Hipster Hands Free Leash Giveaway Winner!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented and entered the giveaway for the Outward Hound Hands Free Hipster Leash!  Please note that this giveaway was sponsored by Dog Fence DIY!  Huge shout out of THANKS to them!

I absolutely love the fact that so many people are active AND totally in love with their pooch.  Of course, active dog lovers are going to be active WITH their dog and that’s a great thing for everyone involved!   I’ve had amazing years running with my girl, Libby, and look forward to creating a similar bond soon with a new friend so my old girl can officially retire


Without further ado, let’s pick a winner!!  The Random Number generator selected #6!!


Who’s #6?  David Mauger, AKA “Frogger”.  Congrats, Frogger!!  Get your new pooch out and running with this Hipster Hands Free system!!  But beware of those squirrels so that powerful girl doesn’t pull you off your feet!! 


As for the rest of us, we can buy the Hands Free Hipster Leash by clicking HERE!  The Hipster is normally $34.95 but I see it’s currently on special for $29.95 with additional discounts for multiple leash purchases.  Great deal!


Enjoy all those walks, hikes & runs with your pooch!  Time with them is so precious!

** Run Hands Free ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

2 thoughts on “Hipster Hands Free Leash Giveaway Winner!!!

  1. Wow…awesome that I won this! I have a really big, white German shepherd and hoping this will let me run totally hands free when I take her on my runs. I rarely take her long…and usually just do first 2-3 miles and put her back in, and go out and finish out at my speed! But she needs exercise and she definitely gets excited to go on the run! As I mentioned in my email response to you, I have her fairly well trained not to bolt at squirrels and she responds to the “no” command on that, but she will slow down and keep looking until we hundred feet or so down the street or road. IT is the “little dogs” that I cannot break her from lurching at if they off leash and come into street…or come to edge of yard. So will have to be careful running her on Hipster and be prepared to stop and hold ground. Once I test it out and see how it is designed and works in the real world…maybe I can figure out way to make a quick release that has short hand leash. I will report back to you on how product works and comment about its design and any modifications you can do to improve it. Thanks again and really cool you do these giveaways!

  2. OH…and I don’t think you retire Libby entirely. Even old dogs need some activity. Maybe she can’t go on any longer run…but taking her out for a 1-mile…run 1/4 mile…walk a bit…run next 1/4 and such….she probably could handle and enjoy. Hunting breed dogs never give up…no matter how old they get…they may not be able to do much…but they always want to go! And if she can’t even handle slow run…then you just walk her at whatever speed she wants to go at! She’s earned the right that you adjust to her speed and desire to go whatever distance…even if just around the block once!

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