Winner – Fellow Flowers Mother’s Day Giveaway

So much well deserved love for the Fellow Flowers giveaway!!  We have one Mother’s Day package up for grabs. 

Fellow Flowers_MomsDay

The Random Number Generator selected #10:


#10 is Maggie Wolff – Congrats, Maggie!!  Please email me when you have a chance so we can hook you up with your prize!!


As for the rest of us, we can go shopping HERE and maybe pick up a belated Mother’s Day gift for ourselves!   And remember, we love all the Moms …. StepMoms, FurMoms, Foster Moms, GrandMoms and those who are longing to be a Mom.   You are all worthy of the title regardless of your current status.  Love you all!

** Happy Mother’s Day ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Fellow Flowers Mother Day Giveaway

So many amazing companies out there!  Today I want to talk about one which I have yet to share publicly.  Fellow Flowers.  If you don’t recognize the name, you may recognize the flowers! 


The running and racing scene is now flooded by ladies sporting colorful flowers clipped into ponytails, onto visors or headbands and ultimately showing support for each other.  Each flower color represents something unique and is a statement on it’s own.  Women everywhere have fallen in love the the Fellow Flowers message of friendship, passion and enjoying the journey regardless of where it may lead.  The flowers unite friends and strangers a like.   The message keeps the community constantly “blooming”. 


Take a minute to go to the Fellow Flowers website HERE and look around.  Read.  I bet you find something to fill your tank with happiness and make you smile.  There’s a lot to see.  Stories to read.  Mission statements.  But I’d like to talk about the flowers themselves because that’s how it all began.  Each flower is a different color and delivers its own message.  Maybe it’s your message.  Maybe it’s mine.  Everyone has a story and the purpose of the flowers is to represent YOUR message, no matter what it may be.  My current favorite is a newbie.  Turquoise. 

Believe. To look within, to overcome. Loving myself enough. I have the will, the determination and the courage to defy the odds…and inspire. My challenges have made me a fighter – a survivor. They will not define me or confine me. I will run my own race. Different, beautiful and all my own. I believe in me and my potential. And I’m going to succeed because I’m brave enough to think I can.

Turquoise FF_Believe in Me  Turquoise FF_jpg

The flowers all have a beautiful, yet powerful message.  I know you will find one that calls to you.  We are lucky today because Fellow Flowers has offered YOU a Mother’s Day giveaway!!  One lucky winner will receive the package below with a tee, note cards, stickers & a flower of your choice:

Fellow Flowers_MomsDay

I love this tee.  “Going for a Run isn’t Mommy Being Selfish.  It’s Mommy Being Awesome.”  

It’s hard being a mom.  It’s hard stepping away from a new baby or even a rowdy crew and taking time for yourself without feeling guilty.   But trust me, Mom and baby BOTH need some alone time.  It’s the natural process of things.  Trust Dad or Grandma to keep baby safe.  Leave the guilt at home and go for a  run with girlfriends.  A short run with friends will bring Mom home smiling, destressed and so much happier overall.  A happy Mom is a better, more attentive Mom and Wife.  And that really makes Mom AWESOME.    Go be AWESOME!!

How to win this amazing giveaway?  I want you to tell us which flower you would pick, which one calls to you and tells your story!  Go pick your flower HERE and comment below to tell us which one you like best.  If you would like a second entry, go like the Fellow Flowers Facebook page HERE.   And for a third entry, probably a freebie for most of you, go like the TooTallFritz Facebook page HERE.    Three chances to win, just make sure you tell me which of the three you did (hopefully all three!) so that I can get you entered correctly. 

One winner will be selected via a Random Number Generator on Monday, May 12th at 9am.  Giveaway starts NOW!  Good luck!

** Never Be Afraid to Share YOUR Story ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Dopey Challenge – Day 1

Despite a few minor snags with travel arrangements {due to weather}, I managed to get to FL with plenty of time to hit the expo, pick up the Dopey Challenge packets have a few beers, and be ready to run the 5K by this morning. Myself, Jason & Judy at the expo.

As expected, the expo was packed but we did our best to look around, make a few unique purchases, grab all of our shirts, and get the boys skirted by Sparkle Athletic. All 6 shirts are pictured below. A green cotton tee for the 5K {which I got in Michael’s size}, a red gender specific long sleeve for the 10K, a navy gender specific LS for the half, a powder blue gender specific LS for the full, a black gender specific LS for the Goofy Challenge, and a white gender specific LS for the Dopey Challenge. I know a lot of people don’t like white but I was super happy with that being the color of the Dopey shirt. The color alone upped the chances that I’ll actually wear it. See the shirts below, along with the two bibs. We will be wearing the green bib for the 5K & 10K and the grey one for the half & full marathons.


This morning started bright and early. We got up at 3:30 am (2:30 am Chicago time!) and hit the road by 4am. The race started promptly at 6:15am but that was the only thing prompt about the day. There was a lot of time spent getting into position in order to run the race, which gave us plenty of time to scout the crowd, pick out our favorite outfit, and find our friends. I’d like to send an unofficial shout out to the family who was dressed as the 101 dalmations, even the young tot was decked out in dots and had a dog collar. Then another favorite of mine was seeing young Belle {from Beauty and the Beast} who was dressed in her blue frock with white apron and she was even carrying a basket and a book WHILE she ran the 5K. Wow. That’s dedication to the charactor. As for myself and my friends, we were decked out in the Sparkle Athletic skirts and even the guys were good sports and joined the fun.


We were in Corral B. There were only 5 corrals for the 5K with approximately 10,000 people running the event. I must say that I saw A LOT of Dopey bibs!! The race started in the dark with fireworks sending off every corral {yes, I missed the photo of the firewords}.


We ran the majority of the race in the dark while attempting to be carful of footing and watching for slippery spots due to a light rain which fell prior to the race start. The majority of the 5K took place in and around Epcot. All the lights were on and everything was lit very well. It was a beautiful run, even if a bit crowded. Jason, Dawn, Judy and I at a prime photo spot.


There were a couple spots for Disney Character photo ops too but the lines were pretty long, especially for Dopey. I bet the little guy never knew he was going to be so popular. 🙂 In all we busted thru Epcot for the 5K in about 29 minutes (with several photo stops). The pace was very random. There was a lot of weaving around people. It was exactly what I expected: super cool, crowded, fun, loads of amazing costumes, families everywhere run/walking, happy volunteers and beautiful sites. So far, so good.

As soon as we finished the 5K, the Dopey people were herded into a separate area to receive our bracelets.


There is a bit of confusion as to what will happen next. Some say that we will accumulate a bracelet every day, for a total of 4 by the end in order to collect our Dopey Challenge medal. Others say that volunteers will cut off our 5K bracelets tomorrow and replace them with one which shows that we also completed the 10K. I’m not really sure and too lazy to look it up in our info booklet. Time will tell. I’m in no rush this weekend so just plan to take in as much as possible and not worry so much about details. 🙂

So that’s what’s happening so far in the Dopey Challenge arena. I’m off to take a nap now and attempt to recharge “my battery” a bit. I’m definitely tired from traveling and the new schedule, plus I’m having a few aches & pains due to a few snow related incidents that occurred at home before I left. I’m definitely not a 100% (or even close) and I felt it for sure today in the 5K. With only 3.1 miles down and another 45.5 miles left to run, I will be focusing on recovery quite a bit over the next couple of days.

** You May Be Goofy But I’ve GONE Dopey! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Injinji Socks Giveaway Winner!!!


I’ve learned several things from the Injinji Sock Giveaway.  1)  Most of you are much younger than me.  I’m not sure what I was doing when you all were wearing rainbow toe socks but I was in a different world. Call me clueless.  2)  There are a lot of us around here with jacked up feet.  We need to find a solution.  3)  There is a ton of interest in toe socks but almost everyone is saying the same thing, “I’m too nervous to try them”.  I absolutely understand.  When I want to try something but am a bit nervous about spending the money on something I don’t know if I’ll like, I look for a deal.  I go to the discount sites and search for my desired item.  I check the store website for a sale or last chance section.  If all else fails, I go to eBates to find a retailer who both carries my desired product and also offers an “eBate”.  I figure even if I just get a little bit back, I still save.  That’s how I got my first Injinji’s, I bought them via   I saved a little.  I realized I loved them and then bought more. 

Now, let’s announce the winner of the Injinji socks!!  The Random Number Generator selected #43. 


#43 – Gigi – Who is apparently already a fan of Injinji!!   Congrats Gigi – email your shoe size and mailing address to


For the rest of us, let’s go shopping!  Oh wait, I already did.  I have a pair of those Injinji compression socks coming my way.  HAD.TO.HAVE.THEM.

A few of my favorites spots to get Injinji’s:

  • – Where they “might” have the Injinji compressions on sale for as low as $26.33.  Yep, they do!  REI is on eBates too!!
  • – On eBates.
  • – 15% off with promo code:  SAVE15

Happy Running, all!  Let’s find a way to keep our feet HAPPY and HEATHLY!

