Flip Belt Review & Giveaway…..


I have been seeing a lot of hoopla on the Flip Belt.  I was intrigued.  However, I have two “fitness” belts already and I don’t love either one of them.  I was, therefore, reluctant to purchase another for fear of it being just “ok”.  I got lucky and Flip Belt agreed to send me one to try even though I’ll never be as buff or naked as their amazing models below:


They have lots of great colors and I couldn’t decided which one I wanted so I ultimately picked yellow since it looked so good in their ad.  Yep, I LOVE a good marketing campaign and definitely missed my calling.   I’ll have what she’s having.  Just give me what the model is wearing.  Yes, PLEASE take the exact outfit off the mannequin at the store cuz that’s what I want too.  Smile

If you are feeling a bit more decisive than me,  here are the color choices below, plus they have a few limited edition colors on the sidebar of the Flip Belt webpage.


I don’t think I had this thing more than a day and I busted it out of the package.  I was really excited to try it.  My current belt has one stretchy zip pocket.  It has worked well enough because my giant phone (a droid) fits into it; however, I can’t put anything else it in and well during marathon training, I need to carry a lot more than just my phone.

So as I prepared for the first outing with the Flip Belt, in the pouring rain, I loaded it with my car key, an energy gel, my phone and an iPod.   At the last minute, I opted to leave the iPod in the car since it was raining cats and dogs and I usually don’t use an iPod while I run anyhow.  I was also thanking my lucky stars that during the ordering process, I elected to add a free waterproof phone bag to my order.  So I slid my phone into that bag (a plastic bag with a ziplock) and I was ready to run.  At least as ready to run as anyone who has 15 miles to put in during a downpour.  We did get a brief period when the rain stopped (for about 2 seconds) so I threw off my hat and had Susan snap a photo of me wearing the Flip Belt.  Thanks, Susan!!

Flip Belt_full pic

The belt is a continuous loop which you step into (or pull over your head) and has multiple openings to slide items into the loop.  The openings are a bit stretchy so that you can fit a gigantic phone inside, plus lots of other goodies.  The entire circumference of the belt serves as a giant holding cell so you can stuff a lot into it, if necessary.   The concept of the “flip belt” is that you can flip it into you and seal the openings with your body if you are concerned about something slipping out.  I can’t see that happening since the belt is stretchy and snug but if you have that fear, just flip it inward and keep your belongings safe!


I put the belt on, ran and forgot about it.  Then I remembered I had it on only because one of the other runners managed to spy it under my jacket saying, “Is that one of those flip belts?”.  I was like, oh yeah!  At that point, we had ran a good 12 miles and I hadn’t thought about it once.  That means, it didn’t bounce.  It didn’t slide.  It didn’t do anything that bothered me.  In my opinion, that is what makes good technical gear, something that benefits me but doesn’t bother me.  Something I wear and forget about.  I was sold at that very instant.  I was excited and sent out a tweet as soon as I got home!


Instagram & Tweet from 3/10/13




Since that day, I’ve worn the flip belt on every outdoor run, including last Saturday’s 20 miler.  I slide it on and forget about it.  LOVE THAT!!  I am also looking forward to using it in races so that I have my phone on me when I need it rather than having to leave it behind in gear check.

If you want to try the flip belt, they have offered one lucky reader their choice of any size/color Flip Belt ($24.99 value).  In order to be eligible to win, please comment below and tell me what kind of fitness belt you currently use and more importantly, do you like it?  You can then get one bonus entry for liking Flip Belt on Facebook HERE and leaving a separate comment stating that you did so, including your FB name for verification purposes.  And you can get a third entry by following them on Twitter HERE.

One winner will be drawn via a random number generator on Monday, March 25th at 9am.  Good luck!

** I  Red heart the Flip Belt **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

232 thoughts on “Flip Belt Review & Giveaway…..

  1. I tend to just try to squeeze everything into that little zippered pocket in the back of my capris. Although there have been a few times that it was so big and bulky I swore it was pulling my pants down!!!! I need this Flip Belt 🙂

  2. I have only used my reflector belt so far. I have a fuel belt but have not even tried it yet for fear I will hate it as much as I hate the reflector belt! LOL

  3. I actually don’t have a fitness belt of any kind. I am loving this idea though. I hate having to hang onto my phone while I run. I’m rather clutsy and spend as much time picking it us versus running. I’ve looked into the arm bands but my big ole phone is too big for them. I guess that’s what I get for having a mini laptop as a phone. Ha! On the treadmill I put it on the ledge. Problem is I get tangled in the earphone wires though. Did I mention I’m not very graceful? My kids laugh at me. Anything that could make my life easier and less tangled I am all for!!

  4. I would love to try a flip belt! Unless you count my amphipod belt, I don’t use anything besides the pockets of my pants. I’m not a fan of the amphipod because it’s bulky and it does bounce and ride up.

  5. I LOVE FLIPBELT. don’t enter me in the contest because I already have one (and am doing a giveaway for one next week) but I just wanted to say that I’m in the league of FlipBelt-converts and I’m so happy you liked it, too!

    • I also won a pint glass at my St. Paddy’s 5K and was able to tuck that in the belt (and then put granola bars in the pint glass), it didn’t stretch out and I didn’t lose my pint glass!

  6. Whoa…I’m intrigued! I have a couple different Nathan belts, a fuel belt and a fanny pack of sorts. I like them overall, but they don’t tend to sit where I want them, and the fuel belt is big enough that I really only wear it if I absolutely need to bring water/coconut water with me. I also have a big arm holder for my big Android phone, and I tend to shove my license/credit card/car key behind the phone in that, but it isn’t ideal, and the arm band is kind of annoying sometimes, especially if I think I’m going to pull off arm sleeves or a jacket that it’s fastened on top of. I did like Flip Belt on FB–Karen Leist Bassett.

  7. I have the Fuel Belt, and well….it’s been on two runs with me. I just can’t get it adjusted correctly so that it won’t bounce. Honestly, I gave up on it. After reading your review, I NEED the Flip Belt! And winning it would be the coolest!

  8. Ha Ha, what kind of belt do i currently use? How about the ole tuck it in your sports bra option or carry it in my sweaty hand belt! Sure sounds like an awesome piece of equipment!

  9. Currently I use the SPI belt & honestly it rides up but holds my goods. Would love.love.love. to give this a whirl!

  10. I tend to just use pockets when I need to only carry something small like my keys and my hydration belt when I need something bigger. I also have a Nathan belt just for phone/keys but am not really a fan so it usually stays home. FlipBelt looks really promising though!

  11. I’ve only been running for a little over a year now so I haven’t tried a fitness belt yet. I just use the tiny minuscule pockets that they build into the back of running tights or store things in my armband. I’d love to try this!

  12. Oh, where has this been, and why is it not on my waist??? I love my iFitness belt, but am figuring out if I know the course, I don’t need it on my run. I have a Spi Belt and it’s alright (if I could remember where I left it) but I love the all around storage this offers!

  13. I don’t use a belt, but am training for my first half marathon and am getting the point where I’m running nearly 10 miles and need SOMETHING to put my phone, ipod, etc. in! I’ve heard great things about the product from other bloggers and would love to try it myself!!!

  14. I have not been using a belt, but been looking at them. I have one of those GIANT phones, so I bought the GIANT armband that fits it, gives me (some) room to carry a key, an ID, maybe a gel…but all that stuff falls out if I need any of it, and it bounces too much (not bad with just the phone, but anything else is a problem). So nice stretchy belt that big phones fit in would be perfect!

  15. Wow…it would be nice to have “ripped” abs like that one pic…and a gal-friend like the one far right. I guess it is a belt only fit for the best? Anyways…sign-me-up for your giveaway for that carry-belt. It might be useful if not wearing a standard fuel-bottle belt. So…you want to know what I use…well mostly hybrid Amphipod bottle belt that has little side pouch on side. By hybrid it means I removed the bottle holder and pouch from their standard buckle belt and used my velcro-fastening Fuel Belt and just put the Amphipod bottle holder and pouch on the Fuel Belt. Because the FB has a velcro fastening strap…it is much easier to take on and off when cuing-in on some porta-john and get in and out with nominal lost time! I have also used a Spidi-belt to hold things at times. This one has some attributes might be nice to resort to if I shift to using a hand-held bottle for my gel solution that I always carry in marathon.

  16. I don’t have a fitness belt! I usually just wear a hoodie, but I hate how my stuff moves around and hits me while I run, so the Flip Belt looks great!

  17. I use a fuel belt and like it, but I have friends who swear by this Level belt and I’d love to try it! Especially for shorter runs when I don’t really need to carry water!

  18. I currently use a Nathan 2 belt, and would like something a little more sleek for all of my runs. The Nathan belt is just too big for everyday.

  19. I use and ifitness hydration belt… It’s okay but it move around a lot. I would love a chance to try out this flip belt!!!

    Love your blog… You aren’t the only one running from a big ass!!

  20. A friend showed me her FlipBelt in October and I knew I needed one. Finally got around to ordering one today because I heard about a free shipping offer. Would love to win an extra one!

  21. I occasionally use a FuelBelt but mostly use an Ultimate Direction handheld and pockets in my shorts. The FuelBelt. is OK and carries 32 oz water which is nice, but lacks much space for other stuff like gels, keys and phone.

  22. I don’t use a belt, I tend to leave my things at home because I haven’t had the extra money to spend on one! I hate doing that! If I need my phone for an emergency, I won’t have it!

  23. I actually do not wear any type of belt, so far I’ve gotten by with hooking my keys to my shoes and shoving stuff in windbreaker pockets. My longest run was 9.25 miles, though, and as I increase, I will need to carry more stuff and will need a solution.

