Maxed Out ….. CrossFit Day 26

After the Filthy Fifty WOD on TUE, I think our instructor felt bad for us yesterday.  Or maybe not but that’s my theory and I’m sticking too it.   We started the session working our form for the Push Press and were told we were going to “max out”.  Huh?  Max what?  My 5am class is just a bunch of chicks who run so I’m pretty sure none of us have ever maxed out ANYTHING except maybe a credit card or two when we were young and irresponsible.

max out_baby

As you know, anytime the weight bar comes out, I totally cringe.  Strength work, particularly for the arms, is not my forte.  However, I haven’t exactly found my forte as of yet in the CrossFit arena so what the heck, BRING IT ON!

weak person

We started with the bar only (33#), did 3 reps, then added 5 lbs to each side did 3 more reps and kept adding weight.  As we started to climb, we increased the weight by 2.5# on each side to try to prolong the inevitable .  Looks easy when its not too heavy.  Me on the left lifting like 2#s & Julie B on the right lifting the equivalent of her body weight.

PushPress_me_10-3-13      Push Press_Julie_10-3-13

We both maxed out at 88#s.  I REALLY wanted to put the 93#s up but it wasn’t happening.  I wasn’t even close and well, the 88#s was tough for me so I’ll be happy with this as my very FIRST max out!  Whooop, we have now officially “maxed out”.  Smile

We spent a significant amount of time maxing out but were then up for “Death by 10 meters”.  Due to time, we only ended up doing ten – 10 m sprints before the next class arrived. 

Death by 10 Meters

This “exercise” starts easy enough, run one 10 meter sprint over the course of 1 minute. A buzzer sounds after each minute is up and that starts the next round where we then run two 10 meter sprints in 1 minute.  Each minute then rolls right into the next adding another 10 meter interval.  Lots of waiting time at the beginning, no rest at all toward the end as you are attempting to pump off 13, 14 & 15 ten meters sprints in the minute before it rolls to the next.  However, this go round, we only had time for 10 rounds so everyone made it thru and nobody “died”.  Kinda cool to end on a positive note. 

Amanda – TooTallFritz