Lansing Marathon Race Review & Personal Experience

First, let me start by saying that marathons are NOT easy for me.  In fact, they are damn super hard.  You won’t catch me signing up for Marathon Maniacs anytime in this century.  However, if you are a member of a “I hate marathons but run them anyway” group, then let me know cuz I’m sure I’d qualify for that one!

Why do I run marathons?  Not sure.  Let’s come back to that next week, ok?  After the swelling has subsided and Alexis has worked out my hip “issue” and the blisters on my toes have fully drained and I can walk without a hobble. Next week.  We’ll talk next week.

For now, let’s break down the 2013 Lansing Marathon, the only way that I know how via “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” method.  Smile

The Good

  • Nice, scenic downtown venue with restaurants and entertainment within walking distance of hotel.  

                                                                                             Lansing Marthon_capital

  • Free parking for expo and race.
  • Amazing Volunteers
  • Lively spectators.
  • Fully stocked aid stations with water, electrolyte drink, various snacks (oranges, m&m’s, pretzels)
  • Bathrooms scattered throughout the course
  • Start & Finish location next to the Lansing Center which allowed us to wait inside until just minutes before the start.
  • Well marked course, mile marker signs, police & volunteers to direct & protect runners.
  • Variety of race distances:  5K, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay & Full Marathon
  • Smaller race, good for PRs.  363 full finishers, 1187 half finishers.
  • Officials left the course open for as long as it took for everyone to finish all events.
  • Race Officials & National Guard (or some type of military crew), lined the finish shoot and gave the very last runner a standing ovation.  Nice touch.

Lansing Marthon_last finisher 

  • Great friends, F’N Runners & a nice Chicago crew were on location to run Lansing!  F’N Runners left, most of the Chicago crew right.

Lansing Marathon_ group

Lansing Marathon_chicago crew

The Bad

  • Original course had flooded so they had to reroute the course at the last minute.  Therefore, the scenic river trail running was mostly cut out and we were shuffled thru town, along highways, across train tracks & thru residential neighborhoods.  Not real exciting.
  • Broken up roads from winter weather, had to watch footing.
  • Hills.  Nothing insane but it wasn’t flat.  Lots of up and down rollers.  One long climb that wasn’t steep, just longish.
  • Expo was very light.  Not a lot of vendors, more of a packet pickup.
  • Race shirts were unisex and oversized.  Nice color, design and logo, just too big for most of us.

Lansing Marathon_shirt

  • Double loop course (due to it being rerouted).  Rough seeing the mile marker signs for the second half while hitting that first loop.  Rough knowing the first loop was tough and we had to tackle it again.
  • Train.  Many of us were stopped by a train; however, race officials have offered to adjust times accordingly.  If you were stopped, check the Lansing Marathon Facebook page HERE for details as to how you might get your time adjusted.

The Ugly

  • My race.  Hips started burning/hurting at Mile 8 and they still hurt 2 days post race.
  • Passing the finish line party as the half way mark of my already “ugly” race.
  • Knowing my friends were waiting on me for a long time.
  • Having to resort to run/walk to just keep moving.
  • Getting to Mile 20 slower than in any other of my previous 4 marathons.

Lansing Marathon_mile 20

  • Lonely second half of the race at the back of the pack.
  • Had to send an SOS message to my F’N Runners and have them come back to help/distract me.
  • Having a bad race on a perfect weather day.  Sad smile
  • Blistered feet/toes & bruised ego.

But none of that really mattered when I finally crossed the finish line.

Lansing Marthon_me finish   Lansing Marthon_me & sue  Lansing Marathon_medal

Official time is currently 4:48:59.  However, there is speculation that the time will be adjusted for the train that stopped the majority of us runners. If that is the case, and if they take off the 4 minutes that we waited, then my time will be 4:44, which ironically is also my bib number for the race.  Poetic.

