The Little Things …..

Another holiday season is in full swing.  While most are probably thinking about food and shopping, I encourage you to think smaller.   Look around you.  I mean really look.  What can you see right this minute that makes you thankful? 

always something to be thankful for

Are you at home with your screaming wonderful children?    Have you taken a minute lately to be thankful for their health, their craziness, their energy, their absolute LOVE of you and everything about you?

Boston Run To Remember_me-michael-aby

Are you at work, stressed out and busy?  Have you taken a minute to be thankful for that craziness which keeps you employed and able to feed/house/cloth those amazing children?  Are you at home and stressed out about the messy house?  Ever wonder why the piles of laundry and dishes seem to never end?  Have you taken a minute to be thankful for your home?

desk-mine  messy dishes

Are you at the grocery picking up last minute supplies for Thanksgiving Dinner?  Maybe a little stressed about dinner and your crazy family?  Have you taken a minute to be thankful for that family which drives you nuts?  I mean, think about it, without them, where would you be?  Without all of the above …. where you would be? 

Some people will be alone for the holidays, not because they want to but because they don’t have other options.  So be thankful.  Be thankful for the little things which may not seem like anything special to you.  Know that someone, somewhere would LOVE to have all of those crazy things that stress you (and me!) out.  Someone, somewhere would love to step right into YOUR life and start LIVING it.  So look around.  Right now.  And GIVE THANKS …. For everything.

thankful people are happy

** Happy Thanksgiving ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Kankakee River State Park, Over the River & Thru the Woods ….

I’m on a mission to run every trail in our area before the Huff 50K on December 28th.  Why?  Because it’s fun!!  Plus, I’d like to hope that one of these trails will give me a tiny bit of preparedness for the event.    Okay, probably not but at least I can say that I was out there, running real trails, and making an effort to prepare for possibly the most difficult thing that I’ve attempted so far.  I also know from a previous trail adventure involving the Grand Canyon and a group of pretty ladies that one of the most important things you can do beforehand is to prepare the feet/ankles and break in the shoes before show time.  Let it suffice to say that I think my shoes are officially broken in, if being dirty counts.   Now can someone just recommend a pair of insulated tights that will cover these LONG legs?? 

dirty trail shoes

So last Saturday, I met up with a few runners from the Kankakee River Running Club to run some backwoods trails at the Kankakee River State Park.   I say “backwoods” cuz well, you won’t find them unless you are lost following someone who knows where to look.  After running out of the parking lot, across a grassy area and then ducking under a gate, we found the semblance of trails.  Very rough trails. 

Kankakee River State Pk_ Trails_Nov 2013  Kankakee River State Pk_ Trails2_Nov 2013 

However, most of the time we were running thru area like this:

Kankakee River State Pk_ woods_Nov 2013   Kankakee River State Pk_ woods2_Nov 2013

We saw lots of cool things and the Kankakee runners were kind enough to stop and let me take a few billion photos.  I am a bridge lover and LOVE to find random bridges in the middle of nowhere.  I also like stairs.  A lot.  Who loves stairs while they run?  Me!!

Kankakee River State Pk_bridge & stairs_Nov 2013  Kankakee River State Pk_stairs_Nov 2013

We also passed the river several times and even found a teepee!  See Mike S, lounging on the frozen ground in the teepee.  And thanks to Jodie & Amie for stopping for a photo!

Kankakee River State Pk_ River_Nov 2013 Kankakee River State Pk_ Mike-TeePee_Nov 2013 Kankakee River State Pk_ Jodi-Amie_Me_Nov 2013

And my favorite part of the day, besides hanging out with new runners, was definitely when we lost the trail and had to climb thru a fence to continue the run.  So.Much.Fun. 

Kankakee River State Pk_ Fence_Nov 2013

I had an amazing day out at the Kankakee River State Park.  I loved the backwoods section as much as the beautiful paved trail that runs directly next to river.  More info on the easy to follow paved trail HERE

I encourage you to get out in the “off season” and make your next run an adventure.  No need to pound the same trail, every single day, change things up.  Have fun.  Leave the watch at home.  Enjoy the moment!

** Run the Trails ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 39 & 40 …

Who would have thought that I would be able to manage 40 CrossFit sessions this year?   Not me!  I still can’t believe that Jared said yes to opening “the box” at 5am a couple times a week.  Major shout out of thanks to Jared & CrossFit New Lenox!  You’ve made a lot of lady runners excited about getting strong.   That’s a big step in our world. 

excited about where i'm headed

CrossFit Day 39 – If I get to name it, I’m calling “Ball Buster” cuz I was sore for a day afterward.

Push Press – 5×5 & Pull-Ups 5×5 – All about getting stronger while using those free weights that are so darn intimidating.  My group just loaded up the bar with 10 lbs on each side.  I think we had a 31# bar so that’s a total weight of 51#s of lifting.  We did 6 reps of 5 lifts cuz we had a few extra  minutes at the end.  For the  Pull-Ups, we are still using the bands for assistance.  I  have to use 2 bands.  6 reps of the 5 pull-ups, alternating with the push presses.

12 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) – Move thru each of the moves and just keep going as many times as possible.  Do the moves in order.  Pray the clock beeps sooner rather than later so you can stop.

  • 5 Front Squats – Bar only but I think we moved up to the 45# bar.  I’m super knowledgeable, I know.  They say lift it and I just do it. 
  • 10 Sit-Ups
  • 15 Overhead lunges with a 10# plate
  • Repeat all of the above, as many times as possible before the clock beeps.

We had a decent size group so this was fun and slightly chaotic.

CrossFit Day 40

EMOTM (every minute on the minute – 20 minutes)

Odd Minutes – 6 Ring Dips ** Even Minutes – 15 KettleBell Swings (26#)

5 Rounds

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Supermans
  • 5 Push-Ups
  • 10 Sit-Ups

I was super thankful that today was mostly strength work.  My legs were a little fatigued from a rough treadmill session late last night so today was good, although tiring. 

** Getting Stronger, One Day At A Time ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Balega Sock Giveaway Winners!!


Runners love socks.  Runners love NEW socks.   The only thing that a runner loves more than NEW socks would be FREE NEW SOCKS!   So without further adoo, we have 6 pairs of Balega socks to give away.  I used a random number generator to generate 6 unique values:


#76 – Running Whit

#11 – John B – Bye Bye Butterball

#23 – Julie Molenar

#88 – Amanda W – Get to Goal

#95 – jenereesa – Scoot A Doot

#28 – Rose Hill

If you see your name above, please email me at with your name, address & shoe size.  The info will go to Balega ASAP so they can send your socks!!

For everyone else, I recommend adding Balega’s to your wish list and/or grab some the next time you go to the local run store because they are sweet!   My favorite Balegas so far are the Hidden Comforts but I see they have a new Blister Resist style which I should probably check out next.  And if you don’t like the cushion in your run sock then stay with the thinner style, Second Skin, that is thin and performs so perfectly that you will never even know it’s there.  Those are the best kinds of socks, the ones that you forget that you are wearing.  Smile

** Happy Feet Run Faster ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

As See On The Run, Swallow Cliff & Schubert Woods Edition ….

This last weekend brought us crappy, destructive weather unseasonably warm temps and most of the runners in my area were out trying to enjoy it, the only way we know how …. running.  What’s better than running?  TRAIL RUNNING, of course!

Saturday, I had Swallow Cliff on deck.  I had anticipated going alone to run two loops but much to my delight, I had two rounds of F’N Runners to keep me company.  We ran the 8 mile yellow loop and were easily able to accommodate an early AND a late crew.   7am crew on the left, 8:30am crew on the right.  No, I didn’t change clothes but added a layer for the second loop.  The temps were cool with the drizzling rain. 

FNRC Swallow Cliff_loop 1_Nov 2013   FNRC Swallow Cliff_loop 2_Nov 2013

Fun times.  I’ve posted about Swallow Cliff before so if you want to see more pics or take a peak at the map, go HERE.  Otherwise, below are trail pics from Saturday’s trip.  I’m not sure why but I was surprised when I hit the trial and it was totally COVERED with leaves.   We had to be pretty careful in spots because the bigger hills have ruts where water runs off and those ruts were totally covered by leaves.  It wasn’t a fast trip but it was beautiful! 

Trails, Bridges, Hills, Runners & More

Swallow Cliff_Nov 2013_big hill  Swallow Cliff_Nov 2013   Swallow Cliff_Nov 2013_bridge 

Swallow Cliff_Nov 2013_4   

Swallow Cliff_Nov 2013_5

Many of our runners braved the stairs too, either before or after their run.  Swallow Cliff is know for it’s stairs which were originally built for the old toboggan slides, which have since been removed for safety reasons.  However, the stairs are still present and provide area locals a great workout.   The stairs are always busy.  People are always climbing.  All day long.  Every day.  Year round.  How many trips up/down can you make?

Swallow Cliff Stairs_Nov 2013

Sunday I slept in with Michael, made the family breakfast, did a few loads of laundry AND THEN managed to get Aby motivated to run.  All morning we had been watching the radar waiting for a “window”’ where we could squeeze in a run.  When we left the house, the radar was clear and we were between storm cells but that didn’t last long.  We headed to Schubert Woods in Park Forest specifically because it’s a 4 mile loop which is the perfect distance for Aby.  Plus there is an added bonus in that the trail possesses a short hill, which is decently steep and good for hill repeats.  We have a very hilly Turkey Trot coming up so she needs to stay in decent shape and well, I ALWAYS need to work on my hills because it is one of my weakest areas.  Unfortunately, the bad weather rolled in before we got to our hill repeats.  Bummer.  Next week!

More details, pics & a map of Schubert Woods via my previous posts HERE and HERE.  These photos below are from our run on Sunday.  Love this trail, it’s one of my absolute favorites, and only about a 15 minute ride from the house. 

Schubert Woods_Nov 2013 Schubert Woods_Nov 2013_hill-bridge  Schubert Woods_Nov 2013_2

   Schubert Woods_Nov 2013_water Aby & Me_Team TC 2013 Schubert Woods_Nov 2013_small bridge

Good run weekend.  I’m currently training for the Huff 50K Trail Run on December 28th and the Disney World Dopey Challenge (January 9-12) so I’ll be logging some really good miles in the next month.  Or that’s the plan.  Let’s hope life let’s me put down the miles so I can enjoy both events, walk away with a smile, and earn all those January weekend sleep-in that’s I’m already planning!  Smile

Do you prefer roads, trails or do you just want to stay on the treadmill?  I’d love to hear where you like to run, tell us!!!

** See YOU On the Trail ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Favorite Things …… 2013 Edition

Every year as the holidays approach, readers start asking for a list of my favorite things.  This year I haven’t found a ton of NEW run things that I love but I do have a few favorites. 


My favorite lifestyle tees this year are the Whooha Gear, Regret Nothing tee ($24) & the Tough Chik, I Run Because tee ($22), which is actually on my wish list!  Both of these are inexpensive items that deliver a message.  The bold, neon orange Regret Nothing tee is one of my absolute favorites that I wear constantly (and you can still use the INSPIRE discount code for 10% off).  However the “Run Because” tee holds a special spot in my heart.  Shannon from Tough Chik sent out a poll asking ladies for the reason as to why they run.  All of the quotes in the heart of that tee are from MY friends, YOUR friends, and random Tough Chiks everywhere.  We may not all run for the same reason but we will run united as Tough Chiks FOREVER!

Whooha_regret nothing    image

My favorite running items this year?  The Asics Emma Racerback ($34) & the Athleta Relay Capris.  My “Emma” is always dirty.  As soon as it comes upstairs from the wash, I pull it for a treadmill run.  The butter soft, lightweight fabric makes this baby the BEST shirt I own for a hot, sweaty workout.  They have three colors, I only own the Energy Print but would definitely buy more if I didn’t feel guilty cuz my workout wardrobe is larger than what most people own for “everyday wear”.  My go to “bottoms” are always the Athleta Relay Capri pants ($69).  You can say what you want about how costly the Athleta items are but these capris stand the test of time.  I only add one pair of capri’s to my “collection” every year and well, I’m still wearing the original black ones that I bought 4-5 years ago.  I’ve since added navy, cobalt blue, asphalt and the new sandstone inkblot ($74) to my closet.  They come in tall and standard sizes, fit perfectly, don’t move when I run and they also have a zip pocket in the back that is large enough for my iPhone.  I don’t own any other capri pants cuz these are perfect and stylish.  Total win!

Emma Racerback   veterans_me & Kasey   me_after 20 miles (march 2013)_blue lock laces 

Something that’s been on my wish list for a LONG time, is a pair of aviator sunglasses.  Why?  Cuz all the cool kids wear them and well, lots of fast runners in my area do too.  Somehow my brain now equates aviator sunglasses with cool people who run fast.  Yeah, let’s just go with it.  Since it’s no secret that it’s hard to find a pair of sunglasses to fit this oblong, skinny face, I thought I was out of luck …… until I saw that Smith Pivloc was making a “slim” version of their Serpico style.  Enter into my world the Smith Pivloc Serpico Slims ($90-$119).  According to Aby, it doesn’t matter what sunglasses I wear, I’ll never be cool, or fun and she is NOT amused.  Sorry, Aby.  Actually, no, I’m not sorry.  I will continue to embarrass you for THE.REST.OF.YOUR.LIFE.  Love you, babe!

Smith Optics_SerpicoSlim  me & Aby_nov 2013_serpico slim

Last but not least, I have to cover the feet.  My feet take me EVERYWHERE and for that reason, I don’t wear cheap shoes (or socks!).   When I’m not running, or hanging with the kiddos, then I’m probably downtown in the Windy City for the J.O.B.  It gets cold downtown fast.  And stays cold forever.  I need a boot that is comfortable, stylish and can take me thru the snow & ice then directly into the office.   My boot of choice for the 2013-2014 winter season is the Keen Bern Baby Bern Boot ($170).  Love these bad boys!  They are light and comfy, keep my feet warm but also don’t cause my feet/legs to overheat either, which is super important if your day ends up as long as most of mine.  I’ve already worn them several times this season and they are the best boots I’ve owned to date.  One day last week I put them on at 5am and wasn’t able to take them off til 7pm.  Long day but my feet felt great, no rubbing, no fatigue, just happy feet!

image   Keen_bern baby bern boots

You’re next, what are you loving this year?  Tell me, I’d love to try something new!

** These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Balega Sock Giveaway x6

I haven’t done a lot of giveaways this year.  Because I’m picky.  Because I won’t be giving away anything that I don’t LOVE .  Because I’m a creature of habit.  Because I’m not usually always willing to try something new even if it’s free.  Sooooo, when an incognito Balega rep found me at an expo this summer and so nonchalantly asked, “what kind of socks do you wear?”, I suspiciously politely smiled and said, “Why do you ask?”


Years ago, I tried Balega but we did not become fast friends.  I either purchased the wrong size or maybe they just didn’t fit my foot properly.  Not sure which.  However, those socks quickly went from too big to gigantic as they stretched out over a period of time.  They did not get donated to a good cause but eventually “recycled”.  That was the year that Michael was born, so 2009.  I haven’t owned a pair of Balega’s since.

After the Balega rep identified herself, she assured me that the Balega’s NOW boasted to be the best running socks in the industry.  She suggested I try a pair.  I stared at her.  Unsure.  So long story short, she sent me a two pair in the mail.


One padded, the PINK Hidden Contours and then an Ultra Light blue/grey pair.  I’m not going to lie the first thing that caught my attention was that pretty pink color, then I  immediately noticed the socks were padded.  I LOVE padded socks.

imageI’m on the run a lot both in “real life” and in my trainers and I will ALWAYS grab a pair of cushioned socks first unless I need compression.  So I tried the hidden contours the same day they arrived on a fast and furious treadmill run.  LOVED them.  In fact, I loved them so much that I didn’t throw them in the wash even though they were a tad bit schweaty.  🙂  But instead, I recycled them for a second run.

The ultra lights are really nice too but very thin material that is described as “second skin”.  Perfect fit.  Just like second skin.  They don’t move.  As a runner, I have a “few” pair of socks.  I like different socks for different types of runs.  Is that strange?  Absolutely not!  I’m totally normal.  My preference for speed workouts and speedy races fall to light shoes and lightweight socks.  These ultra lights found a special spot in my heart fast as I normally pound out one speed workout every week and I found myself constantly grabbing for these when I saw them in the drawer.   That’s a win in my world!

I’m not going to get into all the technology behind these socks cuz who really cares you can read about it on their website but I will tell you that I not only like the socks but would buy more.  So there you have it. I’d spend my hard earned $$ on these babies and then hide them in my drawer so that Aby doesn’t steal them even planned to buy the October Breast Cancer Awareness limited edition Balegas at the Chicago Marathon expo but couldn’t find any.

