Just a Hobby ….

I’ve had a lot of words thrown around at me lately.  One “friend” called me a jogger and that hurt.  Not sure why.  It just seems like the effort I put into my running is worth more than the term “jogger”.

we don't jog we run

I admit that on occasion I do jog but honestly, if I’m running far enough to slow down to a jog, then it’s probably no longer considered jogging.  Cuz really, who’s gonna go for a 15-20 mile “jog”.  Whatever.  Words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly I’m overly sensitive.  Whatever.

Then I had “the” CrossFit battle with a couple people.  My CrossFitting as “strength training”, to get stronger, and supplement my running & biking was seen as insignificant.   Maybe to some but it doesn’t seem insignificant to me as I’m hauling my ass out of bed driving cross country to get to a 5am workout.  It’s important to me cuz it’s helping my body heal from the inside out.  Whatever.  Words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly I’m overly sensitive.  Whatever.


Then I think the final blow was yesterday when someone called my fitness a hobby.  Really?  A hobby?  Okay.  Let me think about this one logically.  I personally consider it a lifestyle where the overall focus is on positive thinking, eating well, drinking my water and having a strong body  & mind.  I regard my old stamp collection from middle school as a hobby, something that I let collect dust under my bed when I was no longer interested.  Fitness though, a hobby?  Something I work on 4 or 5 days a week?  Something that helps my mind focus on the positives in my life?  Something that helps me appreciate nature and my surroundings a little bit more each day?  Something that helps me put the stress of the life behind me, even if only for a little while?  Is that a hobby?  Maybe to some.  Maybe it’s something more to me.  Whatever.  Words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly I’m overly sensitive.  Whatever.

As I get Older

This quote above from Kristin Armstrong kinda brought it all together for me today.  I’ve worked really hard the last 7-10 years to purge “the bad” from my life.   People.  Food. Alcohol.  Negative thinking.  I try to focus on the good.  I try to be positive.  I try to uplift those who need a helping hand.  I try to do things to make me stronger.  I try to be a good example for my children.

I’m just following the path set before me.  If that seems silly, or selfish, or crazy …. then I have no words of rebuttal.  No words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly we’re all overly sensitive.  Whatever.

** It’s a Lifestyle, NOT a Hobby ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Trail Running ….Bullfrog Lake & Pulaski Woods

One of my all time favorite activities is trail running.  I love being out in the open, exploring new trails and running in new to me places.   Last year, I missed out on my post-Chicago Marathon, fall trail running because my foot was rehabbing and I was just starting to run again.  I did go to new trails last fall but made sure they were only ones which had hard surfaces.  Pavement and asphalt preferably, in order to provide stability for my foot/ankle.  This year I am healthy and READY TO RUN some amazing trails! 

First up, Bullfrog Lake & Pulaski Woods in Willow Springs, IL at 95th and Wolf Road.  The Bullfrog Challenge is at Bullfrog Lake each October and they have an awesome map, which I added below.   They also have a Facebook page HERE.Bullfrog Lake map

One of my favorite things about trail running is the sense of exploration that I feel when I’m out.  I feel like a kid, carefree, lost in the moment and excited.  I’m ready to run anywhere the trail will take me without any concern for pace or distance.  It’s more about the experience than the “workout” or the miles.

In my giddy excitement, I just hit the trail as soon as I saw it and run straight UP the single track!  True single track.  I had to fight a few fat tire bikes for some space. 

Bullfrog Lake_singletrack

Great view of Bullfrog Lake in the early morning sun!  Bullfrog Lake

I was so excited to run the single track that I neglected to run the entire way around the lake.  So I missed what was labeled as the “steep hill” just south of Archer Avenue.  Yes, I’m actually sad about this because I went to find the hills and I expected more!  Way more!!

The Bullfrog Lake Trail is part of a much larger network within the Palos Trail System in Cook County, IL.  Once I ran up the single track and away from the lake, I immediately stumbled on the bigger network of wider, groomed & well marked trails. 

Palos Trail Map


In order to not get lost be consistent, we stayed left at each “fork” in the trail.  That’s my trail running buddy, Don F at one of the first decision points intersections. 

Bullfrog Lake-Pulaski Woods_fork in the trail

I’m used to trails like those at Swallow Cliff where one trail will transverse many miles.  However, Pulaski Woods had a lot of different color coded trails and they kept changing.  Each fork in the road brought in a new trail.  I did have the map and everything was super easy to follow but the “left by default” theory made it very easy to find the way back to the car!   

Best Trail Running tip that I can offer?  Don’t get lost.  Have a system.  Stick to it.  If there is one discernable trail which you can follow, do it.  Carry a map.  Don’t freak out.  Smile  Better yet, go with a friend who knows the area.

The Bullfrog Lake & Pulaski Woods area was beautiful.  Nicely groomed and well marked trails.  Soft but firm surface of packed dirt and some stone.   Light traffic which was on foot, horseback & mountain/fat tire bikes.   A few bathrooms but only in the parking/recreation areas.  No trash cans, so if you pack it in, pack it out!  A few hills but nothing too crazy that I stumbled across.  The weather was perfectly cool and crisp and the sun was shining.  I’d definitely go back and be a bit more adventurous with some of the other trails now that I have the area somewhat mapped out in my head!  Go give it a try and let me know what YOU think!

Bullfrog Lake-Pulaski Woods_trail

** I Love Trail Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 31 & 32 and the Barbells For Boobs Fundraiser

Since the marathon, I’ve been CrossFitting a couple times a week, and doing some light running and working the J.O.B. a lot.  I’m trying to be smart and let my leg muscles heal without going down to zero activity because that’s not good for my mental health.  Last week, I actually did 3 CrossFit Workouts.  There was a bonus WOD fundraiser on Saturday and I was actually in town, not racing, and free so I wanted to go and help out as much possible because my schedule is pretty wicked and I normally miss a lot of the fun stuff!

Before we get to last week’s WODs,  I’d like to say, I realize that not everyone is interested in CrossFit.  I realize that there have been some comments that I should move onto a new activity and give CrossFit a rest.  I realize that a lot of people are still intimidated by CrossFit even though it can be scaled and tailored to each individual’s fitness level.  However, CrossFit is helping me not only get stronger but equalize the muscle imbalances in my body that have been causing me pain and injury.  For this reason, I will be CrossFitting for as long as I personally see a benefit AND as long as I enjoy it.  It may not be for everyone but it’s been very beneficial for me personally.  I encourage each and every one of you to keep searching for an activity that you enjoy and are able to benefit from both physically and emotionally.  Fitness is a journey and the path is different for each of us.  Find your path!!

No Elevator to Success

CrossFit Day 31 – 3 Rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds.  1 minute at each station, then rotate.

  • Wall Balls
  • Ring Rows
  • Box Step Ups (or Jumps) – 18” box
  • Push Ups
  • Supermans

CrossFit Day 32 – Teams of 3, divide each exercise equally (if possible) between teammates.

  • Deadlifts – Worked form, added weights multiple times before starting WOD
  • 60 Pushups
  • 60 Kettlebell Swings (35#)
  • 180 Jump Ropes
  • 60 Abmat Sit-ups
  • 60 Ring Rows

Ring Rows_me

Barbells For Boobs Fundraiser for Breast Cancer– Clean Nancy – 5 Rounds:  400 meter run, 15 front squats (bar only for me).

Initially I didn’t think I’d go to the fundraiser because I was intimidated and didn’t want to embarrass myself with the “real” CrossFitters but the workout they used for the fundraiser was in my opinion a “runners” workout so I thought I could probably hold my own, even if I wasn’t squatting the weight that most were using.  So I went.  Great turnout!!  55 people did the actual WOD and as of Saturday, they raised $3700+ at the event and donations are still being accepted HERE.  Photo credit:  CrossFit New Lenox.