  24. I just use a jacket or pants that have a zip up pocket. I need this belt. Summer is coming to New Orleans and my current method won’t work well. 🙂

  25. Yup, WANT one of these so badly! I don’t have a running belt of any kind and it drives me crazy. I hate my arm band and the built in pocket on my nike pants is too small for my phone, much less anything else.

  26. I actually own a FlipBelt (in pink) and LOVE it! Probably my most favorite piece of running gear since it holds all the other pieces! However, I’ve lost over 20 lbs now though and need to get a smaller size 🙂

  27. I currently use a few different belts. Ifitness belts I use most often, Im not crazy about it and always want to try new belts!

  28. I use a belt thingie with a big pouch hanging off of it – it doesn’t look anywhere as stylish as the flipbelt would… But right now with coats on over it anyhow it doesn’t really matter – but man when it gets warmer I really hope to have a flipbelt by then!

  29. Used a Nike one for about a half a mile and it was horrible, bouncing everywhere and riding up…..UGGGHHH. Threw it out during the run. Would love to win this!

  30. I don’t have a belt, but the flipbelt is looking more and more interesting to me, especially since this is the second blog I’ve read that plugs it. I’d love to win one. . .and I already liked their page (Itibrout).

  31. I would LOVE a flipbelt as I currently try to make sure that I am wearing something with a zip pocket to hold my phone and keys in…it doesn’t always work out well 🙂

  32. I currently use a fuel belt that holds 8 oz bottles and has a small pouch. The pouch barely fits my phone! It also bounces a lot and I have to constantly adjust it to be comfortable! I would love love love a fuel belt! I am also an active mom and nanny and literally spend my spring and summer running and playing, and most activewear doesn’t have pockets for me to hold my phone and keys while I play tag at the park!

  33. I actually have 2 belts..the 1st is by Titenz and is completely useless.I wore it in a race once and it bounced around so much the gel packs scratched my stomach and left scars, and the pouches are so small they don’t hold anything.My last marathon I used a Spibelt. It held all my gels, but with everything bunched up, it felt awkward and I was constantly readjusting it….would love to try the flipbelt!

  34. For my shorter runs I use an armband for my phone along with a handheld water bottle that just barely holds my key, tissues and one gel if needed. For my longer runs I carry another water bottle on a horrid hand-me-down water bottle holder for my waist. It has a couple of pockets that I can put another gel in and an electrolyte package. I would love a FlipBelt so that I could run on routes with water access without needing the uncomfortable and awkward waist belt to hold my extra gel and electrolytes.

  35. Right now, I don’t currently use a belt, but i am a beginner and am looking for one. This one looks really nice.

  36. I currently use an ifitness race belt and like it; it doesnt bounce but space is limited, so I am interested in the flip belt and love that it doesnt bounce while you run.

  37. I currently use the Nathan Speed 2 hydration belt and I do really like it. I am now training for my first marathon and I’m a little concerned about where I’m going to put everything on my really long runs. My iPhone 5 and a few Blocks fit in the pack, but not much else will fit. I would love to try the Flip Belt! Please pick me!!!!

  38. I currently have a belt that has the water bottles on it and I HATE it!! I am constantly adjusting it and feel it takes way too much attention. I would LOVE a Flipbelt!

  39. I currently wear a Nathan hydration belt and it’s ok, the pocket is in the middle if my back so it’s kind if hard to get things I’ve stored.

  40. Holy cow, you have a lot of responses about this product! I like my spi belt, but when I saw your flip belt up close, I can tell it holds a lot more, and holds it firmly. I want one.

  41. I have an iFitness belt. I don’t like it because I haven’t figured out how to wear it so it doesn’t stay put. I’ve heard that the newer iFitness belts are better but I haven’t tried them.

  42. I use a SPIbelt, which doesn’t bounce as long as I don’t put too much stuff in it. During the marathon, I think I carried two packs of clif shot bloks and wanted to bring pretzels as well … I ended up safety pining little baggies of pretzels to the SPIbelt. I looked really cool.

  43. I use spi belt, but love this flip belt idea. I’m training for marathon #2 and am
    Imagining all of the goodies, like Swedish fish, that I can store in the flip belt. 🙂

  44. Right now my arm band has enough room to hold my iPhone, money & key, but I hate it. It constantly comes undone & falls off during my runs & I paid A LOT of money for it! So I’m looking to get a belt 🙂

  45. I was kindly given a fort 2 base belt by Kelly Janowski and I love it, but it does move around on one of my several fat rolls!!!!!

  46. Pingback: March in Review » MagMileRunner

  47. I teach Zumba Fitness. I’m interested I this belt because I will be attending the Annuale Zumba Fitness Convention in Orlando Fl. Aug. 14-18. I will need to keep my personal belongings such as phone, $$, room keys on my personal while attending training sessions. I too am desperately looking for something that does not jingle and move while I’m dancing. Haven’t seen any reviews for your product for use other than running. I’d like to try your product risk free. If it works like I’m hoping it will I will post my review on Zumba.com forum for convention

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