Falling In Love ….. Treadmill Style

This month I celebrate my one year anniversary ……. with the TREADMILL.  As I’ve mentioned previously, in the Changing of the Mindset post, it wasn’t love at first site or even first run; however, we have had an amazing year together.  Like a pre-arranged marriage, we had to learn to love each other.   We spent the entire first year of our relationship “falling in love”. 

sun in shape of heart

I started to really fall for my treadmill when I realized the freedom that it allowed me.  I acknowledged the opportunity I had to run when I would normally be sitting in the rocker, watching Barney The Purple Dinosaur the rain fall.  Then as that first year continued on and became increasing more chaotic on the work & family front, I started to wonder where I’d be now without the treadmill?  I know I’d be in the loony bin wouldn’t be ready to run my second marathon of the year.  I wouldn’t finally be coming back up to speed after last summer’s injury.  I wouldn’t have changed my training runs to focus on quality over quantity.  I wouldn’t have ran one speed OR tempo workout.  I wouldn’t have ran much at all to be honest because the time has just not been there where I’ve had someone to watch the kiddos so I could slip away for a few or more miles. 

So treadmill, I really do love you.  I may not have meant it the first time I said it, but I mean it now.  I’m truly happy to have you in my life.  I’m truly happy to see you, each and every day and I look forward to our time together.


I admit, we started off a little rocky but I’m happy now.

Before vs After

fall off treadmill   happy treadmill lady

Happy Anniversary, Treadmill!!  I hope we are blessed with many, many more miles together!

Amanda – TooTallFritz

11 thoughts on “Falling In Love ….. Treadmill Style

  1. Awesome TTF you have come to compatible terms with the so “Dreadmill” cause it is simply a tool that can help one be the runner they strive to be. When the Wx is not good…when time and family constraints prevent the outdoors run…but at home works to keep an eye on the young-uns. And yes….even when it comes to the “speed-work” that treadmill can be good cause it alleviates your brain to have to dial-in to “pace” and the machine does it for you, but you still get the benefits of neuro-muscular facilitation that running on planet earth would yield.

    One thing to note is that all treadmills are not “equal” in that respect. My experience using the Hampton Inn’s treadmill when down past 10-days doing turtle trapping survey was that it was unforgiving and felt far harder at slower speeds than I used to at home. It made a lot of noise running on it from shoes splatting on it, so I suspect it had something to do with the platform of the treadmill.

    Anyways…if it felt hard to run 6.5-6.8 mph on that treadmill, but I could go out and run the 1.15-mi loop around the mall road N-side of the hotel and it felt easier running far faster…then gotta go that way…right?

    Treadmill has its place in the marathoner’s tool-box…just gotta be a good one!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love it when true love reigns over all! I think my treadmill & I will be taking the next step in our relationship in the next few months.

  3. 🙂 My treadmill, I believe, is 10 years old this year. I have always loved my treadmill. You’d think I would have worn it out–but I have not. I will work on that this winter as I start training for my first half marathon! I just have to get back to running–three weeks off for plantar fasciitis. I’m happy to say that I actually miss running (yes, I actually wrote that–I cannot believe it!).
    I LOVE reading your posts, TooTallFritz. You Are An Inspiration!!!

    I want to do a run in my old hometown some day. I was born up there, folks went to Northwestern but mom grew up in South Chitown.

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