The first group takes off for the first 400 meter run of the Clean Nancy WOD.  I’m in the pink top and pink compression socks on the far right of the photo.  Photo credit:   Integrated Physical Medicine.


We ran 200 meters out & back, then hit the squats.  I must say that I was surprised at how fast the “real” CrossFitters took off for that first 400 meters.  I wasn’t exactly in easy mode but it was cold, I’d already ran a fast 4 miles with Aby and the wind was blowing hard.  I may have been a bit too conservative initially and I was definitely thinking that I had probably made a mistake by showing up to do the WOD.  Maybe I should have just donated and stayed home?  Too late now!  On to the squats, I’m on the way up (pink shirt & pink socks) and Jeni H is on the down (in the black skirt with pink ruffles).  Photo credit:   Integrated Physical Medicine.


Then things started thinning out fast on the run.  My unweighted bar gave me a huge advantage over those who were squatting with weights.  I believe the front squat weight options were 115 & 75 lbs for the RX or 85 & 45 lbs for the scaled.  I was using the 45# bar without any additional weights in the scaled division.  So it wasn’t too bad on my legs like it was for everyone else.  And yeah, I’m  a runner so 5 x 400 meters was fun for me while it looked like hell for everyone else.  It was a good day to be a light lifter and a runner!  I was also happy because the last time I did this workout, it was in the dark at a 5am class.   That day the  WOD took me almost 15 minutes, I think I was 14:44 actually.  However, on Saturday, just a few weeks later with some added daylight, I finished in 11 minutes & change.  Maybe 11:36, if I remember correctly.  So I was happy the daylight made such a huge difference, or maybe it was the extra people?  Regardless, fun day and ultimately I was happy that I had the guts to show up and play with the big dogs, even if it was just for fun.  Smile

** Be Strong, Mentally & Physically ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 29 & 30

Another chill week at CrossFit since most of us at the 5am class are recovering from the Chicago Marathon.  I personally had a very chill week too.  I ate for recovery and fun.  Then I ate some more.  Then did a billion loads of laundry.  Then I probably ate some more.  It takes a bit for my the body to bounce back after using that many calories in one stint, so I just try to go with it until I feel somewhat “normal”. 

I did CrossFit on TUE/THUR, rode my bike on the trainer for 11 miles last night, then ran 6 miles this morning.  So I’m getting back into the swing of things but I’m certainly not in a rush.  Next week, I’ll start some faster speed work though to shock the body prepare for a few local 5Ks where I’d like to show up and actually run fast.  It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to run fast, like 5K fast, and I’m both terrified and excited.

CrossFit – Day 29 – How to baby the marathoners and get them to show up for a CF workout 2 days post race.  Arms ONLY WOD!!!

  • 10 Wall Climbs
  • 10 Reverse Rope Climbs
  • Death by Pushups

That’s all folks.  I only made 12 rounds of Death by Pushups.  I wanted to get to 15 but only made 10 into the 13th set.  Seems pathetic but I tried, so it is what it is, right?   As a refresher, death by anything uses the clock, in one minute intervals.   One minute per round, go as many rounds as possible.  First round started with 1 push-up.  Do the 1, then rest til the minute ends.  Then 2 push-ups in the next minute.  Then 3, etc. until you can’t go any longer.   In all, I did 88 pushups. 

CrossFit – Day 30 – Trying to get the marathoners back on the CF wagon!

  • Front Squats – 7×3 – We did more than 7 rounds of 3.  We started with the bar only.  I think we probably were using the 31# bar instead of the 45# one but I really have no idea.  I just lift what I’m told.  After a few rounds which focused on loosening up our tight runner hamstrings form, we started adding weights, 10#s at a time (5# to each side).  I think we made it up to 20#s on each side, squatting that 3x before it was time to move on. 
  • 5 minute ladder – Wall Balls & Step Ups.  A ladder starts at 1 and then each round 1 rep is added.  First round, 1 wall ball, 1 step up on the 18” box.   Second round, 2 wall balls, 2 step ups.  I made it thru 10 full rounds and was working on my 11th with the wall balls when the 5 minutes was up.  Hard.   Continuous movement.  Fun.
  • 100 abmat sit-ups.  OUCH.


