if you are a trail runner who can’t rely on a spot to refill water, then I’d recommend the 16oz belt.  The 16oz option is more compatible with traditional hydration belts.  Personally, if I go much bigger than 8 oz bottles on a belt, my experience has been that they really start to weigh me down. 

For the purpose of this giveaway, we are giving away one 12 oz Hydration Belt, a $39.95 value.


The giveaway starts NOW and runs til WED, July 15th at 11am EST.  That’s 10am for those of you in the CHI.  In order to be eligible for the giveaway you MUST make a comment below.  Tell us about your favorite way to stay hydrated on the run!  Do you already use a hydration belt that you love?  Do you drop water along the way?  Do prefer a handheld or even a hydration pack?

For extra entries, you can get one additional entries for doing the following:

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Four possible entries, make sure you let me know in your comment if you did anything additional.  Example:  “My favorite way to carry water on the run is to have my hubby drive beside me in the car and hand me my water bottle whenever I’m thirsty!  I also liked Fitletic on Facebook.” 

If you have to have one of these belts before you win the giveaway next WED, and I totally get that, then feel free to order one HERE using the 10% discount code:  amanda10

**  Happy HYDRATED Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

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64 thoughts on “Fitletic Hydration Belt Review, Giveaway & Discount Code

  1. I personally haven’t run anything more than a four mile race and tend to rely on the aid stations with water along the course. Like you I also use Advocare Rehyrate.

  2. My FAV way – itf it is a shorter run is a handheld (nathan one seems to fit nice…but i cannot seem to find the PERFECT ONE. I have a belt – but the bottles leak…grrr. so If it is a looong run or trail run I have a 1 litre vest I can wear or 1 have a 2 liter UD JEnny vest that is perfect for trail half maras.or a day hike. I cannot trust in dropping water …the pathways are sometimes crowded…and well…I want to know I have been the only one in contact…you know?

  3. I have one of these and also the one without the bottles. They are great EXCEPT they do move on me. How did your curvy friend wear hers? If I try for the hips (which in my case are much bigger than my waist) it pops up and drives me nuts, if I start with it on my waist since I am so short torsoed it is pretty much right under my boobs.

    • I wore it on my hips but I’m pretty hipless to be honest. Aby my daughter, who is 13 and curvier than me, wore it above her hips, more waist level. The other lady is curvier too, I’m not really sure where she wore it. It was end of the run and I was kinda focused on watching Aby run away from us. LOL! I’ll ask her tonight and get back to you.

      Are you sure you have the right size? Major issue I see in these belts is that people buy them too big. Then they will always move. I had a friend how had a fuel belt that was so loose it circled her body and bounced as she ran. It drove me crazy just watching it! But it was a sizing issue. I’m kinda wondering if that’s your issue too.

  4. I have used hydration belts in the past, but they weigh me down:( i learned the hard way tho and ran without one in early spring of last year on the chicago lakefront and NONE of the fountains were turned on…i now do long runs (>12miles) with them even if the fountains are on! I also liked Fitletic on FB and Insta.

  5. I HATE all the hydration belts I have tried…but I still use them because I need something. This looks great.

  6. If it is a race, I rely on the aid stations, I hate the feeling of trying to run faster with a belt on. For longer training runs, or really anything longer than 30 min in this swampy summer weather, I do either a handheld or a Fuel Belt. I struggle with the sizing….Oh and I liked Fitletic on facebook too.

  7. I use a hydration belt and also stash water bottles along the route if I know its going to be a hot day. I like Fitletic on Twitter and Facebook!

  8. I have an old Asics belt that holds two bottles but it bounces and drives me nuts. It does the job so I use it for my long runs. I also have a Camelback which I’ve used a couple of times.

    I also like Fitletic on Facebook , follow them on Twitter, and on Instagram too.

  9. Nathan’s handheld water bottle usually does the job for me. I’ve been researching a few other options for my first marathon … This looks like a good option! 😉

  10. Good subject and really good review you did on this new generation/version of hydration belt. Normally I would enter your giveaways, but will opt on this one cause despite how good your review is and I concur looks really good….I am happy with my Amphipod hydration belt that has a single, larger bottle rides back-side lumbar region. I modified it over the years to have a velcro strap instead of snap-in buckles….and when it is tensioned correctly….rides behind without any bounce or inconvenience. Bottle I think holds 20-oz and is the same curved-shape bottle they use for their hand-held. And I have used the handhelds…but in marathon the disadvantage is that with 20-oz bottle….the weight when full is significant and you have to pay too much attention to alternating hands carrying it while running to avoid over-strain on single arm….and it affects gait when bottle full since one arm swinging back and forth with substantially more weight than opposite arm. Smaller 6 or 8 oz handhelds are awesome….for shorter runs of 1.5 hr or less. Just my thoughts on the subject. And I don’t enter cause I don’t want to win something I doubt I will use and end up giving away. I would like to see them offer a larger single bottle similar to how Amphipod design…that rests backside at lumbar region. Now that….I would enter for!

