Moving on ….. The Lansing Marathon

As we watch the morning news and see that progress is definitely being made toward apprehending the Boston Bombers, I have no choice but to suck it up move on and refocus on MY running.  The Lansing Marathon is this weekend.  Sunday.  Time to get my head together.  Time to run.

What is my goal?  To finish.  What is my plan?  To show up on time.  What will I do when it starts to hurt?  Cry. What’s my mantra?  Don’t hyperventilate.  What am I wearing?  NOW we have something to talk about!

Along the line of my Blackout for Boston this week, the tragedy, and in respect for the Boston Marathon and it’s amazing history, I’m going all black.  Black with a few blue/yellow accents for respect.

Athleta Swagger Skort with Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

image    image

Champion Cardio Tank (I didn’t have a black tank!!), Saucony DryLete Arm Warmers (Last Chance sale section) & Zensah Compression Calf Sleeves.

image   image   image

Depending on the weather, I’ll add either running sunglasses or a visor.
ShamrockShuffle_2013_Pete's pic    FNRC visor

Blue/Yellow Accents – DIY decorative scrunchie & messy yellow nails with blue mosaic madness top coat.

blue yellow scrunchi  blue yellow nails

Now, I’m ready to run!!!  I may not be fast but I probably won’t be last.  I may not be smooth but I’ll keep moving.  I may not have lost that extra 5 lbs but I’ll be thankful my legs are healthy and able to carry me the 26.2 miles from start to finish.  Thankfulness, that’s what will keep me moving.  Thankful for the ability to run.  Thankful for the desire to run.  Thankful for my family members who are safe and healthy.  Thankful for friends I’ve made along the way.  Thankful to live in a place where most of the time, we live safely, free from the intrusion of crazies who want to destroy our spirit.  Thankful.  That’s what will propel me thru this 26.2 miles of hell fun in Lansing, Michigan.

If you see me, please say hello.  I’d love to meet YOU!!

**  Moving On & Ready to Run ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **