On My 7th Day of No Running…..

On my 7th day of NO RUNNING my truelove continues to distract me!  This running hiatus came at an odd time as Hubby and I are also enjoying a mini “stay”cation without the kiddos.  So we have been running around like fools in an attempt to distract me from thinking about running have fun and enjoy ourselves and not worrying about whether Michael is climbing my sister’s curtains and jumping from the top of her stairs do a few things that we normally can’t fit into our busy kid friendly schedules.  On Day 1 of staycation, we went shopping, plus had dinner & drinks.  I know this sounds totally lame isn’t exciting to most of you but shopping with the kiddos is a chore and not fun.  Plus, we bought lots of fun things for ME!  Yay! 

And there is not even one remotely running related item in that loot pile.  I know most people had running things on their Christmas List but running for me is different. I’ve been doing it for a long time so I don’t really have a wishlist.  I buy a few pieces of clothing each year to add to my collection but already have all the big items.  So I did get a few pair of compression socks for Christmas but basically have what I need otherwise.

Day 2 of staycation was blinging it up,  wearing some of my new loot and hitting the local NON-Smoking casinos.  Illinois is non-smoking so better and easier to stay local so as not to have to deal with the nasty smoke from the Indiana & Michigan casinos.Hollywood Casino (formally Empress) had a beautiful tree!

We were also able to bring home some $$ between Harrahs & Hollywood!  Love it when I have black chips in my possession.  I never spend them, just hoard hold onto them so I feel special.  I had used most of the green by this point and was heading to cash out so we could move on for more fun.

Do you ever opt for a local “stay”cation over the big price tag of airfare/hotel in a new and different city?  We seem to take this option a lot now with the dogs kiddos.  First, we have 3 dogs that don’t like to be boarded so we end up begging a friend to stay at the house when we are out-of-town to “dog-sit” which is a PITA.  Secondly, we never have much time.  Why waste a ton of  $$ to go somewhere for 3 days?  Thirdly, we live in a great area in that there is a bunch of things to do in the CHI.  Fourth, Mom couldn’t get anymore time off work this year so we couldn’t ask her to come and watch the kids/dogs here I like to sleep in my own bed.  So vacation or staycation?

Cheers!                                                                                                                            Amanda – TooTallFritz

13 thoughts on “On My 7th Day of No Running…..

  1. I love going out of town, but I can see the appeal of a staycation. We are lucky to be so close to Chicago and all that it offers – although I will admit I don’t take advantage of that nearly as much as I’d like.

  2. I usually vacation. Only stay-cation once with an ex boyfriend who lived out of state. We did all the touristy chicago stuff and had a great time! I don’t have kids so I really don’t have to worry about that.

  3. Smoke Free Illinois is the best piece of legislation ever. I’m always thrown for a loop when I’m traveling and asked “smoking or non?” when I go out to eat.

  4. I’m glad that you are having a fun vacation and are working on “heel”ing and relaxing. I think we have a few dogs running with us tonight at F’N Run Club. Isn’t that great!? Can’t wait to catch up with you as soon as you hit the trails. Until then, happy gambling, shopping, eating, and having fun! See lots of you in 2012, as I hope to join the 1000 mile club next year.

  5. TTF…just glad ya having and enjoying ya time….ya don’t have to run…nor feel guilty cause ya don’t run for 7-days. If ya take 7-days off…then that’s what the Dr would advise. Time off….is not necessarily time lost….in running. Ya havin’ fun and enjoying the time and that’s very important…right….enjoying the moment?

    Ya broaching into subjects worthy of full posts….letting running take it where ya want to go and not being slaves to strict training. I have made a lot of mistakes in that latter reference…but I am getting more experienced and smarter as I go along this running ride.

    Go to the book by Matt Fitzgerald, “Run – the mind-body method of running by feel.” Much of it intuitively what you would expect…and pretty simple in basic concept….but it is worth the read if for nothing more than to remind your brain (i.e. who you are) that to be the best runner ya can be…ya gotta enjoy the running…the training…that gets ya there to race day. Don’t listen to that feed-back of not-being-enjoyable experience….then ya gotta make some adjustment to make it feel good and fun and enjoyable in some way.

    You might want to check this out and then do ya own post on running by feel.

    Great ya enjoyed ya time out there on the stay-home-vay-k!

    peace sister…n-love-2-all your flock!

  6. Glad you are having fun and enjoying your time off. Hope your heel is recovering well. Can’t wait to see you back on the trail! To answer your question…I have, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to do either stay-cation or vacation. So, can my option be both?!… =(

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