Tough Chik Fleece Sweatshirt Review & Giveaway


One of my favorite retailers, Tough Chik, has brought out a few new things for the holiday season.  If you live in a climate with seasonal changes, you may be struggling to adjust to the colder temps like myself.  I’ve been cold a lot.  I’ve been shivering a lot.  And I struggle finding warmer clothing items which are cute, warm and snuggly!  I’m very picky about sweaters and sweatshirts.  If I’m cold enough to put one on then I want it to look AND feel good.  The softer the better.  Enter the Tough Chik fleece, hooded sweatshirt.  Retail $40.


This fleece arrived in the mail this weekend and I had to pry it out of Aby’s hands haven’t taken it off since.  It’s a nice aqua color which is girly but not too over the top.  I like that.  The back has the phrase that Tough Chik coined, “THIS IS WHAT TOUGH LOOKS LIKE”, which is one of my favorite things about Tough Chik!!  The outside is normal sweatshirt material and the inside is a butter soft fleece.  I LOVE that!  I mean, I REALLY love that.  Nothing makes me feel better than slipping on something that is warm and snuggly.  Mr. Michael and I are big “snugglers” and we like to be warm.  Obviously we can’t sit and snuggle in the rocker 24/7, much to our dismay, so it’s nice to have a sweatshirt which makes me feel happy and warm!  Yes, it really is  possible to have clothing which makes you FEEL happy.  Smile

This fleece is unisex sizing, so runs big.  Normally for unisex sizing, I go down one size and end up with an item that is too big, so if you like a form fitted piece then I really recommend going down 2 sizes.  If you like a baggier fit so that you can layer underneath, then go down 1 size from what you would normally order in a ladies item.  For example, I’m a large in Nike clothing but would order a small in this for a “fitted” look or  a medium for a baggier look where I could layer up underneath.  Hope that helps.  I know fitting is hard for us ladies and I want you to look and feel good about your clothes!!!


I really love this piece and if I didn’t already I own it, I’d beg mom to buy it for me add it to my Christmas list.  In fact, I loved it so much that I’ve already ordered 2 more for Christmas gifts {please don’t tell Aby!}.

Tough Chik has generously agreed to give one of you this amazing fleece for FREE!  If you would like to win a special Christmas present directly from the Original Tough Chik herself, please comment below and tell us if you own an item of clothing that makes you FEEL happy {and I really hope that you do!}   You will be eligible for a second entry into the giveaway if you go “like” the Tough Chik Facebook page HERE.  And you can get a third entry if you share this giveaway via any social media outlet of your choosing.  Just let me know what you did in the comments section below so that I can get you registered with the appropriate number of entries!  Three total entries possible per person.  Giveaway starts NOW and runs til Monday, December 9th at 9am.  Winner will be selected via a random number generator and announced on Monday.  GOOD LUCK!!

If you can’t wait to win, feel free to go shopping NOW.  Tough Chik is offering free shipping until tonight (Wednesday, December 4th) at midnight with the code:  TOUGHCHIKTUESDAY.

For all things Tough Chik, please follow on Twitter HERE and on Instagram HERE.

I wish you a warm and cozy holiday season! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

129 thoughts on “Tough Chik Fleece Sweatshirt Review & Giveaway

  1. I have a hoodie that I absolutely love too! It is a hoodie for breast cancer awareness. It is cute, comfy, and the proceeds from my purchase went to a great cause. I LOVE the Tough Chik hoody, and LOVE the color. Hope I can win it!!!

  2. I love my North Face Eat my Dust running skirt. It makes me feel fast and sassy! I also liked Tough Chik on FB and posted it on my FB wall. Hope I win. Love this hoodie!

  3. I have quite a few clothing pieces that make me happy…but my go to item is UA Victory tanks. Thanks for the giveaway Amanda & Tough Chik!

  4. I have an Athleta hoodie that I really love and a Brooks hoodie that I can’t get enough of. This hoodie would complete my hoodie collection.

  5. I have one pair of pants that are my go to item and they always make me feel good and feel that I actually look good. Plus those babies are soooo comfy. This hoodie would be amaze-balls with those pants!

  6. I have a dress that I love, it’s a sweater dress that does just the right things for my girls and bootie!
    I haven’t found workout clothes that make me feel good yet, so I’d love to try this line.

  7. I have plaid LULULEMON Shorts that I had to track down 4 yrs ago after seeing someone else wearing them. They are my goto run shorts and I love them!