Previous post on Marathon Recovery HERE.

** Still Recovering ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Chicago Marathon ….. 2013 Edition

It’s no secret that I keep running the Chicago Marathon even though I don’t really consider myself to be a marathon runner.    Marathons are hard, I don’t care who you are or even if you say they aren’t.  However, I like the training as sick as that sounds and I like being part of one of the best marathons in the world.   There are only 6 World Marathon Majors (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago & New York).  One of those majors is in my backyard.  People fly here from all over the world to participate in OUR marathon.  Yeah, I want to be a part of it too. 

The expo is top notch with vendors bringing us amazing gear and samples from all over.  LOVE me a good expo!  Coolest part of the 2013 expo?  I loved the magnet display where we were able to take a magnet & sign our name on the wall.


The SWAG is always a Nike tech tee so we know that it will be a quality piece.


The race itself is big.  Like really big.  Two waves, 45,000 registered runners, 1.8+ million spectators.  My friend Katie and I were hustling to the start so that we were in our corrals before they closed the gates.  We had plenty of time but it’s hard to know that prior to actually reaching the corrals themselves.  Fortunately, Ronald McDonald House Charities gave us warming blankets to take to the start cuz it was a bit chilly standing around in 43 degree temps waiting to run.

Me&Katie_prerace   Me_start

I wore that blanket for almost an hour before ditching it as I inched closer to the actual start line.  I was in Corral E and once the race started, we moved up quickly and were ready to cross the start line in under 10 minutes.  The organization at this event is next to none. 


The energy is always high at the Chicago Marathon.  The spectators and runners alike are excited, happy and this year the cooler temps got us started perfectly.   In fact, my corral started FAST, like faster than I wanted to run so I was happy to stop off at the first aid station to use the potty and let some of those fasties go!  No tummy troubles, I was just over hydrated and needed to make a stop.  I was super happy that I stopped early because 1) it wasn’t too crowded and 2) I felt SOOOOO much better! 

LaSalle Street, circa 3.5 miles.  Course is steadily filled with people but not crowded to the point I couldn’t move.  I never felt inhibited but didn’t exactly have a “race pace” to which I needed to adhere so it was good for me all around.  Smile


My favorite part of the course, every year is up north, leaving the Lincoln Park area and entering Old Towne on Sedgwick Street, between miles 9 & 10.  And let me just say, Sedgwick spectators, you were some of the BEST on the entire marathon course and that’s saying A LOT cuz I was really paying attention this year.  What an amazing neighborhood with well-groomed row houses and massive mature trees to shade us from the sun.  LOVE this area!

 Sedgwick  Sedgwick_me

As I snaked along the course this year, I tried to be focused on what was around me, enjoy the experience, not push the pace cuz I know damn well the end gets SUPER HARD for me, pay attention to the spectators/volunteers/police/medical/entertainment as well as the other runners and just be happy to be running healthy.  I took photos.  I talked to people.  I waived to spectators, high fived the kiddos and I made an effort to encourage every RMHC runner who I passed.  I may have even sent a text message or two.  Regardless, I had fun.  A lot of fun.  And when my body started to tighten up, I stopped to stretch and began walking thru the water stops.  By having a focus as to when I could walk, I think I actually spent less time walking all together.  I wasn’t moving very fast toward the end but I was moving and I was grateful for that!

I also saw my girls, April W, Dawn B & Aby at various spots along the course.  Here is Aby and I at mile 17, where I was happy to stop running for a photo.  These ladies made my day.  I looked forward to seeing them each and every time and it kept me moving knowing that they would be “right around the corner”.  THANK YOU, ladies!!

