How to Love Life …..

It’s true that I haven’t always been in love with my life.  My job.  My city of residence which is far away from my family.  However, running has taught me to appreciate the little things.  It has given me an avenue with which I can process life.  Destress.  Regroup.  Recharge.

Lake MI_6-13-13_me

If you don’t run then I’m not sure why you are reading this unless you are my mother, you may not understand what I’m trying to say.  You possibly think that running actually makes a person tired when in fact it actually recharges the “battery”.   It makes me feel alive.  It gives me a sense of self.  It gives me time to think.  It gives me peace.  Possibly you can find this thru another activity but that isn’t the case for me. 

I also find the running gets me outside in the sun far more often then if I were NOT running.  I go out during lunch at times and just cruise the city of Chicago.  It’s a bit of “stolen” time that helps me feel free.  Less like I’m always tied to a desk and more like I actually have a life that I enjoy.  It also enables me to see MORE of the city than if I were just strolling along.  Today I hit the lakefront trail to see how the lake faired after yesterday’s nasty storm.  Apparently it’s still angry and expelling that energy.

Lake MI_6-13-13_2

A few friends and I “might” be doing a swim clinic down at Ohio Street Beach tomorrow, so I wanted to take a peak and  see how it looked.  Rough.  Really rough.  Hope it calms down by tomorrow!!

Ohio Street Beach_waves

So a 5.5 mile jaunt thru the city and on the lakefront trail at lunch left me happy and smiling again.  Loving life.  Loving my job almost.  Loving the city of Chicago.  I encourage you to steal a bit of time for yourself to recharge your batteries …….. in any way that you are able. 

** Love YOUR Life ** Amanda –  TooTallFritz ** **

Tis the Season of Giving….

While I absolutely understand that the season of giving is upon us there are few things that I have been gifted with as of late that I would like to return.

  1. The “Sickies” – This is my overall generic term for whatever ailment the family contracts.  And man, an army of these sickie germs has paraded through my house over the last couple weeks.  Enough is enough, I’d like to make a return.  Reason?  Although 39 may not look so attractive to some, I’d like to see that birthday.  In the spring.  When these germs are dead.       image               
  2. Ill Behaved Children –  While I won’t be naming names MICHAEL!!!!!, someone forgot to tell my lil one that Christmas is coming and that presents are not guaranteed!  The child is a maniac.  It doesn’t matter if I talk nicely and try to negotiate.  It doesn’t matter if I yell and scream.  It doesn’t matter if I spank.  It doesn’t matter if I use the time out chair.  It doesn’t matter what I do, the lil man is a flippin’ maniac.  He screams.  He fights.  He swears.  He hits.  He won’t listen to a damn thing I say but come bedtime, the lil monster turns into an angel batting those eyes and telling me I’m his best friend.  He just wants to be with me.  He NEEDS me to sleep with him cuz he’s scared.  Manipulator.   Monster Dash_2012_Michael PhotoBomber
  3. Vomiting/Spewing Pets –  I’m not really sure what has happened but we can’t get thru a day without stepping in, cleaning up, or shampooing something that shouldn’t be on our floor!  Last week about took the cake when Miss Liberty ate a rabbit.  Yes, a rabbit.  No easy feat mind you.  She had to first catch it and kill it.  All within our 3 measly acres of property which she can’t leave due to the e-fence.  Once she stuffed herself, she then brought me the leftovers.  I thanked her and then disposed of the back legs and spine, which apparently are the “junk” parts if you plan to eat a rabbit anytime soon.  And if you ever ask me why I don’t like to eat meat “much”, let’s just refer back to this, shall we?    Then 45 minutes later, she proceeded to vomit said rabbit all over my living room and kitchen floor.  What’s worse than a fresh rabbit corpse?  A freshly eaten rabbit vomited up on your floor.  Awesome.Libby_Oct 2009
  4. Bad Attitudes – I feel like I’m going crazy.  I’m tired.  I’m miserable.  I’m tired of being tired and miserable.  And don’t jump in here and tell me to drink my Spark b/c this isn’t about an actual lack of energy but about the fact that everyone is sucking away my good vibes.  I try to be upbeat and positive but I’m getting worn down by life.  It may be lack of sleep for so many years straight.  It may be because every aspect of life is so much work.  It may be because I have no down time.  Whatever the reason, I’m getting a bad attitude.  I’d like to make another return, please.  Bring on the good times, happy thoughts and overall love of life! 

“It is our attitude that makes us feel happy or unhappy.”  Unknown Author

So I’m going to do the Happy Dance with the beloved Peanuts star, Snoopy, and hope that things right themselves in MY universe very, very soon!


My wish for all of you:  Health, well behaved children, non-vomiting/spewing pets and an AMAZING attitude! 

** Cheers ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **