The Countdown …. Chicago Marathon 2013

To say that I’m not excited would be a total lie.  I’m SUPER PSYCHED about the 2013 Chicago Marathon!  This year seems particularly special since I had to sit last year out with a nasty injury.  At this point last year, I was walking again and had started running but my mileage was very low.  I was facing what would turn out to be a long, slow buildup to ensure that I would be “up and running” for a long time after my recovery.   The goal was long term health NOT the speed at which I could return to the run.  It seems to have worked well.  I’ve done a few fun things this year, including Ragnar Key West, the Lansing Marathon and a lot of races from 5K to the half marathon distance.  However, I’ve just recently noticed that my “run mojo” is returning.  I’m excited to see what that means for me and the Chicago Marathon.  Maybe I’ll be running side by side with Ritz?  Or maybe not.


I don’t have a time goal.  I know that seems odd to so many of you but I don’t.  This is a race that fields so many people, both runners and spectators alike.  We will have approximately 45,000 runners and just under 2 million spectators.  If you are running, you don’t need to worry about feeling lonely during THIS marathon.  You will always have people around you both running and cheering for you by name.  I know from past experience that things get crowded.  I don’t want to worry about trying to weave around people rather than enjoying the journey because I’m too focused on the clock.  I just want to have fun.   I want to read all the signs.  I want to see all the crazy outfits.  I want to cheer back those who came to cheer for us.  I want to laugh and smile and high five the little ones who came out in the cold to see us crazy marathoners.  I want to be present and in the moment.    Who knows what next year will bring?  Possibly a real lottery for the Chicago Marathon?  Possibly more of the same?  There are no guarantees that there will be a 2014 marathon for me, so I’m going to enjoy this one like it might be my last.  Who really knows?  Plenty of smaller marathons that I can run for time so I don’t want that to be my focus here, in my home town, in one of the BEST marathons in the world. 

The city is ready.  The signs have been hung. 

CHI Marathon_sign - connected   CHI Marathon_old town sign

The preparations have been made.  The game is ON.  Let’s run Chicago together!

CHI marathon_start sign

** See You On Sunday ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

39 thoughts on “The Countdown …. Chicago Marathon 2013

  1. I am so excited for you. I swear I have marathon fever for you guys this week. You are already one of my runners I put into tracking.

  2. Nice post my marathon sister! The Marathon Gods will be with you…you are out of the dark-side of injury and into the light of being your running self again…I know it…enjoy it. You’re absolutely right that you never know what next year brings…so enjoy the moment and time you have…while you have it. I hope I see you out there at some point before, during or post race. Love your perspective and all these run-blog musings you post!

  3. I hope that you enjoy every part of the marathon from start to finish . I’ll be back hopefully in the next year or so maybe not to look at my time but to take in the atmosphere just like you. Enjoy!:)

  4. I can see myself in that framed Chicago Marathon poster. I am in the yellow ski hat and white shirt under the “A” in the “CHICAGO” part of the sign. Anyway, good luck, maybe I’ll see you there! 🙂

  5. Good luck!! I am also running Chicago on Sunday and it will be my first marathon! I’m so excited to take in the entire marathon experience. It’s something I have really been working towards and i cannot believe it is finally here!

  6. I am SUPER EXCITED also!!! This will be my first Chicago and my son’s first Marathon!!!! Also the first race I will run with my son, I use with very lightly….he will be way in front of me, finishing way before me!!! I wish I could see his face when he finishes, hoping their cameras get a good picture….This will be a very sentimental race for me!! I have no time goal either, just thankful to be running!! Have an AWESOME race on Sunday to all that are running!!! See you at the finish!! 🙂

  7. Ah, the weekend where last year I was consumed with an unquenchable jealousy is once again back. No, I won’t be running this year again, but I will be out there cheering for everyone because it will feel like a holiday weekend. And let’s not mince words here, it’s THE best marathon in the world.

    Good luck and have fun!

    • I don’t even consider myself a “marathoner” and I just can’t stay away. It draws me in year after year. Just love this race and yes, it is THE BEST marathon in the world.

      Hope to see you SUN. I’ll be wearing an RMHC shirt and a red sparkle skirt. Corral E.

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