Mile 17_with Aby

Thru the 26 mile course, we had 20 aid stations.  Each aid station was 2 city blocks long. Potties first.  Then medical.  Then fluids.  Gatorade at the front.  Water at the back.  No worries about missing the aid station, there was more than ample time to grab what you wanted/needed.  Lots of potties at each station too, which I appreciate.  Plus, each station lined BOTH sides of the street, so it didn’t matter which side you prefer to run, the aid was there for you.  Lots safety staff & friendly volunteers.  I also saw stations offering energy chews, energy gels & bananas.  Then there were many amazing spectators handing out their own supplies, like mini waters, popsicles, pretzels & Oreo cookies.  THANK YOU to everyone who fed me along the way.  The orange popsicle from Pilsen was by far my favorite treat during the marathon!

And then the finish finally came!  And I was thankful.  Photo courtesy of Nicole F.

finish shoots

Look Ma, both feet are off the ground as I “bust it” toward the finish!  Super exciting after 26.2 miles on the run!  26.94, if you count that potty stop and oh, yeah, I’m counting it!

Finish_me   me_medal

Afterwards, I hobbled walked back to the RMHC tent in Charity Village to join friends, get stretched out, eat, drink & be pampered by one of the best charities around.  Thanks to all of you who donated to RMHC to make this the best marathon experience to date.  RMHC not only takes care of the families in need but also us charity runners.  I’m so thankful to them for all they do for us on marathon day!  Such a class act!

RMHC food STRETCH Me-Aby_Katie 

Great race.  Great atmosphere.  I’d  highly recommend the Chicago Marathon to anyone who is looking to run a big race and have fun doing it!

For me personally, it was an amazing experience.  My fun day brought me to the finish in 4:28.  No, I didn’t push the pace but I had fun and walked away with a smile on my face.  And that’s a win in my book.  Smile

** See you in 2014 ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 27 & 28 …..

Although it’s Chicago Marathon week, I’m still CrossFitting!  Fortunately our instructor is fully aware that our 5am class is filled with runners.  I think only two of the ladies who showed up this morning were NOT running the marathon on Sunday.  Therefore, this week was probably “easy” by CF standards but we were still full of taper madness energy and ready to go!

Tuesday – Day #27 – Tabatas (8 rounds of each exercise for 20 seconds, 10 second rest between rounds, then switch to the next item)

  • Rowing
  • Sit-Ups
  • Kettlebell Swings (35#)
  • Ring Rows

We also did 10 reverse rope climbs and worked on pistols, rolled & stretched.  Why does the rope always shed tiny pieces that stick to my shorts?  First world problem, for sure!

Reverse Rope Climb_Me3

Today – Day #28 – Barbells for Boobs Practice WOD

** Edited to correct the WOD.  Since I felt like a “sally” during this workout, I apparently wanted to call it Sally instead of Nancy, which is the proper WOD.  Sorry! **

Our box is hosting one of the many fundraiser WODs for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The WOD for that fundraiser is “Clean Nancy”.  One division for the full version, a second for a scaled Nancy and then a possible third for what we do, which is below the scale.  I’ll just call it “Unweighted Nancy”.  If you would like to join the CrossFit New Lenox team {or donate} click HERE for more info on the Barbells for Boobs event on October 26, 2013.

“Unweighted” Nancy  – 5 rounds

  • 400 meter Run
  • 15 Front Squats (115/75) – but we just used the bar.  Smile
  • Repeat x5

Super easy and fast workout.  So glad I didn’t have to worry about more than the bar with those front squats.  This momma had tight hammies and it takes a bit to warm up for fun things like squats.  The run helped a lot though.

Front Squat

I must say this is a runners workout.  Definitely one of  my favorites so far.

Then we did 50 sit-ups, stretched and left.  Nice week at CrossFit.  Kudos to the instructor for keeping us moving thru the final days of taper madness before the marathon!

