National Running Day …..

National Running Day?  Say what?  Is this our version of a “Hallmark Holiday”?  If so, hubby forgot to get me that new running skirt that I’ve been eyeing!  Hmph!  Anyhow, I was fortunate enough that this National Day of Running fell on a Wednesday so I was already penciled in with the run club for a few miles.  John, Susan, Me & Ken:


These 3 are my solid WED night crew.  They show up when it’s cold, rainy & even when it’s hot!  Last night was overcast and threatening rain so I think that scared a “few” people away.  Ironically, we didn’t talk much about running on this “holiday”.  Total Run Nerd fail.  What was our main topic of conversation?  Bikes.

It seems summer  has brought all of us a bit of “bike fever”.  We dream of hammering riding down the trail with the wind at our backs and just enjoying some cross training to give our run legs a break.  Bike fever has several member of the F’N Running Club shopping for new bikes.  Super exciting!  As a result, we will be starting a group cycle.  So if you see us coming your way on a Friday morning, maybe just get out of the way.  Most of us have new bikes.  We are learning how to clip in and out of pedals.  Some of us are triathletes who “road bikers” find notoriously inexperienced and unsafe.  So yeah, if you see us coming, protect yourself because it’s all fun and games for us.  WhooooHoooooo!  And if you’re looking for some fun then bring your bike out on a Friday morning.  We’ll try not to knock you over as we domino to the ground trying to stop at the next stop sign!  Smile


** Beware!  Runners Take To The Bike ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

1 thought on “National Running Day …..

  1. That’s neat…running club adding biking to the mix…awesome! Can’t wait to run and bike with FN’RC! If you had extra help to watch bikes…you could even have a run-bike-run or bike-run-bike miixing up some run miles…then doing some bike miles. Just would have to have some “staging” areas where you could drop your bikes off that were being watched by someone from the club. Give that some thought. I don’t think runners are a nuisance riding bikes…just have to learn the ropes. And for those of your group new to the clip-in-pedals/shoes…here’s a tip to make sure you don’t end up going down at some stoplight/sign or intersection crossing.

    Anytime approaching a road crossing, intersection or other area where you may have to come to a fast stop on short notice…as you are approaching from 0.1-mi or so…slowly declip your R-foot (if you R-handed, L -foot if L-handed) keeping the clip lightly resting on the pedal and pedaling on…then when across the intersection…just push down and re-clip in! If you practice this…the beauty of it is when something unexpected at those crossings happen and you get into quick-response (panic-mode)…you don’t end-up coming to stop with both feet clipped in. I learned this the hard way on a lessor bike…but when I bought that Madone….I was damn sure I was not going to go down and damage that bike cause both feel clipped in.

    Hope that helps! Looking forward to seeing FN’RC run-bike or bike-run events!

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