  8. I have a oversized hoodie pullover from the Colorado Marathon. It is warm and cozy, BUT it isn’t super cute, so it is a “lazy day” sweatshirt. I need something cute and flattering to actually leave the house. 😉

  9. Last year’s Toughie Sweatshirt does the same for me! Also, every piece of clothing from all 4 marathons- they ALL make me happy. Snuggly sweatshirts or reminders of what I can do make me happy.

  10. I love my Dumbo Double Dare fleece jacket! Not only does it remind me of my accomplishment but it’s a bright green, super fun color!

  11. I have a running skirt that looks like peacock feathers. It has a little bit of shimmer from green sequins sprinkled about and had beautiful shades of green, brown and blue. Every time I wear it people compliment me which feels great! This hoodie would look so good with it….

    Sharing on fb and I have liked Team Tough Chick’s page!

  12. I have a pair of lounge pants that I literally could live in. They are SOOOO comfortable, but yet they also can pass as a pair of dress paints because they are cut to fit a female body well.

  13. So I shared this giveaway on my FB page. I took the link via your FB page. 🙂 I need this sweatshirt in my life! It looks amazing! My favorite piece of clothing would by my Beastmode tank. It fits like a glove and whenever I need a boast or a pick me up for a workout or a run, I put that tank on. I swear it has magic abilities. hahaha Plus it is a good conversation starter as well. This is an awesome giveaway!!!

  14. My feel happy is a hoodie from “I Run Like A Girl” It’s cute,comfy, and I love the saying ” I run like a girl because it means something different to everyone! I also liked on Facebook. I think girls run like tough chicks.. Love it!

  15. All ready like tough chick face book and shared this review on my FB wall.. I am a member of team tough.chick 2014 can’t wait to get my gear.

  16. I love my Tough Chik singlet ….anytime I can I wear it……..shared this on my facebook page…lov the hoodie…..hope my husband will get it for me……..

  17. I own a sweatshirt from my college days (looonnnggg ago) that I have refused every demand, plea, and bribe to get rid of. It is bright green with the word Ireland and the country flag emblazoned on it. It had been washed to the point it is more blanket soft than clothing worthy but I love it. It reminds me of not only the place and people but that, at one time, this size 4X garment was not at all too big for me. I feel happy knowing I was tough enough to battle obesity and keep this proud feeling I have being healthier now than I was in my 20s

  18. I totally need a NEW fleecy hoodie to replace the old 40 pounds ago one i have. The old one USED to make me smile. But now it is a reminder of something not so awesome. Its funny many of my RUNNING pieces eaach have stories and meaning. REgular clothes…not so much!

  19. I think the things that make me feel the best are my half marathon shirts! they are comfortable and I wear them to train and around the house. I am training for my first full now and whenever I am doubtful I wear the shirt from the first half I did- I know if I could make it through that I can make it through this!

  20. I love anything that is cozy as well. I love form fitting items and have a long sleeve hoodie from grand traverse resort that is cute and cuddly but not too much! It makes me feel thin and I love wearing it.

    I liked tough chik ok Facebook and shared the post!

  21. My go to comfort clothing is hoodies! On days I need a comfort boost that’s what I wear. I have baggie, form fitted and even a silk hoodie I’ve had for years! 🙂

  22. I have a hoodie that I love but cannot run in…it’s actually too warm, it was a purchase and donation for Breast Cancer Awareness. Love the Aqua color of this!!! Like FB page shared to Twitter and FB and this vomment!

  23. I love my Under Armour running shirts. They fit me well and make me feel strong! I would love to win one of these hoodies for winter and show it off! I am sharing this article on my Facebook page and liking the Tough Chik Facebook page as well! Thanks! 🙂

  24. So I’m a runner and a nursing mom-which isn’t always easy to time with a 3 month old baby who dislikes bottles! Anyway this may sound weird but I feel happy when I put on a sports bra to go running. Most nursing bras are about functionality, not looks or support. So it feels great to put on something different even for a short while! It makes me happy.

  25. I have a pair of soft pants that I just love to wear whenever I am in the house. They were actually a Christmas gift for my husband years ago, but they’ve been mine for a long time, lol!

  26. tough chick paged liked 🙂

    And i think my favorite thing to wear is my tall boots….any excuse to wear them when its cold enough makes me fell happy and i feel like i look good in them too! 🙂

  27. My husbands ISU hoodie is my happy clothing 🙂 He’d be especially happy if I won this so I would quite taking his!! 😛 I also ‘liked’ TC on FB! Thank you!!

  28. OMG I can’t even read all the directions I want to win this so bad!! lol
    1. lets see, I have some tall rainbow striped socks that I can’t help but smile at when I wear them. ALSO, my wonder chik jersey makes me immensely happy!
    2. Duh – I totally already “like” tough chik!
    3. Sharing this on my facebook page Jess Run It. 🙂

    There….hope that’s right for my 3 entries. Please god pick my #! 🙂

  29. 1 – My favorite item is my TC cap – I own two and they are both so faded they look OLD even though one was acquired last April. Its the only hat that fits my head just right and doesn’t glow in the dark.
    2 – I already liked that page.
    3 – I am sharing this on my FB page.
    My fingers are crossed!

  30. 1 – I love any/all of my TC gear & it makes me happy when I wear them! I have a few other running shirts….not ones from races, but ones about running and those always make me feel happy 🙂

    2 – “Like” Tough Chik on FB

    3 – sharing this awesome giveaway on my FB page

  31. I have a champion hoddie with ruffles on the back that I love to wear on cozy days! I like their fb page and shared your giveaway on my wall!

  32. My shirt from the 2011 shamrock shuffle 🙂 It makes me happy because it’s the first race I ever ran. I liked the Tough Chik FB page and will share this on my FB page. 🙂

    This is a gorgeous hoodie!!!!

  33. I already like Tough Chik!! I shared on Facebook, even though I wanted to keep it to myself 🙂 My Boise 70.3 Tshirt makes me feel happy. It is so soft and makes me feel good about my accomplishment.

  34. I am a new Tough Chik coming in 2014! My favorite is a shirt with a cupcake on it. I love cupcakes! I commented, tweeted (@Runfyhp) and already like the page 🙂

  35. What a fun hoodie and giveaway! So my new go to pants are my Lulu studio pants… I would wear them for everything if I could 🙂 although I’m gonna plug “layer 8” pants for my cold weather runs!

  36. My old hoodie is too small! the dryer has had too many rounds with it! I loved the old hoodie. cant make myself throw it out. will see if one of the grandkids can wear it!

  37. I have a pair of jeans that I kept fold up in my closet. They were too small, but I refused to get rid of them. Now every time I wear them, they make me happy.

  38. Would love this! I have on pair of comfy pants that if it was appropriate I would wear everywhere .
    I liked their page commented here and shared 🙂

  39. I love so many of my clothes! But I would say my go to piece for comfort and that makes me feel good and happy is Gordon college sweatshirt. I didn’t even go to Gordon but it’s so comfy and reminds me of all the amazing times I have had in it! I always bring it when I travel!
    I am a tough chik and already like te Facebook page!

  40. My Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Brooks jacket I purchased at the expo makes me happy! I think of all my hard work and great marathon memories every time I put it on! I shared your link on my facebook page and liked the Tough Chik fb page. I’d love to win this hoodie!

  41. My favorite thing for running that makes me happy is my new Lululemon hat with pony tail space in the back : – )
    Hope I win the sweatshirt.

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  43. Love this sweatshirt and the color! I have comfy sweatpants for lounging in the house and this sweatshirt would be perfect with them!

  44. Liked, shared, and I wanted to let you know that I LOVE any new socks that I get. New socks simply make my day in so many ways!!!

  45. Love my Sausony powder blue long sleeve tech shirt. Liked tough chick page. And shared page via Facebook. ❤️ Tough chick!!

  46. This looks like a beauty to own! I love my fitted flannel-lined tech tops, they are super warm when I’m out running in the cold Iowa winter temps, and they keep me toasty at football games. I don’t typically wear sweatshirts, but this one looks like it has style 😉 I’m heading over to like the Tough Chick page, also. Great giveaway! ~Kim from Running On The Fly

  47. Wold love to try out the Tough Chick Sweatshirt!! My favorite shirt now is the one my running group gave to me the says, “Running for my Dad, my Hero, who is in Heaven” He was my biggest fan!! I will also like Touch Chick page on FB. Thanks for all you do!!!

  48. My Fellow Flowers No Excuses shirt makes me feel happy and the shirt from my first half marathon! I like Tough Chik on Facebook as well! Thanks!

  49. My flannel CSU (colorado state) pajamas make me FEEL happy! They are so comfy and warm! Minus just comfort, all my race shirts make me feel happy as do my running shoes!

    (I also liked the facebook page and shared this giveaway on my facebook and twitter)

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