Black Friday at Waterfall Glen {2013}

In the spirit of holiday traditions, each year I host a run at Waterfall Glen in Darien, IL on the morning of Black Friday and Good Friday.  The run is scheduled at 8am and EVERYONE in the local running community is invited, and encouraged to bring friends.  Each year the run gets a little bigger.  The 2013 Black Friday Run brought us almost 40 runners despite the very cold temps and a “bit” of a wind-chill. 

2013 Black Friday Runners:

Waterfall Glen__group_Black FRI_2013 

I arrived a little early for some photos a few extra miles and also met a few members of a local run club, Run to Eat.  It was super fun running with them and meeting a few new people!!

The Waterfall Glen trail is a 9.5 mile loop and “most” of the time, it’s well marked.  There are a few spots that could possibly be confusing but if you run the wrong way, you will quickly end up at a parking lot or a road where the trail will end.  For the most part, I just run counterclockwise in a loop fashion.  It’s pretty easy to follow, and most intersections have an obvious direction.

Waterfall Glen_map

I love the scenery.  Thru the trees.  Up and down.

Waterfall Glen_Black FRI_2013-3  

I love the serenity, especially on days where everything is frozen.

Waterfall Glen_Black FRI_2013-2

I love the trail.  The wildlife.  The varying terrain.  I also love that the trail is usually smooth and trail shoes aren’t needed although I did wear mine to try to break them in a bit more for Huff.  I love that there are people who are brave enough to come run with me!

Waterfall Glen_Black FRI_2013  Waterfall Glen_Black FRI_2013-me

This is one of those trails that I wish were just a little bit closer to my house.  I only go twice a year now but if it were closer, I would be out there all the time.  It’s the perfect length for me.  I love a good 10 mile run!  And I KNOW those hills will  make me strong eventually!  Great trail.  Great location off of I-55 & Cass Avenue.  Multiple parking options.  A couple port-o-potties, usually near parking.  Well kept trail.  If you are running long, take your own fluids.  Dress for the elements because there are wooded areas as well as long open stretches where you will be more exposed to whatever Mother Nature is delivering.  Smile

** See You on the Trails ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

5 thoughts on “Black Friday at Waterfall Glen {2013}

  1. This is really cool. I would love to host a run myself, even if it were just 10 of my craziest friends. To get almost 40 is very impressive. Maybe in a few years we’ll be signing up for the Too Fast Fritz Half Marathon …

  2. That looks cold. This weekend I’m planning on going to a surf life saving carnival and a beach volleyball tournament, I don’t think I’ll be thinking wind chill. I admire all you guys who live places where it snows, brrrr..

  3. I’ve been there twice so far and enjoyed both of my runs. A little challenging for me but still fun. I see that you’ll host another run on Good Friday. Hopefully I will make it this time.

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