Flying Pig Marathon (or Half) FREE Entry Giveaway – 2016

Year after year, there are a few races that I hear about time and time again.   It’s not because they are fast & flat and everyone crushes their PR.  It’s because the race offers more than a course of 13.1 or 26.2 miles but also an EXPERIENCE.  Flying Pig is one such race.  I’ve been asked a 100 times if I’ve ran Flying Pig.  My answer has always been, “no”.  But that’s about to change, because I’m headed to the Flying Pig Marathon for 2016 and I want YOU to join me!

Flying Pig_Oinked for Life

The 2016 theme is “Oinked For Life” where we are encouraged to fly with the pigs cuz they put the “fun in run”.  Flying Pig is known for a fun filled weekend with events for the entire family.  It’s also a big fundraiser for local charities hosting the Piggest Raffle Ever & Pig Drop to start off the weekend in style!  Can’t wait, I’ve never been to a Pig Drop!

They’ve also joined a fast growing trend where races offer some sort of “challenge” which results in extra bling, swag or rewards for participating in more than the main event.  The Flying Pig is all about getting everyone involved in the activities in and around the community for the entire weekend.  This year, there will be both a 3 Way Challenge (10K, 5K & Half Marathon) and a 4 Way Challenge (10K & 5K & Marathon).  Or you can do either Challenge “with Extra Cheese” and toss in the Little Kings Mile on Friday Night.  As an added incentive to walk or run the Little Kings Mile, the Pig Drop is at the Little Kings after party and I know you don’t want to miss that!  Additional details from the website below:

3-Way / 4-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese

You’ve asked for a new challenge at the Flying Pig, so we’ve come up with a new, fun series within Flying Pig weekend: The 3-Way and 4-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese! It combines the Skyline Chili 3-Way (Toyota 10K, Tri State Running Company 5K and the half marathon) and 4-Way (10K, 5K and full marathon) with a twist—the Little Kings Mile on Friday night of Flying Pig weekend!

Skyline Chili 3-Way and 4-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese finishers will receive additional premiums for their great achievements, including a 3-Way/4-Way finisher’s shirt, an additional 3-Way/4-Way Challenge finisher’s medal, and a plaque to display all five event medals. Start your Flying Pig experience a day early, and be one of the first to sign up for the 3-Way or 4-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese!

So if you are in it for the bling and swag, then sign up for the 3 or 4-Way Challenge “with Extra Cheese”!  I’m certainly looking at my schedule to see how much fun I can fit into one weekend!   I’ll definitely be running the marathon, hopefully one of the challenges too. 

The 2016 finishers medal has not yet been unveiled but here is the 2015 version for marathon finishers.  Cute!

Flying Pig_2015 medals

It all sounds super cool, right?  Okay, let’s get you set up to win a FREE entry into the half or full Flying Pig marathon on Sunday, May 1, 2016.    If you are interested in being entered into the drawing, please comment below (one point).  If you REALLY want to win, then you can get additional entries by jumping thru a few hoops (listed below).  Just let me know in the comments what actions you preformed so I can allot you the proper amount of entries. 

  • Comment Below – Required – 1 Entry
  • Like the TooTallFritz Facebook page HERE – 1 Entry
  • Like the Flying Pig Facebook page HERE – 1 Entry
  • Follow TooTallFritz on Twitter HERE – 1 Entry
  • Follow Flying Pig on Twitter HERE – 1 Entry
  • Follow TooTallFritz on Instagram HERE – 1 Entry
  • Follow Flying Pig on Instagram HERE – 1 Entry

Total of 7 entries available for this giveaway.  Let me know in the comments what to credit you.  Note:  it’s a freebie if you already follow me or the Flying Pig Marathon on any of our social media channels.  Smile  Giveaway goes from now until December 16, 2015 at noon CST.  Good luck!!

** Let’s Fly With The Pigs ** Amanda – TooTallFritz




282 thoughts on “Flying Pig Marathon (or Half) FREE Entry Giveaway – 2016

  1. OK I REALLY REALLY want to do this race! It’s on my bucket list for 2016. I cannot tell a lie, I already followed you on facebook and Instagram. But I am doing all the rest now, so I guess that’s 5 enteries for me.

  2. This race is on my bucket list. The only issue for me would be half or full? Everything you’re asking for an additional entry, I do. My handle is jbean119 (on both instagram and twitter).

  3. Would love to do this race again! It was one of my favorites. I am following both on Facebook and Instagram👍🏼

  4. Awesome!! I’ve run this one 3 times now. The half in 2012 was my 2nd ever half. Ran the full – 1st and only – in 2014 and ran the half again this year (2015)! Hubby and kids ran the 5k this year too! In my opinion they put on an amazing race from start to finish!! 😊

  5. How exciting! I’m a Cincy runner who has been too intimidated to run the pig. I have decided to do the half this year. Would love a free registration!

  6. Pick me! I really want to win!!! Even though I really don’t want to run it! Lol just kidding. I liked and followed all I needed too.

  7. Would LOVE to win an entry! Bucket list item!

    I like you on fb, like Flying Pig on fb, follow you on twitter, follow flying pig on Twitter. (Can’t get into my instagram acct… so yeah.)

  8. Been on my wish list. Would love to make the journey with you! I follow you and the Flying Pig on both Facebook and Twitter. Guess I need to get in that Instagram train. 😊 Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Ooh, ooh, ooh! I would love to win a free half marathon entry for the Flying Pig!

    I followed you and Flying Pig on all the social media channels, so I’m good for 7 entries. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  10. I was planning on doing this in 2016 after Boston…so a free entry would be awesome! And if I win….I will run it with you! I did the FP webpage like (and posted comment) and I liked your FB page (and posted comments). I don’t do Twitter or Instagram and have enough challenge to keep up with FB page, so I guess I just have to sit on the 3 entries and hope random generator defies probability! Soooo…hoping “this little Piggy is mine!”

  11. I’ve done a Flying Pig Event for the past 4 years and love it. I’ve done the kids’ final mile with my son, the 5k, the 10k, the relay, the half, and last year the full. I love it and the swag. I already follow the Flying Pig on Facebook and on Instagram. I’d love to run it again (but it is a bit expensive for my budget this year) so a free entry would be great.

  12. I did all 7 – and I love the PIG- It was my second half ever and I really want to go back- to do the half with extra cheese! Would LOVE to win an entry! thanks!

  13. I have been wanting to do this marathon as it is highly recommended and I need this state as I’m 7 states from becoming a 50 State member. I liked and followed all links; although, you will not see my name as it appears here as I am listed under my nickname GG Montoya.

  14. We have been talking (only talking) about what the race plan will be for 2016… This would be very helpful in getting things started.

  15. We did the half marathon last year, really enjoyed the excitement and support from the other participants. Looking forward to doing it again!

  16. I already registered for this run can I still win a free entry? I hope so because I’m gonna try! So stoked for this race. I heard great things and pigs crack me up!

  17. I’m already entered for the 3 Way challenge with extra cheese, but I’d love to gift a free entry to a friend! I did the four way challenge a couple years ago and I loved it! The medal fr competing it was just as awesome as the sweet marathon medals!!

  18. I have ran 4 states and would love to add this race to the 50 state half marathon list! Liked TTF and Flying Pig on FB. Thanks for the opportunity! Looks like a fun race.

  19. I already liked the Flying Pig FB page, and I’ve liked your TooTallFritz FB page. I would love to run the half–it’s on my bucket list! We’re from Ohio and most of my husband’s family lives in Cinci.

  20. Hi! I’m so glad I came across this running Cincinnati website! I like Too Tall Fritz FB, Flying Pig FB, Instagram follow TooTallFritz and the marathon! And I commented here! 🙂

  21. This race is totally on my bucket list for this year! A year ago I started a couch to 5k program. To date I have run 4 5k’s, 1 5 mile, 1 10k and 6 half marathons and am looking to continue the streak. I have the worlds worst luck when it comes to winning contests that I enter, yet somehow I keep wishing that one day my luck will change….let this be the contest that does it!

  22. I’ve been hoping to run this half because it just seems so fun! I’d love to win the entry. I’ve commented here and liked both Facebook pages 🙂

  23. all the things! i’ve done all the things. hit me up with all the entries possible so i can come back and tackle those hills again.

  24. What a great way to promote pigtastic race! I followed you on facebook and instagram, I already follow the pig on facebook, twitter and instagram! Very cool!

  25. I love this race! It is my favorite -I do the 1/2 and have done dozens of other half marathons in other locations in this by far is the best race ever!! Flying pig rocks!

  26. Love this race! I was a first time participant last year and it’s safe to say I am oinked for life. Such an incredible experience. I follow the Flying Pig on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  27. I run the full Pig every year! Last year I was 35 weeks pregnant, so I had to run only a leg of the relay, but it was still fun. I love this race!

  28. I just completed my first full in October and have been wanting to do The Flying Pig since I got into running. It looks like so much fun and I want to be a part of it!

  29. I have unfinished business at the Pig. Last year I missed a BQ by less than 5 minutes and ended up in the medical tent with a blood sugar of 41. I need my revenge on the Pig!!

    • I already follow the Flying Pig on facebook and instagram and I just started following you on both. Thanks for this contest!!

  30. I liked both Facebook pages and have followed both instagram accounts. I would love to do the half again, this time with my husband.

  31. The Flying Pig is one of my favorites. The entire weekend is awesome. I love the energy and how they include the entire racing family in the weekends’ events. I have completed the half a couple of times, and I am planning on tackling the full course this year.

  32. A year ago I started a couch to 5k program with never running in my life. To date I have run 4 5k’s, 1 5 mile, 1 10k and 6 half marathons and I hope to keep the streak alive as this race is on my bucket list. I never win anything ever yet I still enter contests hoping that one day my luck will change…maybe this will be the time.

  33. Participated in the 5K last year and ready to step it up for the half this year. Participation in this event was life changing for me. There is so much energy and encouragement just to get out there and invest in your goals!

  34. I ran the Half this year and it’s on my bucket list for 2016 too! despite being really challenging, especially compared to Chicago’s flat lands, I LOVED this race!

  35. 7 entries for me. I follow or like all the questions above. I have run the half several years and its my absolutely fav half of everywhere i have run. I have run 17 half marathons and four full marathons since I started running in 2009. I have PR’d every time I have ran at the flying pig which sounds crazy but I absolutely love running hills! I absolutely love the course, I feed off the hills. I took 39 minutes off my half PR between 2012 and 2013. I now want to go run the flying pig full marathon. Its been on my bucket list and am ready!

  36. Hello!!!!!!

    Comment Below – Required – 1 Entry

    I would love to run the Flying Pig!!

    Like the TooTallFritz Facebook page HERE – 1 Entry
    Done – Kat Keiffer

    Like the Flying Pig Facebook page HERE – 1 Entry
    Done Kat Keiffer

    Follow TooTallFritz on Instagram HERE – 1 Entry
    Done- Katroseruns

    Follow Flying Pig on Instagram HERE – 1 Entry
    Done- Katroseruns

    Thanks!!!! Would love you join you all 🙂
    Hello from North Carolina.

  37. Love Love Love The Flying Pig! I have done the Three-Way Challenge since it started and I am addicted! I love being down there both days for all the events!

  38. The Flying Pig is as big of day as Reds Opening Day! It is challenging but this race has the best fan support! It has a great post party too!

  39. This is so amazing! Being a Cincinnati local my whole life I have always dreamed of running the Full Pig. I finally ran two half’s this year so I think I would absolutely conquer it!! I entered all ways! Woo!

  40. I hadn’t signed up for the Pig yet (awaiting recovery from some nagging injuries), but a large number of my tribe from the Atlanta Track Club are in, and asking what I’m waiting for!

  41. Entered all 7 ways! I did the Flying Pig Half last year for the first time….hills were tough, but the crowd was amazing and race was well organized…would love to do it again if I could afford it. Hoping to do the 3-way next year!

  42. Entered in 5 of the 7! No Twitter (shame on me with the amount that people use it). This race has been on my bucket list for awhile, Cincinnati is just such a beautiful city!

  43. The Flying Pig is awesome and you will have so much fun! Would love to run it again. I like the Flying Pig on FB, Twitter and Instagram as well.

  44. I’ve completed both the full and the 3-way (with cheese before it was a thing) and have had a great time each time. Great idea to combine all 4 events. I would love to do the 3-way with cheese again! Recommend the race to everyone, I would even add in the pump-n-run to up the ante.

    And I liked all the pages that I hadn’t before.


  45. Hi! 7 entries for me! I have been wanted to run the full Flying Pig for a long time now so this would be great encouragement to run it!

  46. Hello! My name is Emily and I am stoked about anything Flying Pig! I started running January of 2014 after having little confidence in myself or the runner I could ever be. I couldn’t even run a half of a mile and never even dreamed that I could run a marathon. SO I did something crazy that year and signed up for the flying pig half…I trained for about 3 months…and was able to run the ENTIRE thing! So, the following year, I decided to *go big or go home* and sign up for my first ever 26.2, the Flying Pig MARATHON. I trained. I fought. I cried. And I finished that beautiful, painful, victorious race on May 3, 2015. A day I’ll never forget. The day I felt fully alive and experienced freedom from a life lacking confidence and joy. I was filled to the brim with unbelievable amounts of hope…a hope that has spurred me to try and get everyone in my life to run the pig alongside of me. This year, I have 2 of my newbie running friends joining me for the race. They’ve signed up but I haven’t gotten there yet. I plan to run the 13.1 Pig alongside of them…and I can’t wait! Yor help getting there would be amazing. Also, I’ve followed all of the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Thank you for this opportunity!

  47. My passion for running began when I was in 7th grade, as I continued to run cross country for 6 years through middle school and high school. Now a junior at Ohio University, I have continued to pursue my love for running and would love to run this race in my hometown of Cincinnati! Thanks for hosting this contest. Balancing running with academics is challenging but I would love this opportunity to challenge myself in conquering this half marathon!

  48. 7 entries for me! I’m so excited. I was suppose to run my first half marathon in Nov at Disney Wine & Dine but due to weather they cut the course in half! I’ve lost my running mojo since and need another half to be training for to get me back in the groove. Even if I don’t win the thought I might should be enough to get me back to training! Going to lace up my running shoes right now! Thank you!

  49. Entered all 7 ways! I just ran my 1st half in Oct, and look forward to my 1st half pig in ’16! I planned on just the half, but if I win, I would go for the 3 way and train for it! #runningbecauseofthosewhosaidIwouldfail

  50. Completed the Full in 2012. Have been itching to do a 3-Way the past couple of years but time didn’t allow, thinking this might be the year and potentially with extra cheese.

  51. Went to college in Cincinnati and been thinking about this one for my first full. Already like/follow Flying Pig on Facebook and Twitter.

  52. i LOVE the Flying Pig! I am originally from Cincinnati but live in Florida now. I would absolutely love to win a free entry to run the Pig back in my hometown! I signed up for all 7 entries. Thanks for the chance!

  53. Hope to make this my second Marathon!! Chicago runner hoping to run in the streets of Cincinnati ❤️ I liked the two Facebook pages and Instagram pages 🙂

  54. This race has been on my list since I am trying to do the 50 states/50 marathons. I follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I also follow Flying Pig on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

  55. I’ve done the 10k a couple times, and got a 4 min PR this year on it!!!, would love to do the Half one year!!!

    I already follow Flying Pig on Twitter and FB, and now after following you and adding IG, I now am eligible for all 7 entries!

    Thank you!

  56. Pingback: Winner of the Spartan Race Giveaway! | TooTallFritz

  57. I did the extra Facebook and Instagram likes for a total of 5 entries! I’m a Cincy native (now living in Cbus) and would love to come back to town to run this as my 4th half marathon!

  58. I have had this race on my maybe list for a while – maybe this is the year! 🙂 I’ve done all the follows so put me down for 7 entries!

  59. Would love to do this race – have a friend who is doing her first one and many friends will be attending to cheer her on.

  60. I’ve always wanted to try this race. I’ve heard about so many wonderful experiences. Maybe this is my year! I liked TooTallFritz and the Flying Pig on FB, plus started following both on Twitter and Instagram! Crossing my fingers that 7 entries will be lucky!!!!

  61. Just followed TooTallFritz and Flying Pig on Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram. Looking forward to hopefully running the Flying Pig next year!

  62. This will be my VERY FIRST 13.1 and so excited to start training and be able to finish! Started running at the age of 40 (last year) and my goal is to do my first half at 41…I can not wait to run in this run! So giddy already!

  63. This is definitely a “bucket list” race for me!!!! Trying to get a marathon in all 50 states… If I do Flying Pig, it will be state #11 (I know I got several more to do)! I also follow Flying Pig and TooTallFritz on Instagram and Facebook! 5 entries! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  64. Okay! I did all the things! I liked and followed you and Flying Pig on all the platforms! My extended family is all in Cincinnati, and maybe signing up for the Flying Pig will get my training mojo back on track!

  65. I am definitely doing this race in 2016 and would love to win my entry. I liked your FB, the flying pig FB and also followed you both on Instagram.

  66. This was the first ever half marathon. That was 8 years ago and I want to go back. I have completed many races and The flying Pig is my favorite!

  67. I am from Cincinnati but currently living in North Carolina. This is on my 1/2 marathon bucket list this year. Love a hometown race where my family can cheer me on and meet me at the finish line. I have liked both FB pages and thank you for the chance for a free entry!!

  68. Hi! I’ve followed too tall fritz and the flying pig on Twitter, FB, and Instagram and I would SO love to win a race entry.. looking to run my first full and would love for it to be this one!

  69. I’m following tootallfritz on Facebook and Instagram. I’m also following/liked flying pig on Facebook and instigram. 5 entries total.

  70. AHH! I am so excited about this giveaway! I did ALL 7 THINGS listed above, in hopes I can increase my chances of winning! 🙂 I followed TooTallFritz on facebook, instagram, and twitter. I also followed the Flying Pig on facebook, instagram, and twitter. THANK YOU for this giveaway! 🙂

  71. Hiya! The Pig is on my list (no, I am NOT just saying that; I’m from Detroit, I have friends and family in Ohio and I am planning on the Air Force Marathon in Sept. Did Glass City for the 50 states thing). It’s close to Boston, but since I did Boston 2 Big Sur last year, that’s no excuse now. It’s time for this vegetarian to oink! So I followed all the prompts and and now following you and the Pig on FB, Twitter, Instagram and your blog…..y’all do ambassadors? Cuz I think that could be big pig fun. Thanks! Amy

  72. I am following some already of the above and added some new too! Thanks! Twitter: thelonemayan Instagram: alwaysrunningsomewhere

  73. I just started running and want to sign up for the half. I have 3 kids under 5 and exercise has become my “me” time! Hope to see you there 🙂

  74. Credit me 5! I started training to walk
    the half a few weeks ago! I have a lot of training to do to be ready and have found a small group of friends and family to do it with me! It had always been on my bucket list to complete a half marathon!

  75. I followed all facebook pages, twitters and instagrams you said! I am in college (financially living paycheck to paycheck as students do lol) and I am a new runner but have caught the running bug! The flying pig would be my first half marathon and I would love to join you there!!!

  76. So excited for this race i was born and raised in Cincinnati and finally have mustered up the courage to run the super hero hills of cincinnati😘 Would be so excited to win.

  77. Already follow on FB but signing up to follow on instagram. Following tootallfritz on both as well. Think that makes 5 entries😀

  78. Ran my 1st 1/2 at the Flying Pig. Liked TooTallFritz Facebook and Twitter. Liked Flying Pig Facebook and twitter pages.

  79. I love this race! I used to live in Cincinnati so I have fond memories of running the streets. This race is truly special. The spectators, water stations, and expo are amazing! The whole city gets involved for the race.

  80. I ran the flying pig half marathon in 2015 and it was completely amazing. It is definitely a race I will do every single year! My goal is to participate in more than one event, (5k as well as the half marathon)
    If you haven’t had the chance to run any of these races, do so! The route is absolutely beautiful! Make sure to get some sunrise pictures!!

  81. I ran the half this year and it was AMAZING. I also liked both FB pages, and followed both FlyingPig and TooTallFritz on instagram and twitter!

  82. Great motivation in the season of giving! I’d be up for the half as I’ve never done a full (keeping expectations realistic). I have not done Flying Pig but am a native Midwesterner living in DC area (willing to travel). I also have a good run buddy who got a Flying Pig tattoo post race (if a race is worth permanent ink, it is worth running!) I’ve got you covered on all social media outlets! Cheers! PS I’d have many blogging q’s for you as I’ve stopped and started a dozen times now. Always learning.

  83. Did the 3Way Challenge last year. Loved it. Would love to go back to Cincy. Such a cool place.
    And of course I follow Flying Pig on Twitter and Facebook.

  84. I loved running the Flying Pig this year and would love to run it next year!!

    Like the TooTallFritz Facebook page HERE – 1 Entry

    Like the Flying Pig Facebook page HERE – 1 Entry

    Follow TooTallFritz on Twitter HERE – 1 Entry

    Follow Flying Pig on Twitter HERE – 1 Entry

    Follow TooTallFritz on Instagram HERE – 1 Entry

    Follow Flying Pig on Instagram HERE – 1 Entry

  85. Looks like a great race! I liked both pages on Facebook and followed both on Twitter! I’m planning my 2016 races and this race keeps popping up 🙂

  86. I cannot wait to run this race!! Also followed the FB/Twtitter/and Instagram accounts ( @wynkeph) for the bonus points. Anything to help win an entry!

  87. Love the Pig! Have done the half, but would love to do the full next year! I did all 7 things! Followed all the pages and am commenting here!

  88. I am already booked that day, maybe next year…..but would love to win for a friend who would LOVE to run this race!! I have 4 entries! Thank you!!

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