Pro Compression Trainer Low Socks Review & Giveaway

I’m a bit of a sock snob.  I only have a few brands in my drawer and I don’t go outside my favorites because it ends up being a waste of money.  In fact, Aby has a drawer full of running socks that are “Momma’s rejects”.  Some socks are just too small for my giant feet, others don’t fit properly, some slip, some I just don’t like but for no particular reason.

Therefore, when initially discussing Pro Compression’s Trainer Low socks, I wasn’t excited.  In fact, I wasn’t interested.  However, as my long runs progressed in distance and the trail became snowy and uneven, this created additional stress on my already damaged feet.  I reconsidered the Trainer Low.  I figured if I could get more support for my feet and in particular, the tendon that I’m rehabbing, it would be a good thing.  Less foot pain is always a good thing, right? 

Enter the Pro Compression Trainer Low.


My first impression when they arrived in the mail was, “Hmmmm, they aren’t No Show socks”.

Brooks Adrenaline 13_green

My second impression was, “Wow, these things feel pretty good!”  And I basically haven’t taken them off since.  In fact, I had to order more because I was wearing dirty socks.  Dirty socks to work.  Dirty socks to workout.  Dirty socks.  Yuck.

These would be the only socks in my arsenal that are NOT “No Show”.  If I’m not wearing full compression socks, then I wear No Show socks.  No Show socks with a tab so they don’t slip.  No exception.  Until now.

These socks hug the foot in true compression fashion but are not tight.  They have slight padding at the ball of the foot and in the heel.  They are thin but not so thin that I need to fear a short life span.  They are super comfy and just make my feet feel good.  The official description from Pro Compression:

The ideal under-ankle compression sock for running, walking and other activities. Lightweight construction and stabilizer zone increase comfort and provide support you can feel. A great sock for training, racing and everyday wear.


  • Built-in “Stabilizer Zone” promotes balance from the ground up
  • Non-slip design, even after hours on your feet
  • Lightweight construction for incredible feel
  • Blended materials provide maximum comfort and support
  • Moisture control, keeping you dry…even during your biggest efforts
  • Made in USA

An additional benefit to having a little material on the ankle in the winter time?  It covers the gap between my shoes and my tights.  Bonus!  I’m super excited to clean out my sock drawer add the Trainer Lows into my rotation for both running/workouts & every day wear.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I’m totally clearing out my sock drawer to make more room for Trainer Lows.  I’m hooked!

It just so happens that Pro Compression is offering one of you a 2 pack of their Trainer Low socks in the color of your choice (white, baby blue, black, lime, orange, pink or purple).  This is a $25 value.  Each order of Trainer Low socks comes in a 2 pack.  If you are interested in winning, please comment below and tell me your favorite running sock and what it is about them that you love.  For a bonus entry, go “like” Pro Compression on Facebook HERE and then leave a separate comment below stating that you did so and include your FB name so that I can verify.  I will draw a random winner on Monday, March 4th at 9am.  Good luck!!

For those of you who want to buy the Trainer Low socks now, they have offered a $5 off discount code, plus free shipping.  That will bring the 2 pack of socks down to $20!  The discount code is:  TTF    


** Keep It Tight ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

93 thoughts on “Pro Compression Trainer Low Socks Review & Giveaway

  1. Right now I am wearing Wright socks and they are very soft so I like them… would love to try the Pro Compression though as I have a pair of the tall ones and love them.

  2. I either wear Pro Compression (over the calf) socks or my Adidas ankle socks. Love my Adidas because (knock on wood) I have never had any blisters, irritation, sliding.. & they fit my feet great!!

    • Agreed! There is no “one size fits all” sock. Pro Compression has a very good size chart. Three options. I always follow the chart and end up with a perfect fit!

      On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 9:56 AM, TooTallFritz

  3. The running socks I normally wear are Smartwools with padding. Though I am finding that less cushioning works for me, so I would like to try some different socks. I have a pair of the Pro Compression tall socks (purple!) and I love them for long runs and recovery.

  4. I’ve tried a variety of socks, never paid that much attention to them, but have recently found the Feetures socks to be fantastic…thin, comfortable, soft, and no show. Have never tried compression socks (or anything else for that matter), but would love to see the difference.

  5. I wear knee socks while running. On short runs, I’m comfortable in cheap pairs from Target; anything longer than 10 miles requires compression knee socks. I’m hopeful to win and try some short socks!

  6. I am a devoted fan of their marathon compression socks, but don’t find them thick enough to run in. I feel like my foot slides around a lot in my running shoes. How do the trainers feel?

    • The trainers are very similar to the marathon sock. However, I always have to adjust the laces to add tightness to my shoe for the marathon socks but haven’t felt the need to do that for the trainer lows, so maybe they aren’t the same now that I think about it. I will try one of each on tonight and report back!

      On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 9:59 AM, TooTallFritz

  7. I wear Adidas or Nike socks in black. Bought them because of color. I am just learning the benefits of investing in quality running gear.

  8. Hi Amanda – I would love to try these out before purchasing if given the chance! I currently run in a Hibbet brand no show sock with the tab in the back. I have not found other no shows to work well as they slip. 😦

    I have also liked them on FB!

  9. My favorite sock is a womens running sock from Under Armour but they have stopped making this sock. That aways seems to happen when you really like a product they stop selling it. I have a couple of pairs put away for races but now I am on the hunt for a new sock. I would love to give these a try.

  10. I wear features for running, Baluga for trail running. Just the feel is enough cushion, not too much. I also wear CEP compression socks for longer mileage and love the tight feel.

  11. I’m still searching for that perfect fit in running socks for my size 13’s. I do have a pair of feetures that I end up pulling out of the hamper if needed 😉

  12. In the winter, I wear Smartwool or Darn Tough merino wool socks to keep my feet toasty. All other seasons I wear Target C-9 no show socks–I’ve never had any problems with them. I’d be interested in trying compression trainers, though.

  13. My current (only) brands of socks I run in are the Balega low rise and for the winter, SmartWool socks (yeah for no smelly feet and warm toes in the snow!).
    I love the feel of compression on the arch of my foot– I think I would like the Pro Compression trainers.
    I liked them on Facebook. My user name is Molly Watkins

  14. I only just got a set of 6 running socks from target for Christmas. I love them but know I need to invest in some “good” ones. Also I like their fb page.

  15. Great review and I’m running in UA socks today. They aren’t compression but do give me a nice snug feel. In fact, UA is the only sock I’ve ever run in. Once I find something I like, its hard to convince me to change…

  16. My favorite running socks are the Smartwool PhD. They feel great in my feet, wick moisture away and I’ve never had a blister when wearing them.

      • I have!! Trust me! I had run a long race and walked into the local run store the next day, pointed to my ankles and said “THIS HURTS. Make it so it doesn’t happen again” and they handed me the Balega socks and I’ve been running in them ever since. No chafing, no moving, nothing.

  17. I just ordered my first pair of full compression socks and love them! I also have the calf sleeves 😉 I also already “like” them on FB!!!

  18. I’d been a big fan of Swiftwick for years because the socks were the best ones I could find for blister prevention – I wasn’t blister-free, but it was better than the alternatives. Then I found Compressport and fell in love with them for their compression technology and support, but still wasn’t completely blister-free. I now run in a little-known brand called Darn Tough. ZERO blisters and their smartwool version keeps my feet toasty warm in winter, especially on trails.

    I’ve always wanted to try out Pro Compression though!

  19. I haven’t tried very many different socks. I just bought a generic brand from target once with arch support, and they’ve been fine! They’re super thin as well, which is why I like them, I don’t like feeling like there’s a bunch of stuff on my feet.

  20. I don’t have a favorite brand, but do have my favorites!!! I am coming off a rolled ankle & will definitely try these for support!! Thanks for the tip!

  21. I love feetures socks right now…but the lighter, slightly tighter ones (with the L & R on each). They conform to my foot and feel like compression socks. But these sound GREAT! Would love to try these out!

  22. I wear Feetures cushion socks. I have to have sock coming up past the top of my running shoes; I can’t stand feeling my shoe on my ankle. I also like the cushion under the ball of the foot and the heel.

  23. Right now I’m stuck on feetures but I’ve been wanting to take the leap to pro compression so maybe a free pair would help change my mind:)

  24. I think I have all of Pro Compressions full length compression socks (thanks to Swaggle deals last year!) I love them!! I was super excited when I saw these come out ! I teach boot camps, and as much as I appreciate the cross fit knee high look, it was not working for boot camp!
    These will give me the continued support I love from my Pro Compression, with the lower cut I needed!!

  25. My biggest problem with socks is either they are too big for my size-six foot (maybe I need your rejects?), or have irritating seams across the toes. I currently love my Swiftwick Aspire socks the most, I think … though for cold days I’ve been wearing thicker socks like Balega or Smartwool.

  26. I must be the only runner in the world without a fav sock. 🙂 I did just order a pair of calf sleeves from pro compression though, because my calves are jealous that my thighs and booty get the pivot shorts 🙂

  27. I have 2 pairs of running socks and dont really care for them, (actually go a blister when I tried them on a long run). So basically i just wear whatever is in the sock drawer. Cant stand no show when I run cuz the back of my ankle gets irritated. Liked Pro compression on FB also

  28. I like inexpensive socks. I found some decent Fila short socks at TJ Maxx that were 12 for 12 bucks so i couldn’t go wrong. would love to try comp socks though. Liked on facebook under Clinton Munkres

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