CrossFit Day 27 & 28 …..

Although it’s Chicago Marathon week, I’m still CrossFitting!  Fortunately our instructor is fully aware that our 5am class is filled with runners.  I think only two of the ladies who showed up this morning were NOT running the marathon on Sunday.  Therefore, this week was probably “easy” by CF standards but we were still full of taper madness energy and ready to go!

Tuesday – Day #27 – Tabatas (8 rounds of each exercise for 20 seconds, 10 second rest between rounds, then switch to the next item)

  • Rowing
  • Sit-Ups
  • Kettlebell Swings (35#)
  • Ring Rows

We also did 10 reverse rope climbs and worked on pistols, rolled & stretched.  Why does the rope always shed tiny pieces that stick to my shorts?  First world problem, for sure!

Reverse Rope Climb_Me3

Today – Day #28 – Barbells for Boobs Practice WOD

** Edited to correct the WOD.  Since I felt like a “sally” during this workout, I apparently wanted to call it Sally instead of Nancy, which is the proper WOD.  Sorry! **

Our box is hosting one of the many fundraiser WODs for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The WOD for that fundraiser is “Clean Nancy”.  One division for the full version, a second for a scaled Nancy and then a possible third for what we do, which is below the scale.  I’ll just call it “Unweighted Nancy”.  If you would like to join the CrossFit New Lenox team {or donate} click HERE for more info on the Barbells for Boobs event on October 26, 2013.

“Unweighted” Nancy  – 5 rounds

  • 400 meter Run
  • 15 Front Squats (115/75) – but we just used the bar.  Smile
  • Repeat x5

Super easy and fast workout.  So glad I didn’t have to worry about more than the bar with those front squats.  This momma had tight hammies and it takes a bit to warm up for fun things like squats.  The run helped a lot though.

Front Squat

I must say this is a runners workout.  Definitely one of  my favorites so far.

Then we did 50 sit-ups, stretched and left.  Nice week at CrossFit.  Kudos to the instructor for keeping us moving thru the final days of taper madness before the marathon!

** I’m DEFINITELY Getting Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

8 thoughts on “CrossFit Day 27 & 28 …..

  1. Remember what the rope does to your shorts it will do to your legs if/when you climb it. I’m sure someone has already told you, but I can’t stress the importantance of wearing pants or knee socks to prevent rope burn when you go to scale that baby.

    Good luck in the marathon this weekend!

  2. Very interesting as always to read your thoughts on CrossFit! I just started a bootcamp this week that is 4 days a week and the instructor today said we were doing a CrossFit timed typed workout. So do you record your times to complete an exercise? I hated these sort of timed things because I always feel like I’m the last one to complete it!

    • Yes, we were timed. I was 14:41 today but our workouts are almost always scaled. I’ve been first in timed WODs and I’ve been last. Depends on the skills. Our group is VERY supportive though of everyone, first or last. We are all getting better because of our support system too! It’s hard but fun!!

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  3. I couldn’t go very low on my squats today, but I didn’t have to use the lightest bar. And I was able to swing the same size weight as everyone else on Tuesday, so I must be getting stronger too!!!!

    • Went well! Ran a very comfortable first half, then just kept moving when things got tough. Only one potty stop, 2 blisters, and some tight hips & knees. 4:28 finish. That’s a won in my book!

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