Tis the Season of Giving….

While I absolutely understand that the season of giving is upon us there are few things that I have been gifted with as of late that I would like to return.

  1. The “Sickies” – This is my overall generic term for whatever ailment the family contracts.  And man, an army of these sickie germs has paraded through my house over the last couple weeks.  Enough is enough, I’d like to make a return.  Reason?  Although 39 may not look so attractive to some, I’d like to see that birthday.  In the spring.  When these germs are dead.       image               
  2. Ill Behaved Children –  While I won’t be naming names MICHAEL!!!!!, someone forgot to tell my lil one that Christmas is coming and that presents are not guaranteed!  The child is a maniac.  It doesn’t matter if I talk nicely and try to negotiate.  It doesn’t matter if I yell and scream.  It doesn’t matter if I spank.  It doesn’t matter if I use the time out chair.  It doesn’t matter what I do, the lil man is a flippin’ maniac.  He screams.  He fights.  He swears.  He hits.  He won’t listen to a damn thing I say but come bedtime, the lil monster turns into an angel batting those eyes and telling me I’m his best friend.  He just wants to be with me.  He NEEDS me to sleep with him cuz he’s scared.  Manipulator.   Monster Dash_2012_Michael PhotoBomber
  3. Vomiting/Spewing Pets –  I’m not really sure what has happened but we can’t get thru a day without stepping in, cleaning up, or shampooing something that shouldn’t be on our floor!  Last week about took the cake when Miss Liberty ate a rabbit.  Yes, a rabbit.  No easy feat mind you.  She had to first catch it and kill it.  All within our 3 measly acres of property which she can’t leave due to the e-fence.  Once she stuffed herself, she then brought me the leftovers.  I thanked her and then disposed of the back legs and spine, which apparently are the “junk” parts if you plan to eat a rabbit anytime soon.  And if you ever ask me why I don’t like to eat meat “much”, let’s just refer back to this, shall we?    Then 45 minutes later, she proceeded to vomit said rabbit all over my living room and kitchen floor.  What’s worse than a fresh rabbit corpse?  A freshly eaten rabbit vomited up on your floor.  Awesome.Libby_Oct 2009
  4. Bad Attitudes – I feel like I’m going crazy.  I’m tired.  I’m miserable.  I’m tired of being tired and miserable.  And don’t jump in here and tell me to drink my Spark b/c this isn’t about an actual lack of energy but about the fact that everyone is sucking away my good vibes.  I try to be upbeat and positive but I’m getting worn down by life.  It may be lack of sleep for so many years straight.  It may be because every aspect of life is so much work.  It may be because I have no down time.  Whatever the reason, I’m getting a bad attitude.  I’d like to make another return, please.  Bring on the good times, happy thoughts and overall love of life! 

“It is our attitude that makes us feel happy or unhappy.”  Unknown Author

So I’m going to do the Happy Dance with the beloved Peanuts star, Snoopy, and hope that things right themselves in MY universe very, very soon!


My wish for all of you:  Health, well behaved children, non-vomiting/spewing pets and an AMAZING attitude! 

** Cheers ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

15 thoughts on “Tis the Season of Giving….

    • He is such a charmer! In his defense, he has been sick. Has had double ear infections for over a month. He doesn’t just get cuddly and feverish when he is sick, he gets angry and wants everything just exactly the way he wants it without any variation. Wrong underwear? SCREAMING fit. Wrong Socks? SCREAMING…. Age 3 is the worst by far.

  1. Unfortunately you’re so right. Its just that time of the year for the Sickies here as well. Both kids continue to think its OK to bring home everything they can come in contact with at school. Luckily it hasn’t got to us parents just yet.

    • We’ve done without any sickies for a year so I guess we are due. It took us forever to reacclimate to the daycare germs but once we did, we’ve done well. Now to get this new batch thru. Something different last week vs this week too. Not fun. Good luck to you and your wife in avoiding the sickies!

  2. This shall pass…someday…lil ones will be grown-up…and bring with them…the challenges that grown-ups bring. I must confess…you have been thru some trying times lately. No wonder you love running so much….escape…freedom from wants and needs! Get your run in with FNRC and you will feel better. Too bad ya couldn’t have been at Waterfall Glen yesterday for the 12.12 km run…you would have loved the weather and 7.53-mile run…oh-so perfect! Hang in there TTF….just another type of marathon you running!

    • I would loved to have been at waterfall glen. I was shooting for 12K last night myself but the coughing killed me. I got about 5.6 and had to head home. The cold air activated the coughing. 😦

  3. I’m so sorry things are going rough for you right now. I hope they turn around quickly! But I still think you are amazing that you are able to do all that you do, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel so amazing.

  4. Oh.my.gosh. That rabbit story is horrifying – I am so sorry!! Seriously, I don’t know what I would have done – moved? Vomited myself? Run screaming from the house?! You are a trooper! Thanks for posting this though – all too often in the blog world I feel like we all try to pretend to be super upbeat even when that’s not happening. Myself included. I hope things settle down soon for you or at least you are able to grab some downtime. This is hugely important for me as well and I have plans to watch Lord of the Rings on Friday night. Nerdy? Maybe but it will be a chance to cool my jets from a busy week! Sending you relaxing vibes!

  5. Whats worse than egurgitated rabbit, how abput squirrel?? My last dog did that alll over our carpet….not pleasant. As for the sickies I swear by CVS brand Vitamin C,Pomegranate Cranberry flavored fizzy drink mix, 36 stick packs to a box. I add one to a bottle of water EVERYDAY, if someone in my office is sick I will do it twice a day!! Trust me this stuff has a bunch of different vitamins and it tastes good too!!

    Just keep thinking happy thoughts of where we will be 3 short weeks from now, away from the sickies and crazies!! I have so much going on hear, don’t know how I will get it all done before then………

  6. my dog is a never ending source of vomit and diarrhea. It’s horrifying and so, so gross. I would like to personally apologize if i have sucked away any of your positive vibes – it’s just that time of year. At very least, i hope the house returns to germ free soon – i know that stuff just keeps spreading around!

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