Mission AthleteCare Giveaway Winners

Winner, Winner, Winner!   Did you win?  I let the random number generator choose 7 winners for the Mission AthleteCare goodies!

Mission Care Package

We started with the care package above, gave the EnduraCool Towel & an Anti-Chafe Stick away a couple of weeks ago and are still left with 7 items.

The Random Number Generator picked #23, #5, #49, #44, #47, #17 & #59.  I distributed the items according to your preferences in the comment section, in the order you were selected.  I hope all of you love the Mission products as much as me and my family!

#23 – Yo Momma Runs – Foot Rehab Cream

#5 – Lynn Starr – Sun Defeated SPF 30

#49 – GingerFoxxx – 5 Hour AntiChafe Stick

#44 – Frogger – Foot Rehab Cream

#47 – Amanda Wesson – Sun Defeated SPF 30

#17 – Melissa Chronicles – Kids Continuous Play SPF 70

#59 – Judy Fishbaugh – 5 Hour AntiChafe Stick

Please email me at amanda@tootallfritz.com with your mailing address and I will mail your goodies immediately!  Enjoy!

Don’t forget the 20% discount code expires on August 30th!  I know I’ll be using it to get more of that 5 Hour AntiChafe Stick, the Muscle Rehab (which I gave away with my Favorite Training Items Giveaway) and a lot more sunscreen.  Go to  Mission AthleteCare and enter the code:  TooTallFritz20

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

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