Unique Gift Idea, Moji 360 Foot Massager Review

I’m always on the look out for cool gifts for people I love and have recently stumbled across or rather it was sent to my doorstep the Moji 360 Foot Massager.

 Moji Foot Msgr

I instantly loved the idea of this foot massager because as a runner AND a person with foot issues, it just SOUNDED amazing.  I’m long past putting a golf ball in the freezer to roll my foot and help the Plantar Fasciitis instead I just go see Dr. Alexis every week.  The golf ball gets stolen by my little angels.  Or a dog tries to grab it while I’m supposed to be “massaging” and rolling my foot.  Yeah, that just didn’t work for me.  I’ve also tried using “the stick” on my feet and well, that’s not ideal either.  The Moji 360 Foot Massager, however is working!  It is a COOL, fun item, it relaxes the foot, the dogs don’t try to steal it, and the kids aren’t tossing it around the house.  It’s been a big WIN for me!  I do, however, have to fight off the little ones who think it’s “cool” because they want to roll their feet too!   Michael says “it tickles”! Once I let them have a turn, I normally get to use it too. Normally.

Moji Foot Msgr_Michael  Moji Foot Msgr_me

The massager is manual.  No batteries, no plug.  It’s portable and can and has been tossed in my workout/travel bag.  It’s small and doesn’t take up a lot of space.  It’s easy to use, I just roll my feet across the balls.  It doesn’t slip like the golf ball because there is a slip pad on the bottom.  Plus there are two massage zones, one on each side.  Zone 1, on the left is for “relaxation” and has 7 small steel massage spheres for a more targeted massage.  They also don’t dig too deeply into your foot because the spheres are small.  You can adjust the intensity by how hard you push your foot on the massager.  Zone 2, is on the right, and has two larger massage spheres.  They are more intense and this zone is used for deep tissue massage.  This is normally the side that I use since I have a few foot “issues”.   Moji claims that the foot massager will help break up scar tissue for people who have foot issues, like Plantar Fasciitis.  Of course, I can’t {or won’t} comment on what it will or will not do but this is way more effective {in my world}, and targeted, than a golf ball massage.

Here are a few photos and some details from the catalog.

Moji Foot Msgr_catalog 1


Cool product, particularly if you are a runner, are on your feet a lot, or if you have foot issues.  Good price point, retails at $39.99 so it’s an affordable gift for yourself or someone you love!

The Moji 360 Foot Massager is available online HERE and on Amazon.com, plus at many local specialty stores.  Look up local retailers HERE.

Have you found any cool & unique gifts this holiday season?  If so, tell us!!

** Who Doesn’t Love A Foot Massage?  ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

7 thoughts on “Unique Gift Idea, Moji 360 Foot Massager Review

  1. Yes…that foot massager is pretty cool and effective too…tested it at Chicago Expo and really like it. I didn’t buy it however, cause I have one of those Moji “palm rollers” which is about same size as that foot massager, just the base is flexible and has a little slat across top for your hand to find and grasp the roller. You can use that palm roller on bottom of your feet, but you have to use your hand to massage bottom of foot. Could try using that palm roller turned upside down on floor and just roll your foot on it like the foot massager. Will test that out. The advantage of the palm roller is like the foot massager, it is small and packs easy, but that palm roller you can also use on your other muscles….just like a stick, but also use it on your feet. I like tools to have multiple purposes and if money is an issue, you might get two birds with one stone going with the palm roller. And I think that palm roller is less expensive. Otherwise…you got the extra bucks…get both the foot and palm roller!.

  2. Just ordered it – both my husband and I deal with the dreaded PT so I figure it will be a hit as a gift for him. (And I can use it too – BONUS.)

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