** Amanda – “”**

Injinji Socks Review & Giveaway ……

My feet are a “little” sensitive.  I’m SUPER picky about my socks.   And to be honest, no matter how picky I am, I still get blisters, lose toenails and have REALLY ugly feet.   I have more pairs of socks than any “normal” person should but really, WHO WANTS TO BE NORMAL?  I hand pick the most desirable pair of clean socks for each workout to protect my feet to the best of my ability.    If a pair stretches, or wears, or doesn’t fit perfect then it goes to the trash unless Aby claims them or recycling.   My sock collection ….. Yes, “collection” is the proper term ….. encompasses two full dresser drawers and “might” be sorted according to use, thickness, ankle height, trail and compression.  I don’t own socks for fashion purposes, each one is functional and an amazing performer or it loses it spot in the line-up.  Sounds dramatic?  Most definitely.  Serious business in my world. 


Until recently my sock drawer was missing one specific type of sock, the “toe sock”.   I first heard about toe socks, specifically Injinji Toesocks from a fellow friend/runner/blogger, Maggie at MagMileRunner.   She has been wearing them forever, raves about them {read her review HERE}, won’t run in anything else.  I wasn’t interested.  Sounded weird.  Like super weird (sorry, Maggie!).  Yeah, not for me.   However, my young running princess, Miss Abygayl, jumped onto the Injinji toe sock train with both feet and has been using them exclusively for well over a year now.  See her Injinji’s with her pink shoes from a run this fall. 

me & aby_shoes_injinji

Well, this year has been a particularly rough year for my feet.  My feet have blistered in every spot imaginable and I kept hearing Maggie’s voice in the back of my head, “you should try the Injinji’s”.  So I stole a pair of Aby’s for a test run on the treadmill and was pleasantly surprised.  Okay, I liked them a lot.  Really, a lot.  So I went shopping and bought a few pair.  Smile  All three of the ones pictured below (plus a blue pair), original weight no show socks.  Why did I pick those?  Because I haven’t bought Aby any in a while so I figured they had to be “originals”.


Wore those for a bit on all my long runs, then went shopping again for some taller, “trail” socks”.  Been wearing the midweight trail mini-crew socks for all my trail runs.  It’s been cold.  Snowy.  Icy.  But my feet stay warm even when they are wet. 


I’ve been very happy with all of these so I decided to reach out and get you some socks too because these things are awesome and I know that most people will be hesitant to try something so different.  I want you to think outside the box.  These socks are warm and cozy and fit so perfectly.  If you are prone to blisters and lose toenails like me, then these WILL help you.  They will also help hold your toe protectors in the perfect spot so that they won’t slide off when they get cold and wet {or sweaty}.  Nothing worse than having a toe protector half way off your toe when you are trying to run a marathon.  Been there, done that, not so fun.  That, however, won’t be a problem for me anymore! 

ToeProtectors_NEW feet w toe protectorsInjinji_road2 

I also like that the Injinji’s come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths since I prefer different types of socks for different types of runs.  One sock does not fit all runs!   I train mostly in the original weight no shows (pictured in grey but I have a few other colors too).  I run trails and wintery/cold/snowy runs in the midweight mini-crews (pictured in green but I also have purple).  I will race 5Ks in 2014 in the lightweight no shows,  like the black and purple ones below.   

Injinji_road   image  image

I am going to ask Santa to bring me a pair of the tall compression 2.0 socks because those are the only Injini socks which I have yet to try and I am anxious to add them to my compression sock drawer!! 


Now let’s hook you up for the win!  One lucky winner will win TWO pair of Injinji socks:  one pair for the road, another for the trail!  WhoooHoooo!   If you would like to enter to win, please comment below and tell me if you have EVER tried toe socks and if so how you feel about them!  Second entry available if you go like Injinji on Facebook HERE (and then let me know in the comments below). 

One winner will be drawn on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 9am via a random number generator.  Good luck!

** Toe Sock Convert ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** 

Cold Weather Running Gear

I normally don’t do a “what to wear” when it get’s cold post.  So many bloggers do and I try to avoid redundancy when you can find what you need in every corner of the blogosphere.  However, Chicagoland has been blasted with cold, wind and sub zero temps for weeks now and I’ve been feeling as if I need to address it.  If you are part of the F’N Running Club or follow me on the TTF Facebook page then I glanced over it when it was 6 degrees last weekend but here is a full length version in the event that you or a friend need some additional guidance. 

Temps Drop But Running Wont Stop

Base Layers – Possibly the most important cold weather investment.  Super important.  Don’t skimp here and go to a discount retailer, I buy the real stuff from Under Armour because they “do” cold weather and they “get” the fact that we are going to be OUTSIDE doing what we love, no matter what.  I personally prefer the mock or turtle neck style to get a little coverage up on my neck.  Under Armour ColdGear Fitted Mock Neck ($49) below.   I also wear a long bra top (form fitted running tank with shelf bra), any brand.  I have a ton and buy them everywhere from Target to Kohl’s to various online retailers. I put those fitted tanks (or a tee would work) UNDER the Mock Neck when it’s super cold, like now.  

                       image     image         

Outer Layer – Preferably a wind jacket or heavy-duty, quality half of full zip.  My wind jacket is from Athleta, the Headwinds Jacket ($99), which I think is on clearance now ($85).  I’ve had it for probably 5 years and every time I wear it people think it’s new.  Love it and it really holds in the heat and keeps out the wind.  I’m sure other wind jackets would work, I’ve heard that New Balance has an amazing WindBlocker line but this is what I own, mine is red from who  knows which year:

image   Waterfall Glen_Black FRI_2013-me

I also own an amazing heavy duty Under Armour Base 3.0 quarter zip ($79) which really fights the cold!

Me Susan Nicole_2-3-13

Legs – This super tricky for me because I have LONG legs.  Only long tights fit me.  I’ve tried various brands but always come back to the fact that if I want every part of the tights to be where they need to be, then I have to go with long length.  Athleta is the only place that I buy long tights.  I just purchased a pair of the Polartec Power Stretch tights ($79) in long and am IN LOVE with them.  I wore them in 6 degree weather last week, as a single bottom layer, and didn’t feel cold at all.  They are super soft and cozy without feeling bulky.  In the past, I have used thinner tights like the Athleta Relay Tights ($79-$89) and then added a second layer with the Runabout Pant ($69).   Photos below:   Polartec Power Stretch Tights, Relay Tights & Runabout Pants (all from Athleta cuz they have Talls!). 

image  image  image

Gloves  – Don’t forget the gloves!  I wear Manzella Sprint gloves.  I have 3 pair and just ordered my 4th pair this week cuz I wipe my nose on them and need to wash them a lot.  I love the fit, and the reflective prints on the palm of the hand for night running, plus they wick sweat fast.  I can wear them from 20 to 40 degrees without anything else on my hands.  Once it dips below 18 or so, then I add another layer of gloves or go to a heavier version.  Some people like mittens, it’s kinda about personal preference but your fingers are super sensitive so pay attention and keep them warm!!

Kankakee River State Pk_ Fence_Nov 2013  image

Don’t be afraid to add hand warmers to your gloves if you have poor circulation or just can’t keep your fingers warm.  I picked up a few at Walgreens this morning, a 2 pack is $1.

Hot Hand Warmers

Headbands & Hats – My gosh, don’t think you’re too cute for a hat or ear/headband or you might get frostbite on your ears.  This is serious business.  As you probably know, the majority of body heat is lost thru the head so COVER IT UP!   I have a couple ear/headbands, one from North Face that’s pretty heavy-duty and one from Athleta that I wear most of the time.  The pink ear/headband from North Face is on the left, the Athleta Polartec Power Stretch ear/headband is on the right.  I’m good with the thin one from Athleta most of the time til it drops down under 18ish degrees, then I go heavier and add a hat!

image    Schubert Woods_me_athleta headband_Dec 2013

When it super cold, I wear both a hat and an ear/headband, and you may even see me add a balaclava to protect my face.  Trust me if you see my face covered,  recognize that it’s cold, windy and “possibly” dangerous! 

balaclava   group_12-10-11_balaclava

Socks – Please cover those ankles!  I like to move to a crew length sock that will protect my skin and cover the gap between my shoe & tights.  Smartwool, or socks with more natural fibers do best to keep you warm.  Here is what Athleta has in Smartwool socks but you can get them just about anywhere.


The bottom line is that you CAN run outside in the cold but you need to be smart, have good gear and also know that if you just can’t get warm after 2 miles, pack it up and go back home.  Never be afraid to call it quits if you don’t feel safe no matter how crazy everyone else may be.

Did I miss anything?  What’s your go to cold weather gear?  Please share! 

** Run Smart & Safe In The Cold ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Winner of the Tough Chik Fleece Hoodie + Tough Chik Discount Code!!