Lansing Marthon_bib medal

Weather the time is adjusted or not, I really don’t care either way.  It won’t affect my real life in any way shape or form.  I do this for fun …..  even if I have yet to have a “fun” marathon.  I like the training.  I like that it pushes my limits.  I like that it takes me beyond my comfort zone.  And I like most of all, that it gives me a foundation for which I can work from moving forward.  I’m not at all deterred that I had a rough race, just more determined to make the next one better.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend the Lansing Marathon.  It’s a great race and ran very well.  Most of the items listed in the “bad” section were either out of control of race officials  (hello, flooding!!!)  or things which they are attempting to rectify.  Good race.  Good management.  Good people who care about you and your race experience.  I’d go back.

Lastly, let me shout out to my F’N Runners who ran so very, very well in Lansing.  Susan M won her age group and qualified for Boston (after running her first 50 miler just 2 weeks previous)!!!  Joe D hit a big PR for the half & took 5th in his age group, then came back to run almost all of us into the finish.  He may have registered for the half but he ran over 18 miles before it was all said and done by helping us.   April W smashed her previous half marathon PR by over 17 minutes!!  Kim B ran an amazing race and rallied the troops to come back to help me when I sent the SOS!  Keith G runs a marathon almost every weekend and he still managed to go sub 3:45!    Amazing runners.  Amazing people.  I am so happy to have shared the Lansing journey with all of them!

And thanks to all of you for your well wishes, happy thoughts and words of encouragement.  Good times.  Good friends. 

** Keep Running, At Whatever Pace YOU Can Manage ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

Moving on ….. The Lansing Marathon

As we watch the morning news and see that progress is definitely being made toward apprehending the Boston Bombers, I have no choice but to suck it up move on and refocus on MY running.  The Lansing Marathon is this weekend.  Sunday.  Time to get my head together.  Time to run.

What is my goal?  To finish.  What is my plan?  To show up on time.  What will I do when it starts to hurt?  Cry. What’s my mantra?  Don’t hyperventilate.  What am I wearing?  NOW we have something to talk about!

Along the line of my Blackout for Boston this week, the tragedy, and in respect for the Boston Marathon and it’s amazing history, I’m going all black.  Black with a few blue/yellow accents for respect.

Athleta Swagger Skort with Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

image    image

Champion Cardio Tank (I didn’t have a black tank!!), Saucony DryLete Arm Warmers (Last Chance sale section) & Zensah Compression Calf Sleeves.

image   image   image

Depending on the weather, I’ll add either running sunglasses or a visor.
ShamrockShuffle_2013_Pete's pic    FNRC visor

Blue/Yellow Accents – DIY decorative scrunchie & messy yellow nails with blue mosaic madness top coat.

blue yellow scrunchi  blue yellow nails

Now, I’m ready to run!!!  I may not be fast but I probably won’t be last.  I may not be smooth but I’ll keep moving.  I may not have lost that extra 5 lbs but I’ll be thankful my legs are healthy and able to carry me the 26.2 miles from start to finish.  Thankfulness, that’s what will keep me moving.  Thankful for the ability to run.  Thankful for the desire to run.  Thankful for my family members who are safe and healthy.  Thankful for friends I’ve made along the way.  Thankful to live in a place where most of the time, we live safely, free from the intrusion of crazies who want to destroy our spirit.  Thankful.  That’s what will propel me thru this 26.2 miles of hell fun in Lansing, Michigan.

If you see me, please say hello.  I’d love to meet YOU!!

**  Moving On & Ready to Run ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Boston Mania & Why I’ll Never Qualify

Boston Mania is in the air!  We are excited.  We are ready.  Yet, most of us aren’t even running! 


The 117th running of the Boston Marathon will occur Monday morning at 9:30 am Eastern or 8:30 am Central Time (Chicago area).  Most of us will be glued to our computers working as the elites and our fast friends take to the the streets of Boston.  For many, the Boston Marathon is the race of all races.  The one that runners dream about for years.   The one for which most will never be able to run due to the fast qualifying standards.  The one that has become tradition for so many of the “faster” marathon runners.

It’s a race that holds me on the edge of my seat for approximately 2.5 hours each Patriot’s Day.  I love watching the race.  I love rooting for our American elites, hoping that this will be the year that one of them can hit the finish line first and win the Boston title for themselves and all of the rest of us who love this race so much.

Regardless of how much I love this race, I have no illusion as to toeing the line anytime within this decade.  My current age group requires me to run a 3:40 (actually a 3:45 since I will turn 40 before the 118th Boston Marathon but that’s still an 8:35 min/mi pace).  The standards are HERE if you need to look.   However, the thought of running that fast for that long makes me want to cry. 

The ladies from our area who have been busting their ass training all winter for Boston have really been going after it.  This is no joke.  Although, I do believe talent plays a major role in those who are able to BQ, it also requires a lot of work.  Focused training.  The overwhelming desire to hit the times, paces and tempos where most of us would just wuss out  walk away.  I am amazed by their efforts.  I am amazed by their dedication.  I am amazed by their push.

Seeing these women train has cemented the fact for me that at this point in my life, I do NOT have what it takes to BQ.  I don’t have the desire or the push.  If I want to walk, I will.  If I want to run slow, I will.  I just want to run without any time or pace requirements attached.  I’m not really even following a training plan for the Lansing Marathon, which is a mere 8 days away.  I ran the long runs on the schedule but didn’t do the speed or tempo work.  I ran more than I was supposed to on many days, did zero cross training and ran less than I was supposed to on other days.  I’ve heard people say, “Fail to plan, plan to fail” but I don’t believe that.  I just think that at this point in my life, managing work/family/life is more important to me that nailing a training plan.  Maybe I’m lazy.  Maybe I’m tired.  Maybe I just want there to be one aspect of my life which doesn’t require a “plan”. 

So my  lackadaisical approach to running will be the reason why I won’t be hitting that BQ any time soon.  Of course, I can always hope that after Susan M finishes the Lansing Marathon, that she will come back for me and carry me those last 6 miles.  Then I might have a chance.  Smile  Or maybe not.

How about you?  Are you killing your runs and workouts?  Are you aiming for the coveted BQ?  Or are you like me, just content to run relaxed and watch the Boston Marathon streaming on your computer?

**  Too Tired to Check The Training Plan **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Cruel Jokes….

So maybe the joke’s on me but there are a few things that just aren’t quite right.  I was just starting to nail this training plan and as soon as I started to gain a little confidence, life started throwing some curve balls ….  Initially kiddos were sick & needed doc visits, dogs need(ed) vet visits for random reasons, other people got sick, cars (all 3) breakdown, evening obligations.  So a few scheduled days off turn into a week of no running.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  Things still aren’t straightened out and “normal” appears to be far off. 

One of the few saving graces has been the treadmill.  It has given me the freedom to squeeze in miles when they would otherwise be lost.  Like at 4am on SAT before a roadtrip.  I didn’t make all of the planned 18 miles before our departure but I managed 14.  Better than nothing. 


Today, I even hit the gym at lunch to try to squeeze in a few miles.  I took my iPad in order to link up to Netflix since that seems to be the only way I can tolerate the dreadmill.  Newsflash, the iPad wouldn’t link up in the middle of our high-rise office building.  Not funny. 

Fortunately, the dreadmills in our gym have TVs attached so I was able to hang on for a whole 3 miles.  And when I say, “hang on” I seriously mean “hang on”.  They rearranged the gym since my last visit.  The floor of that office suite for some stupid reason isn’t level.  There is a carpeted ramp up to the main section where the cardio machines reside.  The floor of the main section is also slanted to some degree which was barely noticeable …… until today.  The new location of the treadmills must be on a slope.  I began running at 1% incline, which should have been imperceptible; however, I felt like I was going to fall off the back.  I was running slow and it wasn’t the feeling of “oh crap, this thing is going to throw me off” but it was a feeling like I was going UP a hill and going to fall backward.  So I backed it down to 0.5% and then 0.0% and just “hung on” for 30 minutes (3.25 miles).  Not funny.

Unfortunately, the recent travels, additional stress load and my lack of motivation to control my food intake has resulted in a few extra #s.  That’s a few extra on top of those I had already gained from being injured this summer.  It seems that if I’m not running, or even if I am running and just eat whatever I want, I gain weight.  Shocker, huh?  Yep.  But it’s still not funny.  So if you were thinking of a moonshine and chocolate “diet” and don’t expect to gain weight, I hate to break it to you but you won’t be laughing either.  So not funny.

 Old Smoky Moonshine  

Oh yeah,  and I haven’t been drinking much of this lately. 

smartwater Not smart.  Not funny.

So I’ve pretty much moved my plan for the Lansing Marathon to “finish it” mode.  I need to worry not so much about the training and focus on losing those 8 lbs which I am currently carrying.  For me to lose weight, I need to hit double workouts and keep the crap bad stuff out of my mouth.  Easier said that done.  My legs will be trashed.  My attitude will be bitchy poor.  But I will show up to the startline at 162 or 163 lbs.  Not funny but it’s a fact.  I refuse to carry an extra 7 or 8 lbs thru 26.2 miles.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving up my training, just revising it to add in a few extra things. 

On a positive note, in terms of “Run”way Fashion, I scored a few deals from Saucony this week.  They are having a super secret sale HERE.  I purchased the Ignite Shimmel tank ($22) and am IN LOVE.  I went back and got a different color in my size today.  It has a shelf bra, thin material, hugs the body but isn’t tight and also has a small zip pocket in the back.

Saucony Ignite Shimmel      image

They also have arm warmers for $10 (hyper lime) or $22 (black compression).  This is one of brand of arm warmers that never chafes my underarm flab.  I usually buy them off the Last Chance section and pay around $15 for them.  Thin.  Like second skin.  No chafing.

image   image

And in other marathon news, I’m in a total panic about my shoes.  Saucony changed things up in the toe box with the Guide 6’s and the new version isn’t working for me when I go long.  They are light weight and super cute but that doesn’t matter when you don’t have toenails if they don’t feel perfect.   I like them for shorter runs but not anything over a 10K.  So I’ve tried a couple Brooks Running shoes.  The Ravenna 3’s and Adrenaline 13s felt good initially and on short runs but are making my pinky toe sore/blistered with longer miles. Apparently I have a weird foot cuz I’ve heard nothing but great things on all of these shoes.  😦

           Guide 6                        Ravenna 3                       Adrenaline 13

Saucony  Guide 6_pink   brooks ravenna3_snow   Brooks Adrenaline 13_green

So back to basics.  I had six pair of the Guide 5s and never blinked an eye.  So I found a pair of 5s on clearance at Road Runner Sports.  These babies will be here soon.  I expect this to be my spring marathon shoe.  Crossing fingers!!


None of this is funny but it’s certainly not the end of the world.  I will keep pushing.  I will finish the Lansing Marathon.  However, I’ll definitely be missing a few toenails on my right foot before I even hit the start.  🙂

** When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Registration Nightmare….

Up until this morning at 7am, I was absolutely certain that I was NOT going to register for the 2013 Chicago Marathon.  It wasn’t going to happen.  I wasn’t upset about it.  I just wasn’t willing to commit until I got thru the Lansing Marathon to see how my foot took the abuse training regimen.  No big deal.  Then at 7am this morning, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I started “thinking” about it.  Thinking about how sad I was last year to miss the marathon.  Thinking about how much I love Chicago Marathon weekend.  Thinking about how easy it is to just drive downtown the morning of the race, run and drive back home to my babies when I’m finished. 

chicago marathon_2011

Well, I’m a better “doer” than “thinker” so by 7:05 am, I was browsing thru my old email folder looking for the alumni charity runner info that Ronald McDonald House Charities had sent me.  By 7:30, my commitment form was signed and sent off to RMHC.  Done.  Or so I thought. 

Little did I know that the charity runner registration process had changed since last year.  RMHC no longer registered me (which had to be a total nightmare on their end) but instead, sent me a registration link and a code to register.  This meant that I had to fight the fight with everyone else come noon.  Now, I was ready and waiting at noon just like everyone else.  I have a high powered cpu at work and it should have taken minutes to register but instead the link took me to a page that notified me that the site was currently “unavailable”.

image Again, and again, and again.  Sometimes, I’d get a bit of information entered, then click to the next screen to reveal the above message box.  Two times, I made it all the way to the end and entered my charity code.  The first time, it immediately took me to the “site is unavailable” screen, the second time, it acknowledged my code, then encouraged me to click “submit” to finalize my registration.  It was at that time, it took me back to the “site is unavailable” screen.  So am I in, or not?  My friend Jill sent me this screen shot which she found under the “runner’s registered” section:


So I “think” I’m in although I have yet to get a confirmation email.  Maybe, maybe not.  I’m done stressing about it.  If it’s meant to be, I’ll be running the streets of Chicago on October 13th.  If not, I’ll go to Indy, or Detroit, or Milwaukee and run one of those much smaller but still amazing races.  Enough is enough but I’m curious to see if I’m in or not!  I truly love the Chicago Marathon.  I think its worth the $$.  Its worth the time and effort training in the summer heat.  It’s worth it for me since its in my backyard!

chicagomarathon pic

How did you make out in the registration extravaganza today?  Are YOU in?

Don’t forget, you can still register for the Lansing Half or Full Marathon with the $10 off coupon code:   CHICAGO10.  They have room for you! 

** Good luck, no matter where you race! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Barely Hanging On…..

I don’t know if I ever formally mentioned that I’m using the Run Less Run Faster book as a guideline for my training for the Lansing Marathon.

This book has a chart which gives you a target finish time of what THEY believe you should be able to run, with proper training, of course.   It takes the “I wanna run X:XX:XX” out the equation when its right there in black and white that you can or cannot probably do it based on your current run times.   After you figure out your goal pace/marathon finish time, then there are multiple training tables which plan your training.  They also include a training plan for each of the Boston Marathon Qualifying standards.  Although, I’m not necessarily looking for a BQ because it seems impossible, I did select one of those plans because unlike the more generalized plans, it spells out each and every workout down to the pace you are “supposed to” run without any additional calculations necessary.

I won’t lie, this book is intimidating as all get out.  The premise is to run 3 key runs each week:  Speed, Tempo & Long Run, then add in two cross training days.  I chose biking for my cross training since I’m on deck for a 70.3 triathlon in July.  This 5 day plan works out well for my schedule because I can juggle the days, live my life, work, be a parent, be the “soccer mom”, and still not miss anything too important training wise.  In fact, I have never ran all the miles on a normal plan so I was willing to change my focus a bit this time around from “just run the miles” to “let’s sharpen the focus”.  I’m also not a person who wants a coach to whom I need to answer to but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the idea of having a structured plan. 

As intimidating as the plan is in regards to hitting the numbers, I was a bit surprised as to how easy the workouts were to understand.  It is all spelled out for me and I just look at it on a day to day basis.  If I can’t do my speed work on Monday, I just move it to Tuesday and look at the day on my chart for the workout details.  I program my treadmill to the desired intervals and honestly, just try to hang on for as long as possible.  The paces are NOT easy for me.  Marathon training is not easy for me which is why I do it.  The paces, the plan, the training is a constant challenge.  I have not yet nailed a speed or tempo session and I don’t know why but that doesn’t seem to bother me.  I just keep on moving to the next workout as if I DID nail it and things are progressing.  In fact, they are progressing in a positive manner.  I “almost” nailed last night’s speed session.  In fact, I nailed a good 75% of it.  Progress in week 11 with a late start and a couple “rough” weeks.  I can’t wait to see where I am on April 21st when I fight it out mentally & physically at the Lansing Marathon.  I honestly do not believe that I will hit my predicted finish time for this marathon but I will be interested to see how close I come to their prediction.  I have considered sliding back to the next slower BQ training plan but what fun is that?  I don’t want to nail every workout but rather reach for it and keep trying to improve.  So  yes, I’m “in training” but I’m barely hanging on…… good thing I don’t go to the gym cuz I might scare someone.

fall off treadmill

Do you like to train within your comfort zone or do you try to push the limits?  I’m sure if I had a coach instead of a book, they would back me down so that I could nail it and grow my level of confidence but I kinda like it this way because this is what I do for fun.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

How To Choose The Right Marathon……

You’ve decided to run a marathon but you’re just not sure how to pick the right one?  Well, if you have plenty of time, plenty of money and kids don’t affect your decision, the options are endless.  You can literally go ANYWHERE and run a marathon.   However most of us just go where our friends go.  If you are part of a local run club or you have a training partner, ask them  ……  oh wait, you probably won’t have to ask, they will tell you!  If you sign up for the race they are running then you can train together.  Slugging out long miles with a friend will keep you on the plan and accountable!  Win, win!

If it’s just not that easy, then here are a few tips:

  1. Look at the family calendar and the schedules of your kiddos.  Most schools schedule the same major events for the same weekend every year.  This makes trying to plan your life a little bit easier.  If you want to run a spring marathon and your 11 year old daughter (okay mine!) runs track & field, then avoid picking a Saturday marathon because you won’t be running but instead sitting in the bleachers on the track watching the conference track meet while all your friends are running the Illinois Marathon.  So figure out the time frame of when you want to run, and if you have a SAT/SUN preference.
  2. Is $$$ an issue?  If money is an issue, then try to avoid the big races:  World Marathon Majors (Chicago, New York, Boston, Berlin, London and the newly added Tokyo), big city marathons that have to shut down the entire city using half of their emergency & police personnel to support the race and also races with a popular name with a series of races in just about every city.  Remember a big name race that offers bands at every corner has to pay for that and they will pass the cost to you.  If you want to go cheap, go small.
  3. Boston Qualifier – I know that Boston is all the rage and a major accomplishment but if you want the elusive BQ, then think about the race you pick seriously.  Sometimes smaller is better for these things.  The fewer people in a race, the fewer people to maneuver around, the fewer people at aid stations and just possibly fewer distractions.  You can still BQ at a big race too but check to see if there is a corral system to get you into a good position at the start to avoid a lot of traffic.
  4. Spectator Support – What kind of marathon experience do you want?  Do you want a million people throughout the course cheering for you?  Or would you just like to run your 26.2 in peace, look at the scenery and concentrate on the task at hand?  There is a different answer for everyone and you probably are already drawn to one or the other.                                       
  5. Who’s going to watch the kids?  If you have to take the kiddos to Grandma’s before you run, then pick a race by Grandma’s house.  I do this ALL the time.  I actually check with my mother before I register for a big race.  I make sure she is available, interested and willing to either watch my Monster Man or drag him & Aby to the race to be my cheer section.  I don’t really need anything other than for her to manage my little “angels” but usually give her a couple of options of how it can happen.  I want her to have the best experience possible since she is doing me a huge favor so I get her involved in the planning process.  Thanks, Mom!  I love you and REALLY appreciate your being my #1 supporter!  
  6. Travel Plans – We all browse the list of the best and most beautiful races via various websites and magazines but do you want to travel for a race or not?  A destination race, particularly for a marathon, requires a bit of planning.  If it’s something you are seriously considering, look at the local weather for the time frame in question, think about the foods in the area and how they will fuel you for the race and think about how you want to spend your time.  If you get there early to acclimate to the area for the race, then be careful with the pre-race foods since you will most likely be eating out more than normal.     If you want to stay after the race, then consider how you “might” feel after a marathon and keep the post race planning to a minimum.  Also, pick an area that has decent medical care in case, heaven forbid, you need medial assistance before, during or after the race.  Be smart.
  7. Once you’ve thought about some of the above, have a time frame in mind then start doing some research.  One of my favorite websites is MarathonGuide.  This website has a very thorough calendar for both US and International races, has runner reviews of each race, registration & event details, results, advice, and news on major races around the world. Great resource! Logo - Marathon Directory, Marathons, Marathon Results, News and More

Now that you have figured out where YOU want to race, go ahead and try to recruit all your friends cuz we all  know that the more people you know in a race, the better the experience.  The more the merrier, right? 

Good luck!  Let me know which race you pick and if you still can’t decided, then feel free to come to the Lansing Marathon and run with me on April 21st!   Yes, the $10 off code:  CHICAGO10 is still valid. Register HERE.


** Happy  Marathoning ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** **

2013 …. What Lies Ahead

Since it’s been all Ragnar for quite some time, I thought I would take a break just for now and instead pin down a few 2013 goals.  Better late than never, right?

set and reach goal concept

I have a few general goals  that I will focus on for the entire year.  And remember, I roll with the K.I.S.S. principle.  Nothing too complicated, just simple but challenging goals.

  1. Run 1000 miles –  Although this seems like a no brainer, things happen, life happens and I don’t want to neglect my life in order to rack up run miles.  1000 miles is challenging, coming in at just under 20 miles a week, but also reasonable if I remain uninjured on the fitness wagon.
  2. Bike 2000 miles – Now this one may seem a little “Coo-Coo” but I biked almost 1000 miles this year and let’s just say that I didn’t give it a full effort.  I want to log miles every week of the year from here on out regardless of if TRI season is in session.
  3. Swim – Okay, I’m not ready to step in the pool yet…..still in denial here.
  4. Strength Train & Stretch – 2x per week.  This will be the first to be dropped.  I’m already worried about my schedule.  But this is the “goal”.  It won’t happen if it doesn’t even make the list, right?
  5. Drink 2 liters of water daily.
  6. Consume 5-7 servings of fruits & veggies daily.
  7. Be happy and have a positive attitude!

After the “general” goals, I then broke my training and race schedule into three parts:  Spring, Summer, Fall.  Each session having one goal race.  One focus.  Everything else will be for fun or quite possibly just not exist.  I’ve come to realize that with Aby in 3 sports per year, plus a toddler at home, our time is no longer our own.  I want Aby to be successful.  I want to support her in every way, which includes being at every race/game.  I’m not willing to sacrifice being her biggest supporter in order to once again, “log miles”.  For me, that means less racing, fewer “fun” miles, more focus oriented training.  


Between each session, I will rest and recover.  For example, this week, I’m doing nothing resting and focusing on non-impact activities to freshen up from Ragnar.  The bottom line is that “most” of us can’t just keep going without some downtime or we will get hurt or burnt out.  I know that there is an exception to every rule, Susan M, but most of us mere mortals need to rest.  I also find that as I get “older”, I have to be smarter about recovery.  Maybe because I’ve been doing this for most of my life?  Yes, that’s a “reality bites” admission.  Maybe because I’m not a sprinter youngin’ anymore?  I now focus on training smarter, not harder and utilize tools like Post Workout Recovery, ice baths and massage sticks to just be able to walk recover for the next workout.

Spring Session – Goal Race – Lansing Marathon – April 21, 2013

If you haven’t heard that I’m running the Lansing Marathon, then this is the first time you’ve stumbled on this blog cuz I’ve talked about it, given away a prize pack and basically tried to recruit everyone, and anyone, who runs to join me.   Don’t feel bad if I haven’t hit you up YET cuz I’ll get you eventually.  🙂  If you would like to join me in Lansing for the full, half, marathon relay or 5K, please feel free to use the $10 off discount code CHICAGO10 and click HERE to register.  You know a girl doesn’t like to run alone and I certainly hope to see YOU there!

Summer Session – Goal Race – Ironman 70.3 Racine – July 21, 2013


My TRI season last year didn’t go well. Ironman 70.3 Muncie was shorted due to the ridiculous heat (my report HERE) plus a tendon in my foot was torn so I couldn’t run, or finish.  I went with the intention to DNF.  I succeeded in acquiring my first DNF but it was not my favorite venue.  My second, and final, 70.3 of the year was going to be the Great Illini Challenge (my report HERE) but that race was called off due to the possibility probability of severe weather.  Completed triathlons in 2012 = Zero.  This year will be better.

Fall Session – Goal Race – TBD

I know many have their entire year planned but I’m keeping the fall schedule open.  This tends to be my fastest time of year.   I love the weather, I love the speed that my base mileage brings, I love to race.  However, the prior two sessions will dictate what Fall of 2013 will bring.  I’ve tossed around adding in another marathon but I need to see how my health is and how I am sitting mentally.  I may just sit on the couch and snuggle my baby run a half and some shorter races to take advantage of the speed.  Plus, if I’ve nailed some of my previous goal races, I’ll be cycling down rather than up.  Only time will tell.  I love a good mystery!!

Have you solidified a couple goals for 2013?  Do you have the entire year planned or are you okay with a couple question marks?

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Lansing Marathon Prize Pack WINNER


The winner of the Lansing Marathon Prize Pack is #30.


Who is #30?  Kim Bauer!!!


Congratulations, Kim!  You just won a free entry to the race of your choice (please run the marathon with me!!), in addition to a free training plan and a free copy of the e-book, Aurora.

Please email me so we can talk and arrange your registration, plus delivery of your training plan and e-book. 

For the rest of us, the early bird pricing is still valid ($95 for the full & $60 for the half) up until January 8th, so take advantage of the $10 discount prior to the price increase!  Register HERE using the coupon code:  CHICAGO10

108 days until the Lansing Marathon!!

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** **

Lansing Marathon Prize Pack & Giveaway

Two more days in 2012 and then we will be counting down to the New Year and a fresh start.  What are your goals for 2013?  Have you thought about what you want to do, where you want to go and which direction you plan to take your fitness?

For me, the next step in regaining my fitness is building my miles in order to be the fastest I can possibly be at the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in Chicago on April 7th.  I’m always the fastest in the weeks leading up to a marathon and for several months after…..quite possibly because my mind is trained as much as my body.  I want to run fast on April 7th so I picked a spring marathon.  The Lansing Marathon in Lansing, MI.  April 21, 2013. 


Exactly 111 days from today. Plenty of time. 

The Lansing Marathon offers a multitude of races:  Marathon,  Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, 5K, & a kids race.  The race director promises an excellent race:

The course is flat, fast, scenic and varied with both city and country terrain. The course is USATF certified and the marathon course is a Boston qualifier. There is great on course support with lots of tremendous volunteers and outstanding, lively spectators. Excellent fluid stations and an exciting finish right in front of the State Capitol building. Terrific post-race food and beer. Great medical support on course, too.

If you are looking for a BQ, or a PR at the Half Marathon distance, this might be the race for you.  It will be small, flat and fast! 

The race also partners with The Lansing Moves the World Foundation. 


Lansing Moves the World (LMW), coordinates an “ACE” Program for kids in Lansing schools, community centers, and at Lansing Boys and Girls Club. This project promotes coordination, agility, movement skills, stability, running speed, teamwork, and overall fitness and also has emphases on community involvement and educational advancement. ACE stands for Activity, Community, and Education.

LMW coordinates the activity of elite Kenyan runners.  When the Kenyan elites are in Lansing, they help with the ACE program and plant trees. When they are back home in Kenya, the help with our kids in the troubled Tana River District and also plant trees in de-forested areas of Kenya. We call Lansing the 24/7 marathon; we are trying to help children, somewhere in the world, around the clock. Details about LMW are at HERE.

Lansing Marathon Prize Pack Giveaway

  • One free entry to the Lansing Marathon race of choice;
  • A free training plan for either the full or half marathon ($39 value);
  • A free e-copy of the training book, Aurora ($19.95 value).


If you would like to be entered to win the giveaway package  1)  “like” the Lansing Marathon on Facebook HERE and leave a comment below telling me you did so, including the name under which you liked them so that I can verify.  2)  A second entry will be given for anyone who likes the Lansing Moves the World (charity) Facebook page HERE, please leave a separate comment telling me you liked LMW.  3) A bonus entry will be given if you share the giveaway via social media or a blog.  Please tag TooTallFritz while sharing so that I see it, and yes, please leave a separate comment for each share.   

A winner will be drawn on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at noon (12pm).  This is a quickie so that I can make the announcement prior to my departure for Ragnar FL.  This will also allow everyone time to use the discount code before the price increase in Jan 8th. 

Did I mention a discount code?  Yes!  The Lansing Marathon has generously offered a $10 discount code!  The early bird pricing is still valid ($95 for the full & $60 for the half) up until January 8th, so take advantage of the $10 discount prior to the price increase!  Register HERE using the coupon code:  CHICAGO10

I look forward to seeing you in Lansing!  This is going to be an amazing race and I hope to see a lot of friendly faces!

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **