Cruel Jokes….

So maybe the joke’s on me but there are a few things that just aren’t quite right.  I was just starting to nail this training plan and as soon as I started to gain a little confidence, life started throwing some curve balls ….  Initially kiddos were sick & needed doc visits, dogs need(ed) vet visits for random reasons, other people got sick, cars (all 3) breakdown, evening obligations.  So a few scheduled days off turn into a week of no running.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  Things still aren’t straightened out and “normal” appears to be far off. 

One of the few saving graces has been the treadmill.  It has given me the freedom to squeeze in miles when they would otherwise be lost.  Like at 4am on SAT before a roadtrip.  I didn’t make all of the planned 18 miles before our departure but I managed 14.  Better than nothing. 


Today, I even hit the gym at lunch to try to squeeze in a few miles.  I took my iPad in order to link up to Netflix since that seems to be the only way I can tolerate the dreadmill.  Newsflash, the iPad wouldn’t link up in the middle of our high-rise office building.  Not funny. 

Fortunately, the dreadmills in our gym have TVs attached so I was able to hang on for a whole 3 miles.  And when I say, “hang on” I seriously mean “hang on”.  They rearranged the gym since my last visit.  The floor of that office suite for some stupid reason isn’t level.  There is a carpeted ramp up to the main section where the cardio machines reside.  The floor of the main section is also slanted to some degree which was barely noticeable …… until today.  The new location of the treadmills must be on a slope.  I began running at 1% incline, which should have been imperceptible; however, I felt like I was going to fall off the back.  I was running slow and it wasn’t the feeling of “oh crap, this thing is going to throw me off” but it was a feeling like I was going UP a hill and going to fall backward.  So I backed it down to 0.5% and then 0.0% and just “hung on” for 30 minutes (3.25 miles).  Not funny.

Unfortunately, the recent travels, additional stress load and my lack of motivation to control my food intake has resulted in a few extra #s.  That’s a few extra on top of those I had already gained from being injured this summer.  It seems that if I’m not running, or even if I am running and just eat whatever I want, I gain weight.  Shocker, huh?  Yep.  But it’s still not funny.  So if you were thinking of a moonshine and chocolate “diet” and don’t expect to gain weight, I hate to break it to you but you won’t be laughing either.  So not funny.

 Old Smoky Moonshine  

Oh yeah,  and I haven’t been drinking much of this lately. 

smartwater Not smart.  Not funny.

So I’ve pretty much moved my plan for the Lansing Marathon to “finish it” mode.  I need to worry not so much about the training and focus on losing those 8 lbs which I am currently carrying.  For me to lose weight, I need to hit double workouts and keep the crap bad stuff out of my mouth.  Easier said that done.  My legs will be trashed.  My attitude will be bitchy poor.  But I will show up to the startline at 162 or 163 lbs.  Not funny but it’s a fact.  I refuse to carry an extra 7 or 8 lbs thru 26.2 miles.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving up my training, just revising it to add in a few extra things. 

On a positive note, in terms of “Run”way Fashion, I scored a few deals from Saucony this week.  They are having a super secret sale HERE.  I purchased the Ignite Shimmel tank ($22) and am IN LOVE.  I went back and got a different color in my size today.  It has a shelf bra, thin material, hugs the body but isn’t tight and also has a small zip pocket in the back.

Saucony Ignite Shimmel      image

They also have arm warmers for $10 (hyper lime) or $22 (black compression).  This is one of brand of arm warmers that never chafes my underarm flab.  I usually buy them off the Last Chance section and pay around $15 for them.  Thin.  Like second skin.  No chafing.

image   image

And in other marathon news, I’m in a total panic about my shoes.  Saucony changed things up in the toe box with the Guide 6’s and the new version isn’t working for me when I go long.  They are light weight and super cute but that doesn’t matter when you don’t have toenails if they don’t feel perfect.   I like them for shorter runs but not anything over a 10K.  So I’ve tried a couple Brooks Running shoes.  The Ravenna 3’s and Adrenaline 13s felt good initially and on short runs but are making my pinky toe sore/blistered with longer miles. Apparently I have a weird foot cuz I’ve heard nothing but great things on all of these shoes.  😦

           Guide 6                        Ravenna 3                       Adrenaline 13

Saucony  Guide 6_pink   brooks ravenna3_snow   Brooks Adrenaline 13_green

So back to basics.  I had six pair of the Guide 5s and never blinked an eye.  So I found a pair of 5s on clearance at Road Runner Sports.  These babies will be here soon.  I expect this to be my spring marathon shoe.  Crossing fingers!!


None of this is funny but it’s certainly not the end of the world.  I will keep pushing.  I will finish the Lansing Marathon.  However, I’ll definitely be missing a few toenails on my right foot before I even hit the start.  🙂

** When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

8 thoughts on “Cruel Jokes….

  1. Awesome Post TTF….always love to hear bout your life’s running-family challenges! But first…your post this time…way too verbose and extending to different subjects…just like I like to do on my FB soapbox! So…I may not comment on everything in your post…but will hit the few things that jumped out at me.

    First…regarding the treadmill and the change in slope….there is a possibility the treadmill is not working correctly or adjusted accurately to slope. Or…perhaps someone intent on tossing in a sabot (i.e. sabotage) raised the legs or stuck a board or something underneath to increase elevation despite what the treadmill panel says! Even at 3-4% incline on treadmill you can’t be flying off backside or hanging on in that sense….that is a function of treadmill speed. OMG…maybe the treadmill speed is not adjusted correctly? That would explain the trying not to fly-off phenom…or did you tell us what speed you were running on this treadmill? Was speedwork on your training schedule for today?

    Second…despite life’s intervention to disrupt your training plans…a single week of not making all your training runs according to plan does not necessitate you have to give up your goal for Lansing Marathon. Doesn’t work that way and as long as you continue the training and get back on planned track…still a long way until race day and you still may be able to run at or at least close to your finish goal. I am your “friend-coach” and I know this well. How come you don’t resort to your coach-friend more?

    You didn’t loose ground with the missed training…only confidence. The coach’s job is to instill confidence….so this coach says you can still do this. Take the week’s set-back as it is and fall-back into training stride next week. Heck…the lay-back may even have some positive consequences in terms of training progress. Think positive and take it day-by-day.

    Don’t give up…don’t set your mind to doing less than what you set your goal to initially. Still a lot more training to go. This coach knows that it is not necessarily the runs and the distance and the speed you do according to schedule that dictates how you run on race day. It is a cumulative effect of training….some not good…some ok….some better….the key is that you doing and feeling better later stage in training schedule. And….sometimes you can’t make that ultimate determination until you into 2nd or 3rd week of taper.

    Wanna do a time-trial with me? We do that…I can predict your current finish time for said Lansing Marathon. Then you go and adjust training from there. I always trying to help you…but you being the independent woman that wants to stand on her own…don’t use me to what I can help you do…and it costs nothing!

    OK TTF Bloggers….time has come for you to let her know that she can do her best at Lansing Marathon….and if she resorted to me a bit more….might help get her back on track. One week of missing running and a not-so-good experience on treadmill….does not mean one cannot do what one wanted to initially do in goal marathon. Never give up…..Never Say Never!

    • I was a little “windy”, sorry! So much going on, so little time. As always, I appreciate your support and know that I can count on you to help. At this point in my life, I don’t want to take on formal coaching because my training is sporadic and unpredictable. My family obligations come first. It has been easier now that I have a treadmill but I’m on and off the thing all the time to help the kiddos. I’m just trying to focus on running right now and not worry so much about pace. That’s where I am in my life and I’m happy to just run. Therefore, since I am unwilling or unable to focus on pace, then I also need to let go of any specific time goals since I will just be running the marathon to run. But I’ll definitley hit you up for advice in the future! Thanks so much!

  2. Fritz, I feel your pain and I’m right there with ya. I’ve been having a hell of a time with my motivation in training for the 50K this time around. I am just a “cat mom” and have zero excuses. 18 miles turn into 12, 14 miles turn into 10, sleeping in on Sunday is the better option and a 20+ mile training run will be nonexistent. I am now in “wing it” mode. All I keep thinking is I have a 7 hour time limit and cross my fingers I make it this time around.

    I find you very inspirational and despite the curve ball life throws you, you will do well in Lansing. Being a mother is the hardest job out there. I tip my hat to you as a mother and admire that you are making a valiant effort. To me, that is what counts. You got this!

    • I’m motivated to train, just struggling with the life schedule. 😦 I’ve so far only shortened one long run. I’m super interested in one of those low key 50Ks, just to see if I could do it but I’m afraid I’d bow out at 20. LOL!

      Good luck! You’ll do it! Try to hit your full miles this weekend if you can.

  3. Have you tried going up in shoe size? It sounds like your foot is swelling on the long runs. I refused at first to go up in size. But once I did go up a half size all my toe issues went away. Your shoe should feel big but not like your foot is swimming in it.
    If someone is offering free help. TAKE IT!!! I would.

  4. I know it’s hard when life gets in the way of your training plan. But you just have to do the best you can do- which it sounds like you’re doing! Like doing 14 on the tm. That’s awesome!
    My weight sounds like it’s the same as yours. I run and eat right, and my weight stays the same. I run and eat a little extra, I gain weight. I have to do extra workouts and eat very little- then I’ll lose a few lbs. It’s so aggravating, and shouldn’t be that way! I know we’re close to the same height (I’m 5’11), and I can’t wait till I’m in my 160’s!
    You’ll do awesome at the Lansing Marathon. I just know it!

    • You look so skinny in that photo that you posted in the pink argyle pro compression socks. Hard to imagine that you need to lose more. However, we all know our bodies and carry the weight differently, sometimes in a way that others don’t necessarily notice. Most of mine settles in my midsection. And depending on your bone structure, you may be tapped out on the losing front. Just beware of that too b/c the shape of our bodies makes a difference on how much weight we should carry. When I’m around 162, that’s when I feel the best, look decent (no bikini time but decent), and it’s a good racing weight for me. Your number will be different than mine even though we are close to the same height. Good luck! You are doing awesome!!

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