** I’m DEFINITELY Getting Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

Chicago Marathon Prep & Setup

Running the Chicago Marathon?  If so, I KNOW you are super psyched right now, as well you should be!  Most of you are probably out-of-towners or suburbanites who won’t step foot in the CHI until this weekend.  Therefore, most have no idea that the city actually starts setting up for the marathon a week in advance.  The first thing I noticed this week, Streets and Sanitation workers had started dropping barricades.  Shutting down 26.2 miles of major city streets takes a bit of preparation!  You’ll be seeing lots of these on Sunday whether you are running or spectating!!

barricades  image 

I was amazed today as I strolled thru the start area at Congress & Monroe by the “little” things that I saw that are up and ready, that I would NEVER see on race day.  Today the streets look normal and traffic has not yet been rerouted.

Columbus_start   Monroe_start

But the “behind the scenes” I saw tents, trailers and fencing is up.  Lookie here, the Elite Start tent.  You’ll probably never even notice this on race day with all the start line hoopla, the TV cameras + crew members, the starting officials, the massive START LINE setup, the added gates and fencing along the streets, the runners packed in beside you, and oh yeah, the fact that you are only thinking about the 26.2 miles in front of you.

Elite Start

Then a stroll thru Grant Park and the surrounding streets brings port-o-potties galore.  More potties than you can imagine.  More potties than I want to can capture.  More potties than I’ve ever seen previously.  In fact, I’ve ran the marathon here many times and never “see” a fraction of what I saw today.  They are tucked away in every crack & crevice, beneath trees and sometimes just “hidden” in plain sight.  Chicago is preparing to accommodate 45,000 runners and 2 million spectators.  Trust me, when you need one of these, you won’t be able to find one without a  “mile long” line in which to wait.  Good luck.


The tents are going up in Charity Village, Grant Park and the finish area.  Chicago moves closer to “marathon ready” each and every day.

finishline setup  grant park_gates & potties 

Anyone else find it odd that they have to gate off the flowers/trees/shrubs (above) so that people don’t trample them?  Everything in Grant Park is pretty “protected” right now. 



All of this and much, much more is just awaiting your arrival!!

I know many of you might be first timers and/or extremely nervous and that’s totally normal.  It might be helpful to take a minute to read this post HERE with some tips on marathoning in general, the Chicago Marathon and ENJOYING the experience.  I wrote it last year at this time but it’s still a good read.  Smile

** Chicago Is Getting Ready for YOU ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

The Countdown …. Chicago Marathon 2013

To say that I’m not excited would be a total lie.  I’m SUPER PSYCHED about the 2013 Chicago Marathon!  This year seems particularly special since I had to sit last year out with a nasty injury.  At this point last year, I was walking again and had started running but my mileage was very low.  I was facing what would turn out to be a long, slow buildup to ensure that I would be “up and running” for a long time after my recovery.   The goal was long term health NOT the speed at which I could return to the run.  It seems to have worked well.  I’ve done a few fun things this year, including Ragnar Key West, the Lansing Marathon and a lot of races from 5K to the half marathon distance.  However, I’ve just recently noticed that my “run mojo” is returning.  I’m excited to see what that means for me and the Chicago Marathon.  Maybe I’ll be running side by side with Ritz?  Or maybe not.


I don’t have a time goal.  I know that seems odd to so many of you but I don’t.  This is a race that fields so many people, both runners and spectators alike.  We will have approximately 45,000 runners and just under 2 million spectators.  If you are running, you don’t need to worry about feeling lonely during THIS marathon.  You will always have people around you both running and cheering for you by name.  I know from past experience that things get crowded.  I don’t want to worry about trying to weave around people rather than enjoying the journey because I’m too focused on the clock.  I just want to have fun.   I want to read all the signs.  I want to see all the crazy outfits.  I want to cheer back those who came to cheer for us.  I want to laugh and smile and high five the little ones who came out in the cold to see us crazy marathoners.  I want to be present and in the moment.    Who knows what next year will bring?  Possibly a real lottery for the Chicago Marathon?  Possibly more of the same?  There are no guarantees that there will be a 2014 marathon for me, so I’m going to enjoy this one like it might be my last.  Who really knows?  Plenty of smaller marathons that I can run for time so I don’t want that to be my focus here, in my home town, in one of the BEST marathons in the world. 

The city is ready.  The signs have been hung. 

CHI Marathon_sign - connected   CHI Marathon_old town sign

The preparations have been made.  The game is ON.  Let’s run Chicago together!

CHI marathon_start sign

** See You On Sunday ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Maxed Out ….. CrossFit Day 26

After the Filthy Fifty WOD on TUE, I think our instructor felt bad for us yesterday.  Or maybe not but that’s my theory and I’m sticking too it.   We started the session working our form for the Push Press and were told we were going to “max out”.  Huh?  Max what?  My 5am class is just a bunch of chicks who run so I’m pretty sure none of us have ever maxed out ANYTHING except maybe a credit card or two when we were young and irresponsible.

max out_baby

As you know, anytime the weight bar comes out, I totally cringe.  Strength work, particularly for the arms, is not my forte.  However, I haven’t exactly found my forte as of yet in the CrossFit arena so what the heck, BRING IT ON!

weak person

We started with the bar only (33#), did 3 reps, then added 5 lbs to each side did 3 more reps and kept adding weight.  As we started to climb, we increased the weight by 2.5# on each side to try to prolong the inevitable .  Looks easy when its not too heavy.  Me on the left lifting like 2#s & Julie B on the right lifting the equivalent of her body weight.

PushPress_me_10-3-13      Push Press_Julie_10-3-13

We both maxed out at 88#s.  I REALLY wanted to put the 93#s up but it wasn’t happening.  I wasn’t even close and well, the 88#s was tough for me so I’ll be happy with this as my very FIRST max out!  Whooop, we have now officially “maxed out”.  Smile

We spent a significant amount of time maxing out but were then up for “Death by 10 meters”.  Due to time, we only ended up doing ten – 10 m sprints before the next class arrived. 

Death by 10 Meters

This “exercise” starts easy enough, run one 10 meter sprint over the course of 1 minute. A buzzer sounds after each minute is up and that starts the next round where we then run two 10 meter sprints in 1 minute.  Each minute then rolls right into the next adding another 10 meter interval.  Lots of waiting time at the beginning, no rest at all toward the end as you are attempting to pump off 13, 14 & 15 ten meters sprints in the minute before it rolls to the next.  However, this go round, we only had time for 10 rounds so everyone made it thru and nobody “died”.  Kinda cool to end on a positive note. 

Amanda – TooTallFritz

Falling In Love ….. Treadmill Style

This month I celebrate my one year anniversary ……. with the TREADMILL.  As I’ve mentioned previously, in the Changing of the Mindset post, it wasn’t love at first site or even first run; however, we have had an amazing year together.  Like a pre-arranged marriage, we had to learn to love each other.   We spent the entire first year of our relationship “falling in love”. 

sun in shape of heart

I started to really fall for my treadmill when I realized the freedom that it allowed me.  I acknowledged the opportunity I had to run when I would normally be sitting in the rocker, watching Barney The Purple Dinosaur the rain fall.  Then as that first year continued on and became increasing more chaotic on the work & family front, I started to wonder where I’d be now without the treadmill?  I know I’d be in the loony bin wouldn’t be ready to run my second marathon of the year.  I wouldn’t finally be coming back up to speed after last summer’s injury.  I wouldn’t have changed my training runs to focus on quality over quantity.  I wouldn’t have ran one speed OR tempo workout.  I wouldn’t have ran much at all to be honest because the time has just not been there where I’ve had someone to watch the kiddos so I could slip away for a few or more miles. 

So treadmill, I really do love you.  I may not have meant it the first time I said it, but I mean it now.  I’m truly happy to have you in my life.  I’m truly happy to see you, each and every day and I look forward to our time together.


I admit, we started off a little rocky but I’m happy now.

Before vs After

fall off treadmill   happy treadmill lady

Happy Anniversary, Treadmill!!  I hope we are blessed with many, many more miles together!

Amanda – TooTallFritz