  11. I stay hydrated by carrying my 7 oz water bottle on my Nathan hydration belt. It’s worked out great but my belt no longer stays tight. My runs are longer now as I’m training for my first full marathon and I’m finding I need a second bottle. I’m shopping for a new belt and think it would be awesome to win this one! Keeping my fingers crossed! #runhappy 🙂

  12. Ugh. I could really use a belt! Lol I carry my water in hand (which I loathe!!) on mid distance runs but do use the CamelBak for my long runs. I don’t like to wear it for my middle distance runs though. I had a fuel belt years ago but the strap broke! Velcro just tore to no fix. Lol great review! Thanks for providing a solution to our hydration issues.

  13. I’ve been wanting to try one cuz I can’t seem to convince my husband to ride his bike while I run in order stay hydrated without stopping

  14. I use a handheld water bottle or a Camel backpack and am not a fan of either. This looks fabulous though and I would love to try it! I am following Fitletic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by the way.

  15. Thanks for the helpful information. I’m training for my first half marathon. I’m getting to the point where my runs are long enough that I need to take stuff with me. This looks like a great option.

  16. I just started training for my first full marathon and I know I will need an hydration belt. I’ve been looking at different brands and the Fitletic belt definitely caught my attention! It looks like the perfect way to stay hydrated while training in the hot Louisiana summer weather!

  17. It’s been a while since I ran with water but I have a trail race coming up where I will need to. I have used hydration belts in the past but I like the look of this one!

  18. I usually carry my water, with a small backup bottle in the pocket of my skirt. As I start training for longer distances, however, I need to rethink my hydration strategy. I liked Fitletic on FB, IG and Twitter 🙂

  19. I have a fitletic belt, they are the best way to stay hydrated and to carry fuel. Would love to win one for my daughter. Grate Giveaway. Liked them on FB, Followed on Twitter and Instagram

  20. I’m currently trying out a variety of hydration methods – belt, backpack, etc. Not sure what I want to use for MCM in October yet… I’d love to find something that carries both my water and fuel!

  21. I do most of my long runs with my local running club. They always have water stops set up. For shorter summer runs I leave a bottle of water in my driveway and loop back to the house any time i need to. I followed on twitter.

  22. I don’t usually wear a hydration belt because I can never find one that does not move around on me….thought it was just me as I see so many with belts on and wish that I knew the secret of keeping it in place….lol. I usually try to plan a route where there are convenience stores along the route and try to stop to buy a water and possibly something to fuel with…..thanks for the chance! I also followed on Twitter (@beavnels); Instagram (JudyNelson3760) and Facebook.

  23. I have an ancient fanny pack style water bottle holder that I got at the REI garage sale for $5 about 10 years ago. It is ugly and doesn’t look great, but it works better than any other model I’ve tried since.

  24. We drop a bag with water and gels along the way. We write on the bag something about training and please don’t take it. So far, so good. It just takes extra time to go drop it, then go back to pick it up later in the day.

  25. I’ve been using a Bottleband with a Camelbak Podium Ice, but I really want to replace it with a Fitletic hydration belt!

    I liked Fitletic on Facebook, and followed them on Twitter and on Instagram.

  26. I have dropped water along a long run b/c I usually don’t like carrying anything extra which is why I would love to try one of these belts-I’
    m sure I would stay better hydrated

  27. I drop water off for my group before we head out for the run. I also plan routes around Wal-mart and Gas stations so we can fill up at the drinking fountains. I like Wal-mart because the tend to be open 24 hours. The 5:00 starts to beat the heat works out good. I always feel a little guilty getting water at a Gas Station. I would love a chance to win a belt. I have tried a Camel back but the noise from the water bouncing around bothers me. Plus it keeps the heat in. Not good on super hot days. I liked on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Instagram.

  28. We have critters! I stash my water bottles up in the branches of trees along my route on my long runs! For racing I carry a handheld, even in a 5K, I’d rather sip on the run than stop. For 1/2’s and up, I carry little chunks of banana, pbj, and jb’s in a pouch around my waist……. And for hot days, I start out with frozen bottles of Chia/tea/honey/salt and replenish on the run. Would love to have a hydration belt, to simplify my outings!

  29. I have been skipping hydration on the run altogether because of my frustrating with belts lately!

    Liked Fitletic on Facebook, and following on Instagram and Twitter

  30. I have not tried their belts with the bottles, but have wanted to! This would be a great opportunity to! I have another of their belts and it is my go-to, I absolutely love it!

  31. I’ve been using a Nathan hydration belt on my long runs, but this intrigues me. Btw, I followed fitletic on Instagram and Facebook!

  32. I like to run with a hydration pack. Unfortanely, my water bottles leak all over! I would love a new one! I liked Fitletic on FB and Instagram!!!

  33. Hey there! I run with another belt that holds water bottles, but this one sounds amazing. I used to run with handhelds, but I got so lazy about holding things in my hands.

    I liked Fitletic on FB and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

  34. I use a hydration belt that was a hand me down. I use to use a hand held but like the belt better. A new hydration belt would be awesome! I also follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

  35. I use a Nathan fuel belt. I just wish the pocket on it was bigger. I follow fitletic on fb , Instagram, and Twitter. thanks for the chance to win!

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