1. the act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment.
  2. a return of something to a former, original, normal or unimpaired condition.

There have been a lot of things weighing me down as of late and I think that is one reason the “sickies” caught me x2.  Things that a good run can’t fix.  Things I can’t fix.  Things I can’t understand.  As a control freak Type A personality, it’s hard to let go and realize that there are some things, no matter how important, which are beyond my control. 

As my body repairs itself from the “sickies”, I look within and begin the process of restoration.  What makes me happy?  What makes me feel good?  What can I do to “return” to my former self? 

First, I need to pay attention to my health and not take it for granted.  I’m an AdvoCare distributor but “may” have been lax about taking my ImmunoGuard.  Why?  Not sure.  I know it works.  I know that it normally keeps me healthy when others are sick, but I wasn’t taking it.  So this week, I’ve been focusing on my ImmunoGuard, and the olive leaf extract that Dr. Alexis likes, and Emergen-C (since I ran out of my CitriZinc Chews).  Overkill?  Maybe but who cares if it works!

immonogard    olive_leaf_extract   Emergen-C

Second, as soon as I could breathe, I wanted to run.  Okay, let’s be honest, I wanted to run before I could breathe but tried on WED and  it didn’t work out so well.  Today, I laced up and headed out to run. 


Thirdly, I ran toward the water.  I always feel better when I’m near water:  a lake, a stream, a river, an ocean.  The water has restorative powers for me and makes me feel calm inside.  At peace.  Healthy.  Alive.

Oak St Beach_12-14-12

Fortunately, Chicago has an abundance of water.  Its just a short run from my office building and I have…..

Sand.Toes in the sand_chicago_12-14-12


And a little sunshine.  Chicago Lake Front_north beach boathouse_12-14-12

I’m feeling better already!  Now to focus a little more on getting back into my normal routine, taking my supplements, building my miles and letting go of things I can not control.   Only then, will my body and mind truly begin the process of restoration. 

What has restorative powers for you?  Do you feel at peace when you are near something, in a particular location or just sitting at home cuddling with the kids and pets?

** Restoration In Progress ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

6 thoughts on “Restoration….

  1. I get the water thing… I have lived on the ocean for the last 11 years and it does feel restorative… but I am a prairie girl from the beginning and when I see wide open spaces with huge blue sky and fields of grass or grain, blowing in the breeze… I am HOME!

  2. Water and mountains. I didn’t know you were in Chicago – I went to school in Evanston. While I’m not a runner, I’ve had my share of Lake Michigan runs and I do miss it. Thx for the pic.

  3. TTF…you are so awesome and ya really have a perspective on life that I never tire hearing about. Your whole life is “restoration”….relief…reprieve….from the demands of being woman…the kids….the dogs…oh ya…hubby too…but hoping by now he be way on your side and helping more of a hindrance.

    Of all I think of in the running world and blog side of things…I can’t think of a single other that holds the “reality” perspective. You are really more of a taoist than you may want to think…you pretty much go by “feel” and the “yin-yang” of life and sorry….just don’t see the “control” aspects you describe bout your personality. Control may be with your self…but certainly not of your lige with ya hubby, kiddies, friends and running friends. You are more in control and more balanced than you allude to. My opinion…so what do I know bout such things? LOL.

    Just keep doing what life is all about…your life!

    peace sister,

  4. I agree with you about the water. I ride by the lakefront every day that I can here in Chicago. Listen to your body. If it isn’t up to running, don’t. Better to miss a run than be laid up for a week.

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