When I returned to running in 2004, it was because I wanted to hike the Grand Canyon with Lisa E needed to get back into shape after the honey/baby-moon period.  I needed to improve my mental & physical health and become a better role model for my children.   Things have progressed a lot since that time and I’m no longer alone in my quest to improve my health and be a good example.  I have a lot of friends, and all of you, to help keep me focused and motivated. 

Somewhere along the road, while hiking the Grand Canyon running, I realized that I was a bad ass Tough Chik.  There are many things that make up a Tough Chik, and it is, of course, different for everyone.  For me, it is about being able to focus, set goals and push my limits.  To keep going when I really want to give up, go home, sit on the couch and nurse a six pack beer.  On the Team Tough Chik Intro HERE, they asked:

“What makes you a Tough Chik”:

I don’t think of myself as “tough” but I am determined and sometimes that means that others view me as “tough”.  I really believe that accomplishing a goal is more about making the decision to do it and then following thru to make it happen.  I have a “tough” schedule and could have lots of excuses but I try to be flexible to get in what needs to happen at the appropriate time.  That may mean a 3:30 am wake up call but I am willing to lose a little sleep to make sure that I have done as much as possible to reach a specific goal.  I encourage all women to be flexible and realistic, recognize limitations due to family and finances but NOT to let fear limit what they can accomplish.

Today, I was bestowed the very coveted bad ass mother runner BAMR status by Dimity McDowell & Sarah Bowen Shea, authors of Run Like A Mother and Train Like A Mother, on their Another Mother Runner blog.  Look for me hitting the trail in the official BAMR tank soon!  I’m honored and proud to be the newest BAMR! 


They featured me HERE on the “Follow This Mother” segment.  Pretty, Pretty, Please take the time to go over and visit Dimity & Sarah on their blog and read my interview, you might even catch a photo, or two, of YOU!  They do a lot of great stuff, offer tons of awesome advice, and if you like giveaways, they have some of the best.  Check them out at Another Mother Runner!

Now that its official and I’ve been granted both BAMR and Tough Chik status, my life is almost complete.  Now to just chase down that ironWOman status!

What makes you a BAMR or Tough Chik?  Don’t think that you aren’t worthy of the titles because you absolutely are, now tell us why!

** Happy Running **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

5 thoughts on “BAMR….

  1. Loved reading about you today! I am getting an MRI Saturday to look for a stress fracture and see what’s up with my heal/foot (I’m thinking PF), so I enjoyed reading about your return to pavement as I am dreading injury rehab.

    As for your question…I’m a BAMR for simply getting out there when my plate is already filled with kids and cancer (

    Thanks so much for sharing with Dimity and Sarah…and the rest of the Tribe!

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