Balega Sock Giveaway Winners!!


Runners love socks.  Runners love NEW socks.   The only thing that a runner loves more than NEW socks would be FREE NEW SOCKS!   So without further adoo, we have 6 pairs of Balega socks to give away.  I used a random number generator to generate 6 unique values:


#76 – Running Whit

#11 – John B – Bye Bye Butterball

#23 – Julie Molenar

#88 – Amanda W – Get to Goal

#95 – jenereesa – Scoot A Doot

#28 – Rose Hill

If you see your name above, please email me at with your name, address & shoe size.  The info will go to Balega ASAP so they can send your socks!!

For everyone else, I recommend adding Balega’s to your wish list and/or grab some the next time you go to the local run store because they are sweet!   My favorite Balegas so far are the Hidden Comforts but I see they have a new Blister Resist style which I should probably check out next.  And if you don’t like the cushion in your run sock then stay with the thinner style, Second Skin, that is thin and performs so perfectly that you will never even know it’s there.  Those are the best kinds of socks, the ones that you forget that you are wearing.  Smile

** Happy Feet Run Faster ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

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