KT Tape FAIL….Plantar Fasciitis – Part I

I assume those of you who will be reading this VERY FIRST post on my NEW blog TooTallFritz.com, will be friends and family.  So you already know that I have been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis all summer and it sucks hurts badly and I am very frustrated.  I have been going to a foot surgeon since beginning of September who did a series of wrapping/taping sessions on my feet to determine if orthotics would help my situation.  The padding makes it feel like I’m literally walking on clouds and makes the pain dissipate immediately…..but I can’t shower while I am wearing the padding unless I bag my feet. 

After weeks of taping and my being happy with the results both in life and in running, he decided to cast me for orthotics. 

And now I am waiting for the lab to construct the orthotics….super special ones that are a hybrid for both running and real life.  “Normal” orthotics apparently aren’t good enough since I’m in the advanced stage where my feet throb with pain even while I am sitting.  Please don’t touch my heels and I definitely don’t want to walk or run on them!

After casting for the orthotics, I was once again getting thru with the taping/padding but alas that fell off last Thursday.  I was being cheap trying to make it thru without going back for another office visit copay to have the doc reapply the tape/pads so I opted to try the KT Tape.  They have a special taping method for Plantar Fasciitis and step by step instructions on how the stupid normal person can do it themselves.  No problem!  I mean, it stayed on for Kerri Walsh thru the rigorous sand volleyball tournaments at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, so I thought I could get one run in without a problem. 

My tape job didn’t look quite as intricate or professional as that of Ms. Walsh’s….I mean, I don’t have a trainer, just Aby and I working as a team.  We followed the directions and it was “sticking” and I left for a run. 

However, it didn’t stick for long!  I was happy to be  heading out the door for a run. 

Then things quickly went down hill.  The tape felt okay and I had minimal support but the “stick” didn’t last long.  I stopped to restick it right before mile 1, then by mile 1.2, I stopped and pulled it off all together (Sorry, I didn’t have the camera for a photo of the wilted mass of green KT tape flopping around my ankle).  I ended up pulling my shoe off to get rid of the tape and cutting my run short, knowing things would only get worse in the pain department after that. 

4.05 miles – 37:08 – Never stopped my watch but had 2 stops for KT tape malfunction, one turn around, and one leap into the ditch stop for a car that wanted to hit me.  Fun times running in the country!

Plantar Fasciitis defined  HERE & Plantar Fasciitis Prevention Tips HERE.

Most importantly, my outfit – “Run”way Fashion:  RunningSkirts.com Ultra Swift Skirt, Athleta Accelerate Tank, Feetures Light No Show Socks w/ Tabs (pink!), Saucony Guide 5 shoes.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to post below or message me at amanda@tootallfritz.com

Cheers and Happy, PAIN-FREE running to all of you!                                                       Amanda – “Too Tall Fritz”

14 thoughts on “KT Tape FAIL….Plantar Fasciitis – Part I

  1. As lame as it is, I can’t wait to see your orthotics. I just picked up my pair (had the same sort of casting made of my feet) and am am slowly starting to train my feet to actually use them. I haven’t posted about it yet…since I feel a bit old when I talk about the subject. Totally understand about the throbbing pain though – I have extra bones pointing down in the front of my feet – makes running super long distances unbearable.

  2. Hey Amanda,
    Sorry about the trouble you had with the tape. Usually sticking issue’s boil down to a simple issue that is easily resolved. We would love a chance to support you and make sure the tape is applied correctly. I have to tell you that of all of the applications the tape is used for, we have been most amazed at the success we’ve had when treating plantar fasciitis.

    If you’d some help just fire us an email at marketing@kttape.com. We’ll even throw in a free roll of tape, in the color of your choice, for your trouble. Thx! Jim

    • Jim – Would love a consult with KT to figure out the proper taping method. I have tried it several times now with the same result. I also have friends and aquaintances who also can’t get it to stick. I will contact marketing tomorrow. Thanks for your interest/concern.

      Amanda – TooTallFritz

  3. I enjoy a good laugh, thus while talking about Amanda’s injury at work a coworker asked what is plantar fasciitis? To be honest I had/have not much of a clue about it…. but I do know Planter’s makes peanuts, thus it must be peanut foot. If nothing else it gave us a good chuckle!

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  5. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information particularly the ultimate section 🙂 I deal with such information a lot. I used to be seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

  6. KT Tape has been a miracle cure for me, I can hardly walk on my feet, but when a friend asked me to do the Melbourne (FL) half last weekend, I said sure… why not. Bought some KT tape on the advice of a friend, put it on (correctly – stayed on for 3 days), and ran 13.1 in 2:02 and I hadn’t run over 5 miles in at least 4 months. No foot pain at all. I try to wear it every day now. GOOD LUCK w/ your P.F. I know the kt isn’t a cure, but it sure helps me.

    • KT Tape actually responded to this post and we determined that I have to rub down with alcohol first to get the tape to stick to ME. I use cocoa butter on my legs because anything with a fragrance makes me break out in hives. So it appears that the cocoa butter is the culprit. 🙂

      So glad that the KT Tape has worked so well for you. Happy Running!!

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