Lots of interest in the Tough Chik fleece hoodie!  Unfortunately, there is only one winner for this item.   The random number generator selected #114.


The corresponding comment is from fellow Shamrock Shuffler – Lisa “Murf1013”


Congrats, Lisa!!  Please email me your address and size preference to!    Merry Christmas from TTF & Tough Chik!!

As for the rest of us, I think many will be adding this fleece hoodie to our Christmas Wish List!  Amazing item, you will NOT be disappointed.  Tough Chik wants to help Santa save a little by offering everyone a discount code.  Feel free to go shopping with the discount code:  “tootallholiday” for 20% off the entire Tough Chik website until Monday, December 16th at midnight!     Go shop now!!!  Or maybe have Santa go shopping, whatever works!

**Happy Holidays ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Tough Chik Fleece Sweatshirt Review & Giveaway


One of my favorite retailers, Tough Chik, has brought out a few new things for the holiday season.  If you live in a climate with seasonal changes, you may be struggling to adjust to the colder temps like myself.  I’ve been cold a lot.  I’ve been shivering a lot.  And I struggle finding warmer clothing items which are cute, warm and snuggly!  I’m very picky about sweaters and sweatshirts.  If I’m cold enough to put one on then I want it to look AND feel good.  The softer the better.  Enter the Tough Chik fleece, hooded sweatshirt.  Retail $40.


This fleece arrived in the mail this weekend and I had to pry it out of Aby’s hands haven’t taken it off since.  It’s a nice aqua color which is girly but not too over the top.  I like that.  The back has the phrase that Tough Chik coined, “THIS IS WHAT TOUGH LOOKS LIKE”, which is one of my favorite things about Tough Chik!!  The outside is normal sweatshirt material and the inside is a butter soft fleece.  I LOVE that!  I mean, I REALLY love that.  Nothing makes me feel better than slipping on something that is warm and snuggly.  Mr. Michael and I are big “snugglers” and we like to be warm.  Obviously we can’t sit and snuggle in the rocker 24/7, much to our dismay, so it’s nice to have a sweatshirt which makes me feel happy and warm!  Yes, it really is  possible to have clothing which makes you FEEL happy.  Smile

This fleece is unisex sizing, so runs big.  Normally for unisex sizing, I go down one size and end up with an item that is too big, so if you like a form fitted piece then I really recommend going down 2 sizes.  If you like a baggier fit so that you can layer underneath, then go down 1 size from what you would normally order in a ladies item.  For example, I’m a large in Nike clothing but would order a small in this for a “fitted” look or  a medium for a baggier look where I could layer up underneath.  Hope that helps.  I know fitting is hard for us ladies and I want you to look and feel good about your clothes!!!


I really love this piece and if I didn’t already I own it, I’d beg mom to buy it for me add it to my Christmas list.  In fact, I loved it so much that I’ve already ordered 2 more for Christmas gifts {please don’t tell Aby!}.

Tough Chik has generously agreed to give one of you this amazing fleece for FREE!  If you would like to win a special Christmas present directly from the Original Tough Chik herself, please comment below and tell us if you own an item of clothing that makes you FEEL happy {and I really hope that you do!}   You will be eligible for a second entry into the giveaway if you go “like” the Tough Chik Facebook page HERE.  And you can get a third entry if you share this giveaway via any social media outlet of your choosing.  Just let me know what you did in the comments section below so that I can get you registered with the appropriate number of entries!  Three total entries possible per person.  Giveaway starts NOW and runs til Monday, December 9th at 9am.  Winner will be selected via a random number generator and announced on Monday.  GOOD LUCK!!

If you can’t wait to win, feel free to go shopping NOW.  Tough Chik is offering free shipping until tonight (Wednesday, December 4th) at midnight with the code:  TOUGHCHIKTUESDAY.

For all things Tough Chik, please follow on Twitter HERE and on Instagram HERE.

I wish you a warm and cozy holiday season! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

Balega Sock Giveaway Winners!!


Runners love socks.  Runners love NEW socks.   The only thing that a runner loves more than NEW socks would be FREE NEW SOCKS!   So without further adoo, we have 6 pairs of Balega socks to give away.  I used a random number generator to generate 6 unique values:


#76 – Running Whit

#11 – John B – Bye Bye Butterball

#23 – Julie Molenar

#88 – Amanda W – Get to Goal

#95 – jenereesa – Scoot A Doot

#28 – Rose Hill

If you see your name above, please email me at with your name, address & shoe size.  The info will go to Balega ASAP so they can send your socks!!

