Heated Seats…. Bum/Bun Warmers…..

It’s a rainy, dreary day in the CHI………

The traffic coming into the city is all jacked up because people can’t drive of the rain.  I had to drive in this morning rather than taking the train since it was crazy hair day at school and I had to make Aby look insane I was running late.

As I was sitting in traffic, shivering, I turned my seat heater up to high.  I was immediately thankful that I am a car snob enthusiast and have certain requirements for my “new to me” cars.    Those requirements are:  heated seats, moon roof & engine power, anything else is just a bonus.  If you have a POS older car that needs to be replaced, then I would highly recommend venturing into a market that has heat seats because some days it’s the small things that make a girl happy.

Hubby’s car actually has a heated steering wheel too!  If you are a cold hands/warm heart bitch  lady like myself, then that also might be a good “option” for you. 

And for the geeks (like me) who care,  General Motors employee Robert L Ballard invented heated seats1951, and patented them in 1955. Predating his invention were the less sophisticated “ventilated seats for vehicles,” invented in 1936 by Charles J Patterson.

Source:  Google Patents: BALLAKD Robert L. Ballard

Cheers,                                                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                            amanda@tootallfritz.com

2 thoughts on “Heated Seats…. Bum/Bun Warmers…..

  1. we once rented a car in florida and i found a button next to the seat which i activated. little did i know it was a seat warmer – not needed in florida. wonder if anyone has come up with a seat cooler – in albuquerque our rental had leather seats, i was wearing shorts, and we entered the vehicle after an hour out in the hot august new mexico sun.

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