Falling In Love ….. Treadmill Style

This month I celebrate my one year anniversary ……. with the TREADMILL.  As I’ve mentioned previously, in the Changing of the Mindset post, it wasn’t love at first site or even first run; however, we have had an amazing year together.  Like a pre-arranged marriage, we had to learn to love each other.   We spent the entire first year of our relationship “falling in love”. 

sun in shape of heart

I started to really fall for my treadmill when I realized the freedom that it allowed me.  I acknowledged the opportunity I had to run when I would normally be sitting in the rocker, watching Barney The Purple Dinosaur the rain fall.  Then as that first year continued on and became increasing more chaotic on the work & family front, I started to wonder where I’d be now without the treadmill?  I know I’d be in the loony bin wouldn’t be ready to run my second marathon of the year.  I wouldn’t finally be coming back up to speed after last summer’s injury.  I wouldn’t have changed my training runs to focus on quality over quantity.  I wouldn’t have ran one speed OR tempo workout.  I wouldn’t have ran much at all to be honest because the time has just not been there where I’ve had someone to watch the kiddos so I could slip away for a few or more miles. 

So treadmill, I really do love you.  I may not have meant it the first time I said it, but I mean it now.  I’m truly happy to have you in my life.  I’m truly happy to see you, each and every day and I look forward to our time together.


I admit, we started off a little rocky but I’m happy now.

Before vs After

fall off treadmill   happy treadmill lady

Happy Anniversary, Treadmill!!  I hope we are blessed with many, many more miles together!

Amanda – TooTallFritz