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This giveaway is from me to you as a way to say THANK YOU for your continued support.  Thank you for “liking” me on Facebook.  Thank you for “following” me on Twitter.  Thank you for following this blog.    If you aren’t a blogger then you may not understand how important it is to actually click on the follow button, or “like” me on Facebook but it is actually really important.  Each time I send out a request for a giveaway or a sponsor they come right here to look at my numbers to determine if it is worth their time to be part of this venture.  So thanks for helping!

Thank You

Since June kicks off training for the Chicago Marathon, I thought it would be a good time to concentrate on  a few of my favorite go to items for training.  Even if you are not a marathoner, you can still benefit from this goodie bag!  Promise!  Favorite Things GiveawayLet’s knock this out right now:  Yes, this goodie bag contains some AdvoCare products.  Yes, I’m an AdvoCare distributor.  Yes, I think AdvoCare has the best products for nutrition, energy & recovery.  Yes, if you click on one of these links and purchase something, I will profit. 


  1. Personal Saver Pepper SpraySafety First, Second & Third…..right?!?!  I have several of these.  I prefer the Wrist Saverbut also have a Personal Saver like this to attach to my water belt or onto my skirt for immediate access while running.   I had a coupon code, not sure if it’s still active but if you purchase one, try the code:  TTF for $1.50 off.
  2. Toe Protectors (2 protectors) – I use these for EVERYrun.  I loose my toe nails regardless of the type or size of shoe I wear.  It’s just my thing and I’ve mentioned it previously.  Therefore, I always wear a gel toe protector on my second & third toe (right foot) and then use more if my other toe nails are sore.  These REALLY help!  You can find them at Walgreens or CVS in the foot care aisle.  
  3. AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink (3 packets) – I drink this before every long run.  I roll out of bed, drink this first, then go about my routine.  This not only helps me wake up but also gets the bodily functions moving BEFORE I hit the trail for my long run.   Sugar free, caffeine equivalent of 1 cup of coffee, 21 vitamins, minerals, nutrients.  45 calories.  My favorite flavor in the Mango Strawberry!
  4. AdvoCare Rehydrate Drink (3 packets) – I keep these packets in my purse, in my gym bag and Aby carries them in her track/cross country bag.  We dump this in a bottle of water for an on the go rehydrate product with a 1:1 ratio of sodium to potassium and only 40 calories.  My favorite flavor in the Mango Pineapple(Do you see a mango theme here?)
  5. AdvoCare  Rehydrate Gel (3 pouches) – I use these gels during long runs and long bike rides.  They are easy to carry and the gel is thinner than some of the leading brands.  The lemon flavor actually tastes good and I don’t cringe when it hits my mouth.  I must say that after years of using various products for refueling “on the run”, this is my favorite by far.  I’m VERY happy with this product!  Potassium, sodium & 21 grams carbs wrapped up in 80 calories.
  6. AdvoCare Post Workout Recovery Drink (3 packets) – I use this after every long run, long bike, and some random workouts that leave me zapped.  No exception.  I never use any other recovery product, ever.     This is the product that sold me on AdvoCare.  It works.  It takes the guess work out of recovery and what you need to eat to repair and recover.  I always knew that I needed a 4:1 carb to protein ratio for recovery but I’m not big on counting.  I just drink this on my ride home and then eat normal food the rest of the day.  I don’t need to worry about refrigerating it, just leave it in my shaker in the car and drink when I finish my run or bike.  It takes the thinking out of my recovery.
  7. AdvoCare Shaker/Blender Bottle – I mix everything in this.  If you use protein powders or any drink powders then you already know that chunks happen but this breaks up most of the chunks for a smoother drink content.  I keep one in my workout bag, one in my desk at work, one at the lake, two at home.  I almost always have one.
  8. Mission Athletecare Pomegranate Lip Balm with SPF +15 – This is by far my favorite lip balm for running, biking, workouts, life.  It’s the perfect consistency and stays on for a very long time.  It comes in lots of flavors but I prefer the pomegranate & mint.  It’s also Paraben Free and after reading Bridgett’s Beauty Blog, I’ve learned this a really big deal……although I can’t say I remember why.  🙂  You can buy certain Mission Athletecare items at CVS (in Illinois) but they are usually stuck in a corner somewhere, so you may have to ask where they are located.
  9. Mission Athletecare Max Muscle Rehab– Roll on gel for muscle soreness.  Feels good but since the scent vanishes quickly, everyone else doesn’t have to know you trashed your quads on the hills. 
  10. Mission Athletecare AntiFriction Cream  (2 sample packs) – I have used several Mission products in the anti-friction & anti-chafing line.  I like them, particularly for my feet and where my shoes (sandals too!) rub.

I have a ton of favorite products but these are things I use on a regular basis.  The total of this Goodie Bag is $75.  If you would like to enter the giveaway, please do one or all of the following and make a comment below as to what you have done: Make a comment below as to which of these products you are most excited to try (+1), Follow this blog (+2), Follow TooTallFritz on Facebook (+2), Follow @TooTallFritz on Twitter (+2), Share the giveaway via FB, Twitter, your blog, etc. (+2 for each share). 

The giveaway runs from now until 9am CST on July 3rd.  One winner will be selected via a random number generator. Good luck and spread the word!

** Happy Winning ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

89 thoughts on “Favorite Training Items Giveaway

  1. I LOVE Advocare too! I drink Spark before my runs and Rehydrate afterwards! My favorite is fruit punch though! I haven’t tried the gels yet because I haven’t started my long runs. But what gets me the most excited is the toe protector things! I lost 3 toenails last year after my half marathon.

  2. I would love to try the energy drinks but all the advocare products interest me!! I also tweeted, facebooked and I follow on all. 11 entries please 🙂

  3. Great giveaway! I am really looking forward to trying all of these, but I love that there is pepper spray in the package! This is very important. I am training for my first half so playing around with nutrition and hydration is what I have been doing lately. Haven’t found my favorite yet so I am looking forward to trying the Rehydrate Drink. I will share this on my FB page also. Sorry, I don’t have a twitter, someday maybe.

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  5. Well, I already follow you on FB and Twitter, so here I am commenting. 🙂 I’m interested in these products for my son, who could benefit from the post-workout products. Football practice in Texas heat is a little rough on the body! But the lip balm would be for me. You know how I love to try new products!

  6. I’ve done everything, although I already follow you on twitter and FB! I really want to try the recovery drink, cause you rave about it!!

  7. I’m most interested to try the Advocare products. As you know my stomach is a bit wacky so I”m looking to try anything else that can help keep the growls at bay! 🙂

    I already follow your blog.

    I already follow you on Twitter.

    I already like you on FB.

    • I certainly understand the tummy issues and its taken me a long time to get things under control. Things still aren’t perfect but when I’m consistent with what I use and eat sensibly/carefully the night before, things go much more smoothly.

  8. I would love to have a Personal Saver Pepper Spray as I usually run alone and it really bothers my husband. I would love to try the Spark Energy Drink! I already follow on FB but I also shared the link on FB!

  9. I follow your blog! I now also follow you on FB and I don’t have a Twitter acct or a blog (yet)! 🙂 I think I am most excited to try the AdvoCare products!!

  10. I think I would be most excited to try the pepper spray! ANd the Avocare products! I follow your blog, and twitter, and Facebook already! I shared your giveaway on twitter and Facebook too

  11. At this exact moment, the toe protectors are looking pretty good – you KNOW my issue Amanda!!! And the pomegranite lip balm looks nice too! I follow your blog and on facebook already ……but I just don’t do the twitter thing yet!!! LOL

  12. I am most excited to try those Advocare products, namely the Recovery Drink, but the Spark Energy, and the Rehydrate Drink & Gels also equally desirable. I use several other brands for energy metabolism boost, hydration/fueling and post-run recovery, so testing how the AdvoCare versions perform would be really interesting.

    I certainly follow this blog, am on Facebook, but don’t think I have been to whatever you doing there. Not sure how to “share” this giveaway on FB, but will figure that out. Won’t mess with the Twitter cause just another account with a user name and password you have to remember, or more accurately, write down.

    I have been long wanting or intending to try some of these Advocare performance products you advocate, so maybe I will get lucky and it will be the time to give them a test-run. I will post a review if I win and get to test them on some training runs, probably the high-intensity speed workouts and the long-runs.

  13. The pepper spray or advocare would be good. I follow your blog and on fb and twitter and I shared it on fb and twitter

  14. I would love to try the toe protectors…lost one nail and my feet aren’t pretty for this summer!!! I follow your blog, follow you on FB and I shared it on FB!!

  15. Oh I guess we can put everything in one comment? I follow your blog on google Reader, I follow you on Facebook, follow you on twitter and I just tweeted this giveaway.

  16. I’m would really like to try all the AdvoCare drinks! I’ll be joining my schools Cross Country team this year and i already know I’ll be drained of energy after morning practice, so I’d need the boost for 7 more hours of school! ):

  17. I’d be interested in trying the energy drink! I definitely have issues with sometimes things “not moving enough” before I start my run, and am on the quest for the perfect pre-morning run nutrition!

  18. Would like to try advocare recovery drink. I like to be ready for another run at any given time, that’s why I always have a pair of shoes in the trunk for when a friend might need a running partner.

  19. I’m a newer (is that even a word) runner, and I’m totally interested in the rehydrate gel! In this heat, I’m sure it would be helpful. You are very motivating! Thanks for writing this blog!

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  21. Given the sad news lately of more an more women attacked while out running, I’d have to say the pepper spray. The other products look really interesting, especially the Spark drink; I’d have to read the labels and check for my odd food allergies first, though.

  22. I would love to try the gel!!! I also would love the pepper spray!! I started going out by myself, and keep saying I NEED to get some, but I never do. THanks for the chance to win!!

  23. AdvoCare Post Workout Recovery Drink sounds great. I have tried several different things, but haven’t fully perfected recovery!!!
    I have
    -Made a comment below as to which of these products I am most excited to try (+1),
    -I follow this blog (+2),
    -I Follow TooTallFritz on Facebook (+2),
    -I shared the giveaway via FB (+2).

  24. I would love to try any and all of these products! I’m training for my first marathon this year and I’m terrified!!! Love your blog, following you on Facebook too!

  25. I have a friend who also sells Advocare, I’ve heard a lot about it, but haven’t tried much. I actually have 2 packets of the gels, but haven’t raced far enough to use it. I’m anxious to try that. I use gu when I have to, but don’t prefer it’s thickness so I’m excited to try the lemon stuff that you say is not as thick! (+1)

    I follow your blog (+2)

    I like your fb page (+2)

    I shared this giveaway via my she runs everywhere fb page (+2)

    • Carmen, the gel is amazing. I’m a huge fan. If you don’t like the consistency of this, then the Hammer Gels are thin too. Possibly a tad thinner than the AdvoCare Rehydrate Gel. With a thinner consistency, the packaging is slightly larger to accomodate the contents but the breakdown rate is faster. You won’t need as much water to flush it down and active the process of digestion. I always get cramps when I use thicker gels. Apprently, I’m not smart enough to take enough water for it to dissolve properly!

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