For everyone else, I recommend adding Balega’s to your wish list and/or grab some the next time you go to the local run store because they are sweet!   My favorite Balegas so far are the Hidden Comforts but I see they have a new Blister Resist style which I should probably check out next.  And if you don’t like the cushion in your run sock then stay with the thinner style, Second Skin, that is thin and performs so perfectly that you will never even know it’s there.  Those are the best kinds of socks, the ones that you forget that you are wearing.  Smile

** Happy Feet Run Faster ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Favorite Things …… 2013 Edition

Every year as the holidays approach, readers start asking for a list of my favorite things.  This year I haven’t found a ton of NEW run things that I love but I do have a few favorites. 


My favorite lifestyle tees this year are the Whooha Gear, Regret Nothing tee ($24) & the Tough Chik, I Run Because tee ($22), which is actually on my wish list!  Both of these are inexpensive items that deliver a message.  The bold, neon orange Regret Nothing tee is one of my absolute favorites that I wear constantly (and you can still use the INSPIRE discount code for 10% off).  However the “Run Because” tee holds a special spot in my heart.  Shannon from Tough Chik sent out a poll asking ladies for the reason as to why they run.  All of the quotes in the heart of that tee are from MY friends, YOUR friends, and random Tough Chiks everywhere.  We may not all run for the same reason but we will run united as Tough Chiks FOREVER!

Whooha_regret nothing    image

My favorite running items this year?  The Asics Emma Racerback ($34) & the Athleta Relay Capris.  My “Emma” is always dirty.  As soon as it comes upstairs from the wash, I pull it for a treadmill run.  The butter soft, lightweight fabric makes this baby the BEST shirt I own for a hot, sweaty workout.  They have three colors, I only own the Energy Print but would definitely buy more if I didn’t feel guilty cuz my workout wardrobe is larger than what most people own for “everyday wear”.  My go to “bottoms” are always the Athleta Relay Capri pants ($69).  You can say what you want about how costly the Athleta items are but these capris stand the test of time.  I only add one pair of capri’s to my “collection” every year and well, I’m still wearing the original black ones that I bought 4-5 years ago.  I’ve since added navy, cobalt blue, asphalt and the new sandstone inkblot ($74) to my closet.  They come in tall and standard sizes, fit perfectly, don’t move when I run and they also have a zip pocket in the back that is large enough for my iPhone.  I don’t own any other capri pants cuz these are perfect and stylish.  Total win!

Emma Racerback   veterans_me & Kasey   me_after 20 miles (march 2013)_blue lock laces 

Something that’s been on my wish list for a LONG time, is a pair of aviator sunglasses.  Why?  Cuz all the cool kids wear them and well, lots of fast runners in my area do too.  Somehow my brain now equates aviator sunglasses with cool people who run fast.  Yeah, let’s just go with it.  Since it’s no secret that it’s hard to find a pair of sunglasses to fit this oblong, skinny face, I thought I was out of luck …… until I saw that Smith Pivloc was making a “slim” version of their Serpico style.  Enter into my world the Smith Pivloc Serpico Slims ($90-$119).  According to Aby, it doesn’t matter what sunglasses I wear, I’ll never be cool, or fun and she is NOT amused.  Sorry, Aby.  Actually, no, I’m not sorry.  I will continue to embarrass you for THE.REST.OF.YOUR.LIFE.  Love you, babe!

Smith Optics_SerpicoSlim  me & Aby_nov 2013_serpico slim

Last but not least, I have to cover the feet.  My feet take me EVERYWHERE and for that reason, I don’t wear cheap shoes (or socks!).   When I’m not running, or hanging with the kiddos, then I’m probably downtown in the Windy City for the J.O.B.  It gets cold downtown fast.  And stays cold forever.  I need a boot that is comfortable, stylish and can take me thru the snow & ice then directly into the office.   My boot of choice for the 2013-2014 winter season is the Keen Bern Baby Bern Boot ($170).  Love these bad boys!  They are light and comfy, keep my feet warm but also don’t cause my feet/legs to overheat either, which is super important if your day ends up as long as most of mine.  I’ve already worn them several times this season and they are the best boots I’ve owned to date.  One day last week I put them on at 5am and wasn’t able to take them off til 7pm.  Long day but my feet felt great, no rubbing, no fatigue, just happy feet!

image   Keen_bern baby bern boots

You’re next, what are you loving this year?  Tell me, I’d love to try something new!

** These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **