The 8th Day of NO RUNNING…..

The 8th day of NO RUNNING leaves me feeling pain-free but frustrated sluggish and fatigued.  Yeah, I know, not exactly how one would expect to feel after “rest” but this is exactly what happens.  The fitness leaves faster than it comes.  I have done a few push ups, stretches, etc. but nothing to keep the snap in my legs.  Plus the staycation has brought lots of bad for the body good food and alcohol so I am up 5 lbs.  Yikes….can’t wait to race on Saturday in Matteson and Dash into the New Year….somebody is going to have to pull me!  Kate, Kelly, Maggie…..HELP!

Yesterday’s main project was to get hubby a new toolbox for work.  The way most of us think of a “toolbox” would probably mislead one into believing this project should be easy but when looking for a toolbox as tall as Ms. TooTall…it’s not so simple.  We ended up with some massive thing similar to this I think.

Then the rest of the day we spent eating and drinking.  Great for somebody who wants to run fast in 2 days…..oh well, family first, right?  Like the stand up quarter trick?  Yep, I have skilliz.

Then we came home to watch a movie so momma could put on her slippers.

Low key day….we are starting to go crazy without the kiddos to chase around.  We have only been without the kids since Monday afternoon and it seems like forever.  What to do today….. nothing, go get the kids, go downtown, Merrillville IN?  Hmmmmmm…..  What would you want to do without the kiddos?

Cheers,                                                                                                                        Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “The 8th Day of NO RUNNING…..

  1. TTF and Mick…what to do without kiddies?….Yikes…pretty simple…play and have fun!….just don’t make anymore kiddies in the!

    TTF…ya doin’ great…don’t worry bout weight gain…ya put on a lot when ya drop-back on training volume and intensity…but it goes quickly when ya get back to where ya left off.

    Just run your “Dash” with some rationale to it…start it comparatively slow (i.e. relative to race distance)…give 1st mile to adjust and find Tiger….then just run by feel and try to do each next mile a little faster…then when ya hit or just before 3-mile mark…kick-it-in and go all-out!

    Ya like Frogger…contending with nagging injury…contending with other aspects of life that demand ya attention…and 8-days off running…this Coach says….ya really don’t loose a thing…maybe gain something in recovery!

    Go 4 It sister….ya deserve it!


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