You may wonder why I’ve had these socks since summer and not posted about them?  Well, truth be told, I was waiting to see how they were going to “wear”.  My 2009 Balegas didn’t  make it long before they stretched out to the point where I wouldn’t wear them.  So I’ve been wearing, washing, wearing, washing and then wearing and washing these Balegas a lot.  And they are still the same as when they arrived.  Same level of cushion.  Same shape.  Same size.  Same socks …… that have just been washed 20 or so times now.  🙂  Grabbed them out of my drawer just to show you.  They look and feel perfect.  Thanks, Balega!!

balega_hidden contour   image

Balega has very generously agreed to give away 6 pairs of socks!!  If you would like to win a pair, please comment below and tell us which running socks are your absolute favorite.  And when I mean favorite, I’m saying if you could only have one pair to run in for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, which ones would you keep?  You can grab a second entry by heading over to the Balega Facebook page HERE and giving them a “like”.  And lastly, you can garner a third entry if you actually leave a message on their wall and tell them, “I want to win a pair of Balega socks from the giveaway!”.  Or something like that.  🙂  Just make sure that you tell me {in the comments section below} which of the above you did so that I give you the proper amount of entries!

Six winners will be chosen by a random number generator on WED, November 20th at 9am.  Good luck!  Go enter the giveaway NOW!

** Love Me A Good Giveaway ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 37 & 38

Day 37 at CrossFit brought us very cold temps.  Only two of us went outside to run cuz well, some of us would rather run than do anything else.   Smile  Once we got back inside, I noticed that we had a full Murph lined up on the board.  Luckily it was a partner workout and I was able to split Murph with one of my best running friends.  Oh, and instead of the running part of a regular Murph we would be rowing instead.  Uh oh.  That added a new challenge.

Team “Rowing” Murph – 2 Person Team

  • 4 x 400 m Row – Each team member rows 400m 2x


20 Rounds of the following – One team member goes thru a full set, then switches.  So I did one round, then waited as my partner did a round.  Each of us did 10 rounds.  I think we were all done 3/4 of the way thru but we powered thru the last 3 or 4 sets.

  • 5 Ring Rows
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 15 Squats

Then back to the rowing machine to finish out with another group of 400m rows.  Dang that was tough!

  • 4 x 400 m Row – Each team Rows 400m 2x

Our team time was  31:33 and we were pushing.  My quads still hurt and we are two days “post Murph”.  Those “hero” workouts tend to really tear me up! 


Day 38 – Mile run then short workout

21-15-9 (Three rounds of the following, first round 21 reps, second round 15 reps, 3rd round 9 reps.

  • Kettlebell Swings – 26# – The Kettlebell has fast become my favorite piece of “equipment”.  It’s such a good builder of strength without actually making me feel as if I’m “lifting weights”.  I’m not a big weight lifter but I WANT and NEED to be strong. The kettlebells work perfectly for that and they just make me happy.


  • T2B (Toes to Bar, or Knees to Chest if your live in my world)
  • Push-Ups
  • Lunges

Then we finished out with 50 sit-ups and 50 superman’s.

** Getting Stronger – One Workout At A Time ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Veterans Half Marathon & Hill Repeats

I’ve been fighting a head cold with headaches and earaches off and on since the Chicago Marathon. On Thursday last week, the sickness upped it’s game and came at me full force with increased  aches & pains and a swollen sore throat.  I cried “uncle” and called the doc for meds.  They didn’t work their magic immediately and I continued to get worse.  I didn’t think I’d be running the Veterans Half Marathon because on Friday I couldn’t get out of bed until about noon.  The race was three hours away from home and I didn’t know if I could even drive that far.  I would have stayed home had the kids not been driving me crazy I not planned a fun day with my mom on Saturday.  Soooooo, I hauled it up and out of bed on FRI afternoon, drank my Spark and hit the road with my lovely angels fighting in the backseat in tow.

On Saturday, I was actually feeling decent so headed over to the Veterans Half thinking I would just run like the wind after being sick, not hydrating, and not eating for two days.  Yeah, I ran like the wind all right. 


Before we get to the running part ….. I was able to pick up my packet on race morning.  Super cool in my world.  Even cooler, the packet pick up was in a large heated tent.  The static temp was nice at around 43 degrees on Saturday morning but the wind had been howling all night and well, it didn’t stop when the sun came up.   I was also feeling “slightly” chilled from being sick and I was shivering before I even left my car.  I found FREE parking a block away from the start, dashed from my car to the potty, then to the warm tent where I was happy to wait in line for my packet.  While in line, I also met Kasey, a fellow Team Tough Chik member who was running the full in order to qualify for the Marathon Maniacs.  She crushed the full, got a new PR and qualified to be a “maniac”.  Great job, Kasey!!!

veterans_me & Kasey

Then the start went off with the boom of a cannon and I took off like I was going to win.  Fortunately my brain caught on pretty quickly that my body wasn’t quite up for a hard run.  I was pretty empty on the energy front.  My legs weren’t heavy because between life, work and being sick, I hadn’t ran all week but I was just empty.  So I settled in and focused on covering the distance.  I soon realized that the distance and my lack of energy were not my only issues, but that wind came back full force as soon as we hit the country roads outside of town.   No trees or houses for windbreak, just us and the open road.  This photo is early on as we are headed out of town.  This particular road is smooth and flat, which wasn’t the case with all the roads.  However, the race director did an excellent job of marking the course so that was never any confusion as to direction or the distance ran.  Loved the all the stars on the road!!!

Veternas_route  veterans_mile marker

I used to run a lot of miles on country roads so am very familiar with way the roads slant for water runoff, wind, hills and also those fresh country smells which accost you when you least expect.   I was ready for all of that and have ran similar country races, like the 13.1 Valpo, which is also known for high winds.  However, Veterans was just a battle for me.  I felt like I was constantly running uphill and against the wind.  I kept hoping for that same wind to eventually PUSH me but that never happened.  Thankfully, I saw a few friendly faces spectating who helped me out a lot.  My friend Adella even made a “Go Amanda” sign.  Thanks, girlie!  And she managed to capture this amazing photo of me looking angry and as if I might hurt someone like a graceful gazelle.  Smile

Veterans_me & adella  Veterans_me running 

I finished in 2:03 and was super thankful that I hadn’t signed up for the full version because I don’t think I had it in me.  Despite the wind and my lack of energy, It was a great race.  Very well supported with plenty of aid stations handing out gels, water & Gatorade.  Loved the hospitality that the race officials, volunteers and local law enforcement showed to all the runners.  It took so many people to put this race together and they did an amazing job.  I’d definitely consider giving it another go in the future.  It’s a small race but I was never alone.  The full marathon had 206 finishers in the double loop course and the half marathon had 257 finishers.  They also offered a 5K which brought another 168 runners to the event. 

Love good swag?  Check out this cool full zip, unisex jacket.


I already tested it out on SUN for hill repeats with Aby.  After struggling up a few hills on Saturday at Veterans, I’ve decided that I REALLY need to work on my hills.  So Aby went with me to show me how it was done.  How does she fly up and down the hills so fast? 

Hill Running_aby_Nov 2013   Hill Running2_Nov 2013   Hill Running_Nov 2013 

We managed 10 hill repeats, each up/down was approximately 0.25 miles.  Fun.  Okay, not really.  Even Aby was begging to stop after #3 but who gets better after 3 repeats?  LOL!


I hope you had an awesome weekend. 

** Run With The Wind ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 35 & 36

Another great week at CrossFit!  Our 5am class has really been hopping for the last 4 weeks or so, I know everything is a process and we do get a great turnout for 5am but we’ve added some new people too! Yay!!

Day 35 – Partner Up! The good thing about having a partner is that you don’t want to let them down and work extra hard to do your best. The bad thing about having a partner is that both of you will never be amazing at everything and it bothers me when we get to a move that I really suck at need to improve upon, I feel like I’m letting my partner down.  Fortunately, my partner was a run friend and well, she’s seen me at my worst so this workout was no big deal! LOL!

10 Wall Climbs – Each partner does half of the workout (may be broken down into small units if necessary.
20 Pull-ups – Assisted with two bands
60 lunges (in places – alternate legs)
60 Push Press
60 Sit-ups
60 Squats
4×100 meter sprints


Susan & I finished in 15:20. I totally slowed us down in a few areas, like the wall climbs and the push presses and the pull-ups. But I ran fast, hope that counts for something! Side note – CrossFit is constantly adjusted to each person’s fitness level. The other CrossFitters are always encouraging to everyone else. It doesn’t matter if I’m first or last, the support is the same. And for that, I am always grateful and it’s one of the many reason why I love CrossFit.

Day 36 – Tabatas. 8 reps at each station. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.
Ball Slams – 10# balls
Step-Ups – 18″ box
** 1 Minute Rest **

** Get Strong ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **