Blackout ….. In Respect for the Boston Marathon Tragedy

I’m blacking out.
In respect for the Boston Marathon tragedy.
I’m devastated.
I’m horrified.
I’m going off line.
As a mother, wife, runner, I anguish over the terror that not only the runners felt but PARTICULARLY for the spectators.
For the families.
For the children.
For everyone involved.
God bless everyone involved.
May God grant you peace, comfort and as always wrap you in His loving arms.

Boston Mania & Why I’ll Never Qualify

Boston Mania is in the air!  We are excited.  We are ready.  Yet, most of us aren’t even running! 


The 117th running of the Boston Marathon will occur Monday morning at 9:30 am Eastern or 8:30 am Central Time (Chicago area).  Most of us will be glued to our computers working as the elites and our fast friends take to the the streets of Boston.  For many, the Boston Marathon is the race of all races.  The one that runners dream about for years.   The one for which most will never be able to run due to the fast qualifying standards.  The one that has become tradition for so many of the “faster” marathon runners.

It’s a race that holds me on the edge of my seat for approximately 2.5 hours each Patriot’s Day.  I love watching the race.  I love rooting for our American elites, hoping that this will be the year that one of them can hit the finish line first and win the Boston title for themselves and all of the rest of us who love this race so much.

Regardless of how much I love this race, I have no illusion as to toeing the line anytime within this decade.  My current age group requires me to run a 3:40 (actually a 3:45 since I will turn 40 before the 118th Boston Marathon but that’s still an 8:35 min/mi pace).  The standards are HERE if you need to look.   However, the thought of running that fast for that long makes me want to cry. 

The ladies from our area who have been busting their ass training all winter for Boston have really been going after it.  This is no joke.  Although, I do believe talent plays a major role in those who are able to BQ, it also requires a lot of work.  Focused training.  The overwhelming desire to hit the times, paces and tempos where most of us would just wuss out  walk away.  I am amazed by their efforts.  I am amazed by their dedication.  I am amazed by their push.

Seeing these women train has cemented the fact for me that at this point in my life, I do NOT have what it takes to BQ.  I don’t have the desire or the push.  If I want to walk, I will.  If I want to run slow, I will.  I just want to run without any time or pace requirements attached.  I’m not really even following a training plan for the Lansing Marathon, which is a mere 8 days away.  I ran the long runs on the schedule but didn’t do the speed or tempo work.  I ran more than I was supposed to on many days, did zero cross training and ran less than I was supposed to on other days.  I’ve heard people say, “Fail to plan, plan to fail” but I don’t believe that.  I just think that at this point in my life, managing work/family/life is more important to me that nailing a training plan.  Maybe I’m lazy.  Maybe I’m tired.  Maybe I just want there to be one aspect of my life which doesn’t require a “plan”. 

So my  lackadaisical approach to running will be the reason why I won’t be hitting that BQ any time soon.  Of course, I can always hope that after Susan M finishes the Lansing Marathon, that she will come back for me and carry me those last 6 miles.  Then I might have a chance.  Smile  Or maybe not.

How about you?  Are you killing your runs and workouts?  Are you aiming for the coveted BQ?  Or are you like me, just content to run relaxed and watch the Boston Marathon streaming on your computer?

**  Too Tired to Check The Training Plan **  Amanda – TooTallFritz **