Just a Hobby ….

I’ve had a lot of words thrown around at me lately.  One “friend” called me a jogger and that hurt.  Not sure why.  It just seems like the effort I put into my running is worth more than the term “jogger”.

we don't jog we run

I admit that on occasion I do jog but honestly, if I’m running far enough to slow down to a jog, then it’s probably no longer considered jogging.  Cuz really, who’s gonna go for a 15-20 mile “jog”.  Whatever.  Words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly I’m overly sensitive.  Whatever.

Then I had “the” CrossFit battle with a couple people.  My CrossFitting as “strength training”, to get stronger, and supplement my running & biking was seen as insignificant.   Maybe to some but it doesn’t seem insignificant to me as I’m hauling my ass out of bed driving cross country to get to a 5am workout.  It’s important to me cuz it’s helping my body heal from the inside out.  Whatever.  Words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly I’m overly sensitive.  Whatever.


Then I think the final blow was yesterday when someone called my fitness a hobby.  Really?  A hobby?  Okay.  Let me think about this one logically.  I personally consider it a lifestyle where the overall focus is on positive thinking, eating well, drinking my water and having a strong body  & mind.  I regard my old stamp collection from middle school as a hobby, something that I let collect dust under my bed when I was no longer interested.  Fitness though, a hobby?  Something I work on 4 or 5 days a week?  Something that helps my mind focus on the positives in my life?  Something that helps me appreciate nature and my surroundings a little bit more each day?  Something that helps me put the stress of the life behind me, even if only for a little while?  Is that a hobby?  Maybe to some.  Maybe it’s something more to me.  Whatever.  Words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly I’m overly sensitive.  Whatever.

As I get Older

This quote above from Kristin Armstrong kinda brought it all together for me today.  I’ve worked really hard the last 7-10 years to purge “the bad” from my life.   People.  Food. Alcohol.  Negative thinking.  I try to focus on the good.  I try to be positive.  I try to uplift those who need a helping hand.  I try to do things to make me stronger.  I try to be a good example for my children.

I’m just following the path set before me.  If that seems silly, or selfish, or crazy …. then I have no words of rebuttal.  No words.  Possibly an honest mistake.  Possibly an insult.  Possibly we’re all overly sensitive.  Whatever.

** It’s a Lifestyle, NOT a Hobby ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

19 thoughts on “Just a Hobby ….

  1. New to this life style, but I will second this post. Awesome post, love it!!! I have been going through some what does it all mean soul searching as well do to some recent life events as well as the conclusion of my first full season. Once again thank you for this post.

  2. Then I guess I’m overly sensitive too. Fitness isn’t a hobby and we work too hard to call it something as light as “jogging” – even if we’re not breaking world records, we’re not lolly-gagging out there. I love this post.

  3. I’m just as sensitive as you! I don’t do crossfit, so that part I don’t know. But when someone calls my running jogging or even calling running a hobby I get mad too. I love this post too!

  4. It’s the same people who call my lifestyle a “hobby” that simply can’t fathom when I’m not willing to blow off a ride or run to go drinking instead. Whenever someone minimizes things that are important to me with their word choice, I try to always think about their perspective. Those who aren’t as passionate about fitness and life as we are may not ever understand. But, I have no problem telling them they’re being insulting. 🙂

    You rock. And you’re a runner. And a total inspiration. How’s that make your sensitive feelings feel? 😀

  5. Truer words were never spoken. I’m with you. One does not simply run a marathon, half-marathon or 10k,5k,whatever as a hobby.

    I have to admit though, that I haven’t given up on educating my surroundings when they say “jogging”.

  6. Ignore the ignorant. You will find the same attitude in the food debate. That eating real food is seen as some greenie, hippy thing when it is fundamental to our health and wellbeing. Go for it, haul ass at 5.00 am and know that you are the better for it, to your core.

  7. Sorry. Yes, ignore them. They’re just jealous because they have no idea what even the proper terminology for your interests ARE and are clearly intimidated by your awesomeness.

    Now, it could be that I’m a jogger and you’re WAY ahead of me and so putting you in MY boat really is, well, maybe an insult. It’s okay. I know my station in the sport at this point. . . I still don’t think I deserve to be called a runner yet. See, there is a hierarchy in this sport and you are a Queen and I am but a field serf. I bow to you, oh Queen Too Tall Fritz! And some day, perhaps, I shall call myself a runner, too! Until then . . .

    Seriously though. I do bow to you. You are AMAZING!

      • 🙂
        I’m not sure if anyone but me and someone who doesn’t run/jog would call it running. But okay. I’ll do that. Or at least, I’ll try.
        I usually call it wogging (walking/jogging) since I am using the Jeff Galloway method. 😉
        Thanks for your words

  8. OMG TTF…what an awesome post! Been looking for someone to broach these subjects…you must have read my mind! But first, you stand tall (as you are) and keep your chin up because you are not a jogger, x-fit has its benefits to runner, and it is definitely not a hobby…at least in the passive sense…more an avocation and love of…but obviously the key centers on defining the meaning of two of the three phrases that irk you so much. Love it…and certainly a poignant post and something to draw attention to all your blog-site followers.

    First…regarding jogging…from experience…bonafide runners don’t want to be viewed or called joggers. That term jogging stems back from the early 70’s when the running craze that seems to coincide with Jim Fixx and Bill Rodgers was coined back then. But…I have yet to find a bonafide or consistent definition that explicitly defines what jogging is. I know that it is at low-aerobic intensity and probably something 60%…maybe even at 50% HR-max. It’s an easy aerobic pace simply intended to raise heart-rate, burn calories, loose weight and over the long-term…improve one’s overall health. Runner’s follow a more intensive mix of training that runs the gamut to slow-easy to fast-hard…from that 60% HR-max to the red-zone when doing interval training. That’s the difference between joggers and runners….joggers don’t do interval-training nor do they do long-runs!

    Second bone of contention of yours….X-Fit. I don’t do this, but my background with coaching is fully cognizant of what its benefits are. In fact…there are some marathon training programs whtat work off of that X-fit schema to offset decreasing run training volume (i.e. weekly run mileage). X-fit certainly has to help with VO2max to subtle degree for the runner, but perhaps its greatest value is in strengthening muscles and muscle-groups everywhere on the body including legs, but more notably the core and upper body…the latter two very important in building greater run efficiency and better yet…lessening risk of injury. That’s because some of those (not all) of those X-fit routines emulate movement of muscles used in running. So…your X-Fit will help you become a better runner. There are probably ways X-Fit experts can design routines 100% focused on improving run performance…but not aware of it and haven’t had time to research it more.

    Regarding bone-to-pick number 3…hobbies. Well, it also is subject to perception and definition. I have a perspective that traditionally a hobby was viewed as “relaxing”…”something done for joy or escape from the rigors of one’s day-to-day work and other aspects of life.” In the latter sense…running easily could be viewed as a hobby…just not a hobby in which someone sits around and pieces together puzzles, or builds balsa-wood ships or collects stamps and coins and such. I know being a runner one doesn’t want to be perceived as simply pursuing a hobby, because as you well know…committing to and doing the training for a marathon, half-marathon or any race-distance (depending on the individual and their background/experience) requires a lot of hard and consistent effort to run the race and cover the distance.

    And perhaps metal-detecting would be called a hobby. I have encountered some metal-detector advocates that go beyond simple hobby…becomes an avocation…a desire and mission to find true treasure…and if you extend that to some treasure hunters that go beyond simple metal detector at your local Forest Preserve or beach, but on missions to find old shipwrecks and such…can transcend avocation to vocation. Look those words up…but the running you do…obviously not your vocation (i.e. job)….so I guess it is your avocation (thing you enjoy to do)…so is it a question of jogging or hobby? Well jogging and hobbies can be a thing one enjoys, but does not mean you are a jogger or hobbyist….that you are a runner…I know…cause I have run with you before…and I have watched your posts and followed your pursuits over the past few years…and this Coach says you are a bonafide runner that goes the distance! And…the X-Fit proves that point.

    Surprised…thought you might have issue with X-Fit being a “fad” for the rich and the masses to loose weight…focusing on the “mix-it-up” strategy that always seems to keep things fresh and new over many weeks of program. But…everything I see, read and understand about the science…indicates it can be of great benefit to the runner. In fact…they have X-Fit competitions and from what I see…none of them jog!

    Sorry for the length…but awesome post and subject! Be the runner you are TTF!

  9. I have never liked the term JOGGING either. And yes, I am slow, but I RUN. To me, the term JOGGING is derogatory. Sensitive, yes, I am.

    I am not sure what INSIGNIFICANT means when it comes to Cross Fit. Does it mean not important? Not difficult? Not worthwhile?

    And fitness/running/working out being a HOBBY? Well, I suppose it is in that is not my paid job… as it might be if I were a sponsored elite marathon runner, or a professional golfer… but HOBBY is a bit demeaning, I think. Perhaps PASSION would be a better word.

    Coming from people who know us well, these words really do often hurt us… but from others who don’t know us, or don’t really know anything about RUNNING, or the work that is Cross Fit, or the time effort and love we put into our healthy LIFESTYLES, these words mean little and I don’t take offense. I do, however, offer kind corrections!

  10. I completely agree with you on this post! I know I am not a fast runner but I call what I do RUNNING. Further, I couldn’t agree more that’s it a lifestyle and not a hobby. As for your CrossFit (which I don’t do personally), I think it is awesome that you have found something to make you stronger and that you enjoy. I also enjoy reading about your CrossFit adventures!

  11. I’ve had the “jogger” convo with my buddies before…they just say it now because they know it gets under my skin. Now if they started calling my life a hobby, that might be the last straw. Seriously, would you refer to football as Brian Urlacher’s hobby? Not to his face you wouldn’t! So don’t bring that weak sauce at us as athletes either. Running, biking, cross-fit…whenever…are way too intense and require too much focus and dedication to ever be considered just a hobby.

  12. Hobby? whoa. wow. I know my friends think I’m slightly “nuts” for as much as I workout and run but… anyone who thinks this is just a “hobby” and not hard work are the ones whining about “I only run when chased” or spending more quality time with their couch than anything else.

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