Balega Sock Giveaway x6

I haven’t done a lot of giveaways this year.  Because I’m picky.  Because I won’t be giving away anything that I don’t LOVE .  Because I’m a creature of habit.  Because I’m not usually always willing to try something new even if it’s free.  Sooooo, when an incognito Balega rep found me at an expo this summer and so nonchalantly asked, “what kind of socks do you wear?”, I suspiciously politely smiled and said, “Why do you ask?”


Years ago, I tried Balega but we did not become fast friends.  I either purchased the wrong size or maybe they just didn’t fit my foot properly.  Not sure which.  However, those socks quickly went from too big to gigantic as they stretched out over a period of time.  They did not get donated to a good cause but eventually “recycled”.  That was the year that Michael was born, so 2009.  I haven’t owned a pair of Balega’s since.

After the Balega rep identified herself, she assured me that the Balega’s NOW boasted to be the best running socks in the industry.  She suggested I try a pair.  I stared at her.  Unsure.  So long story short, she sent me a two pair in the mail.


One padded, the PINK Hidden Contours and then an Ultra Light blue/grey pair.  I’m not going to lie the first thing that caught my attention was that pretty pink color, then I  immediately noticed the socks were padded.  I LOVE padded socks.

imageI’m on the run a lot both in “real life” and in my trainers and I will ALWAYS grab a pair of cushioned socks first unless I need compression.  So I tried the hidden contours the same day they arrived on a fast and furious treadmill run.  LOVED them.  In fact, I loved them so much that I didn’t throw them in the wash even though they were a tad bit schweaty.  🙂  But instead, I recycled them for a second run.

The ultra lights are really nice too but very thin material that is described as “second skin”.  Perfect fit.  Just like second skin.  They don’t move.  As a runner, I have a “few” pair of socks.  I like different socks for different types of runs.  Is that strange?  Absolutely not!  I’m totally normal.  My preference for speed workouts and speedy races fall to light shoes and lightweight socks.  These ultra lights found a special spot in my heart fast as I normally pound out one speed workout every week and I found myself constantly grabbing for these when I saw them in the drawer.   That’s a win in my world!

I’m not going to get into all the technology behind these socks cuz who really cares you can read about it on their website but I will tell you that I not only like the socks but would buy more.  So there you have it. I’d spend my hard earned $$ on these babies and then hide them in my drawer so that Aby doesn’t steal them even planned to buy the October Breast Cancer Awareness limited edition Balegas at the Chicago Marathon expo but couldn’t find any.

You may wonder why I’ve had these socks since summer and not posted about them?  Well, truth be told, I was waiting to see how they were going to “wear”.  My 2009 Balegas didn’t  make it long before they stretched out to the point where I wouldn’t wear them.  So I’ve been wearing, washing, wearing, washing and then wearing and washing these Balegas a lot.  And they are still the same as when they arrived.  Same level of cushion.  Same shape.  Same size.  Same socks …… that have just been washed 20 or so times now.  🙂  Grabbed them out of my drawer just to show you.  They look and feel perfect.  Thanks, Balega!!

balega_hidden contour   image

Balega has very generously agreed to give away 6 pairs of socks!!  If you would like to win a pair, please comment below and tell us which running socks are your absolute favorite.  And when I mean favorite, I’m saying if you could only have one pair to run in for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, which ones would you keep?  You can grab a second entry by heading over to the Balega Facebook page HERE and giving them a “like”.  And lastly, you can garner a third entry if you actually leave a message on their wall and tell them, “I want to win a pair of Balega socks from the giveaway!”.  Or something like that.  🙂  Just make sure that you tell me {in the comments section below} which of the above you did so that I give you the proper amount of entries!

Six winners will be chosen by a random number generator on WED, November 20th at 9am.  Good luck!  Go enter the giveaway NOW!

** Love Me A Good Giveaway ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

74 thoughts on “Balega Sock Giveaway x6

  1. I just recently bought a pair of the Hidden, and I love them! The only socks I can wear for longer distances, and not have issues with!

  2. I want to do this! Actually, if you see my last post, I’m going to start doing a bunch of product reviews…. I’m so tired of crappy products!!!

  3. I love pro-compression low trainers. I would love to try the hidden contours!! I liked their page and commented about how much I want to win this giveaway from tootallfritz…… Thanks 🙂

  4. My favorite running socks: Thorlo Experia. The padding is in just the right spots. Love them. Tried Balega’s when I first started running in 2009 and didn’t like them, curious to hear that you say they’re better.

  5. I have never purchased a pair of name brand running sock! I do all of my running in Target Champion Performace socks and have never had a problem BUT I would love to try something new😃😃

  6. I honestly love Mizuno socks. Maybe it’s because I wear Mizuno shoes, but they are prefect.

    I like Balega on Facebook.

    I wrote on their wall.


  7. Still looking for a favorite sock. Usually a compression type from Walmart. I liked and commented on Belega’s page. Thanks for the chance! 👣

  8. Like you, I have different socks for different runs. However, ALL of them are Balegas 🙂 My ultimate faves are the two you mentioned here. The padded ones I have are white (not pink) and just recently was gifted a pair of orange ones from the owner of Valley Running Company for my two-year running birthday from the shop. I also have the grey and white second skin ones and am now guilty of wearing them ANY chance I get… even when I’m not running!!! 🙂 You can even verify my adoration of Balegas on my blog as I’ve referred to them and recommended them to my fellow runners as often as I can.

  9. I love features socks!! But I have one pair of Balega socks I love to wear with my trail shoes!! I liked their Facebook page and commented on their page also.

  10. I have diff so for diff runs! My favourite sox are Injinjis. I love that i have never ever blistered in them. And i love that i can finish a run and pop on flip flops haha…or pull on sleeves.

  11. I’ve tried many brands and Balega definitely is at the top. Right now I am training for an ultra and have worn Injinji during most of the miles. I am very prone to blisters and they seem to work the best. My wife recently bought me a pair of Swiftwick compression socks and I think I’m in love! If I had to go with one sock the rest of my life it would be the Balega Enduro.

    I like Balega on Facebook.

    I posted a comment on their wall:

  12. Lately my go to sock has been the Swiftwick zero sock. I love trying something new though and Im not absolutely in love with them!

  13. Just like you, I have different socks for different things – Injinji for OCR and trails, Swiftwicks for 5k/10k road races, Darn Tough for 48+ hour events, and Compressport for triathlon. I’ve NEVER tried Balegas but after reading this, am interested in seeing what they can do!

  14. I haven’t tried Balega yet! In the summer I like lululemon ultimate padded run sock. When it’s little cooler in spring and fall, the Thorlo experian is my favorite. Cold winter runs call for Smartwool sockies.

  15. I’ve been buying Wigwam’s iron man socks and love them! I certainly look for anything that is padded and has the lip in the back of the ankle. There is nothing worse than the sock sliding down into your shoe when running!

  16. I have some Puma socks that a love. So squishy and comfortable. I don’t know as I have ever owned any true running socks so I would love to give it a try!

  17. My first running socks were Balegas but right now I’m loving the Brooks socks I got online during the summer. I ran the Chicago Marathon in them.

  18. My favorite pair is currently my balegas! They are a padded super bright neon yellow green. So soft and comfy. Love them! I already liked their Facebook page. And I commented that you sent me to win a pair!! 🙂

  19. I haven’t found the perfect sock yet. I like thinner socks for everyday wear (well, really I can’t stand any socks at all, but since I live in WI…), but I wear a thicker sock to run. I found some Nike socks at JCPenny recently and they have been working out well! Some of them shrunk, and are too small, but the rest are holding up for now.

  20. I love Balega socks! They feel like someone is massaging my feet while I run. I have never had any problems with blisters or sock stretching. Love em!

  21. I like the feetures socks…but the tight compression type feel ones that are grey. I think there are a few different kinds.

    Liked Belega on fb and made a comment on their wall.

  22. If I only had to choose one pair of socks I would pick the Wright DoubleLayer Coolmesh II because those things are the only ones I’ve found that really minimize my blisters. I have 2 pairs of Balegas and I use those a lot of short to medium length runs plus I use them a lot for biking!

    I liked and commented on the balega facebook page!

  23. Don’t make me pick! I LOVE Balega so much and I usually wear them (when I’m not in Pro Compression socks). I have the pick ones you have too – LOVE THOSE.

  24. I would love to win Balega socks — hidden contours. I liked them and left a post on their page. Hope I’m a winner with my three entries!

  25. I do not have a favorite brand of socks. Maybe these will be my new favorite ones. I did all three ways so that I can win a pair!!!!

  26. I love any socks that keep my bad feet looking pretty! Hoping these are the ones… I liked their page and commented on it!

  27. I haven’t discovered a perfect pair just yet. But my toes have been freezing on my runs these days. So I’m searching! I’ve liked and commented on the Facebook page as well.

  28. Balega socks are great! They have visible padded panels and visible ventilation panels in low friction areas. The materials they are made from are wicking and help to keep the feet dry. We have Balega socks at a deep, deep discount at Overland Trails Discount Outfitters.

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