SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Review & Giveaway …..

I’m not exactly sure where the year has gone but like it or not, the holidays are upon us.  I’ve slowly started to Christmas shop and Michael already found everything I had hidden for him specifically because I need to budget for it this year in a different way than ever before.  So start slow and space it out, right? 

Even though I’m on a budget, I still like to give killer gifts!  Therefore, I wanted to talk about the SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker NOW before I get lost in the holiday shuffle! 


SOL REPUBLIC is known for delivering amazing sound in everything they produce.  I have multiple SOL REPUBLIC items and love each and every one of them.  Definitely my favorite retailer for sound.   However, the Punk Wireless Speaker is a bit different than their other products because this speaker was built to go wherever you go. 


It’s small.  Like fits in the palm of my hand small.  My wallet is larger than this speaker!  It easily fits in my purse, gym bag and the pocket of my vest. 


It has a mounting thread on the bottom of the speaker to mount to your bike.

IMG_5681     Punk_bike

It was built to take a hit and keep on blasting those tunes. 

Beware of PUNK. Smaller, tougher and louder than you would expect. Play it everywhere and take it anywhere. PUNK is fearless. Not afraid of water, dirt, or getting kicked around and gutsy enough to play music loud. If you won’t break the rules, PUNK will.

So parents, if your kids (or you) want a wireless speaker that can roll down the stairs, get wet, dirty and keep on playing, this might be for you.  I specifically wanted this speaker for my sun room which has a hot tub.  I know you are all thinking, “hot tub, that’s so cool”, well it’s not cool, it’s hot!  It gets hot and steamy in there, like a sauna.  It’s not a great place for a fancy sound system!  The wireless range on the Punk Wireless Speaker is 60+ feet.  I set up a play list on my phone, start the speaker, leave my phone high and dry in the house and take this little guy out in the “sauna like” sun room with me.  Sound quality is excellent.  It plays LOUD.  And the battery life lasts for around 8 hours.  I’ve used the Punk every single day since it’s arrived, in and out of the sun room.  Smile    Love this thing!

IMG_5590    IMG_5591

One last thing, that’s important if you are as UN tech savvy as me, is that the Bluetooth hooks up easily.  I don’t mess too much with technology.  In fact, when iPods were “wired” and I had to plug into the computer, it was a train wreck, my iPod was never updated and at this point I don’t even have a computer with an active iTunes account.  Bluetooth was invented for people like me.  It’s easy.  I can quickly/easily pair my iPhone with any SOL REPUBLIC wireless speaker.  I just go into my settings, click on Bluetooth and my phone searches for the speaker (which needs to be on).  The Punk speaker pops up and I select it.  After that initial pairing it hooks up automatically.  So easy!  IMG_5682

The Punk Wireless Speaker retails for $69.99 at Best Buy HERE and SOL REPUBLIC HERE but we have one to giveaway FREE to a lucky reader!!  In order to be eligible to win, please comment below and tell us what you plan to do with the Punk Wireless Speaker if you win!  Are you keeping it or giving it to a lucky someone as a gift?!?!?  Tell us!!  Giveaway starts NOW and ends next Friday, November 21st at 9am.  Good luck!

Watch SOL REPUBLIC on the social media channels below for the most up to date news on their amazing products. 

I seriously hope you rock out at every holiday gathering you attend.  Music makes the soul happy, take the PUNK and go get those parties started or if you aren’t into parties, you can just listen to it while you work, like I do.

** The Punk Goes Where You Go ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

40 thoughts on “SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Review & Giveaway …..

  1. What an excellent idea! This would work great on the treadmill!! My kids always want to hear music while I run. I can’t hear it over the treadmill though so I use ear buds. Might be a way to make us all happy! Thanks for the chance!!

  2. not gonna lie…this is going to be very hard to giveaway if i did win, but because i already have one very similar & i know how wonderful these SR speakers are, i would def give this little goodie to by little bestie. i know she would enjoy this just as much! thanks TTF for another great giveaway!

  3. Whooo! I’d keep this for me, too. I’ve been struggling on my bike commute with how to listen to my tunes while I pedal (It’s 26 miles round trip, and I refuse to plug my ears with buds and not hear traffic). This would be great to strap on my bike and go!! How nice would it be to protect my phone finally and stuff it in my saddle bag instead of strapping it to my handle bars?!

  4. Well don’t know all that well this wireless technology…but thinking it has some application and use for me….that does listen to a lot of music…including “Punk” venue! So what would I do with it should I win…well got to play some “punk” music through it! Actually…never really understood what punk music was or is. Is it Nirvana, Against Me, Rise Against, Green Day…or others? I just like music…can find way to make this speaker work…should I be lucky and win. Well Allright…well allright….go to Blind Faith…Well Allright!

  5. i have been wanting a portable speaker for quite some time. Even though I should give this to my son as a gift, I would most likely keep it and share it with him.

  6. As soon as I saw that picture of the speaker on the bike I knew EXACTLY what I would use this for…remember that scene in the movie Now & Then when the girls are riding their bikes and playing that knock three times song? I always wanted to do that and if I had this speaker I could totally make my childhood dreams come true 🙂

  7. I would let my daughter use it. She loves to have music on and dance for her sister who laughs and laughs at her. Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. If I win, I am keeping it for myself! I’ll share it with my family though. But mamas tunes out trump the kiddos tunes. 🙂

  9. I would give it to my middle child who suffers from “middle child syndrome” and never seems to have any cool stuff like his older brother and sister

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