RMHC Raffle for the Chicago Marathon!

At this point in September, I’m usually in the best shape of the year.  I’m running fast.  I’m light and in control of my weight.   I’m reaping the benefits of a hard summer training cycle.  Not this year.  But life and the Chicago Marathon will go on regardless of my fitness status, where I live and my level of chaos.  So my focus for the next 30 days:  1)  I must lose 20-27 lbs raise the last $200 for RMHC;  2) Run the last two big runs for my non-existent training cycle; and get ready to head to the CHI to ENJOY what will probably be my last Chicago Marathon.  I hoping this raffle will put me over the top so I can concentrate on my weight loss training.

First order of business, you can find my RMHC fundraising page HERE.  If you would like to play to win, you will be awarded one entry into the raffle for every $5 donation.  Example:  Donation of $10 = 2 entries.  Winners will be drawn next FRI, September 19th at 9am via a random number generator.   Please comment below as to the items that you would most like to win from the raffle and I’ll do my best to get you want you want when your number pops up.

What’s up for the raffle?

1)  SOL REPUBLIC Relay Headphones $79 value – I did a review of these a while back and they are amazing.  The sound quality is so great that I can’t use them if I’m running on the road because they block out ALL OUTSIDE SOUND, plus I feel like I’m in my own little world and I don’t want to return to reality.  They also have some nifty other features like being able to receive calls with the push of a button, text alerts and easy to use volume controls that will keep you jamming, no matter how far you run.

SOL REPUBLIC Relay Headphones   relay_ad  relay-headphones_collage_thumb

2)  Mile Markers:  The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run – Kirstin Armstrong – $13.99 Value

In Mile Markers, Runner’s World contributing editor Kristin Armstrong captures the ineffable and timeless beauty of running……. With unique wit, refreshing candor, and disarming vulnerability, Armstrong shares her conviction that running is the perfect parallel for marking the milestones of life. From describing running a hardfought race with her tightly-knit group of sweat sisters, to watching her children participate in the sport for the very first time, Armstrong infuses her experiences with a perspective of hope that every moment is a chance to become a stronger, wiser, more peaceful woman. Running threads these touching stories together, and through each of them we are shown the universal undercurrents of inspiration, growth, grace, family, empowerment, and endurance.

Mile Markers_Kristin Armstrong

3)  GU Prize Pack – I have a mixed prize pack of 16 gels, 3 chomps,  & 1 Roctane Powder mix. See the amazing flavors below.  There are a couple Salted Caramels and one Salted Watermelon!

GU Prize Pack

4)  Spartan UP!  A Take No Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance In Life.  By Joe De Sena – $24.00 Value

Twenty-six point two miles isn’t enough anymore. Obstacle course racing, which combines the endurance challenges of a marathon with the mind-bending rigors of overcoming obstacles along the way, is taking the world by storm. At the center of this phenomenon is Joe De Sena, the driving force behind the enormously popular Spartan Race. De Sena offers a simple philosophy: commit to a goal, put in the work, and get it done. From that philosophy, as played out first in his own life and now for millions across trails, through mud, and up mountainsides, Spartan Race was born.

Spartan Up

5)  Emergen-C Prize Pack – $40-$60 Value depending on retailer.  AND I have TWO of these prize packs, so that means 2 winners!!  Get some Emergen-C just in time for the marathon taper!!   This prize pack will include 4 boxes of Emergen-C, each with 30 individual packets of the immuno boosting super powder! 

  • Increases metabolic function
  • Vitamin C & antioxidants boost health
  • B vitamins for natural energy & no crash

4 pack Emergen-C

6)  WOD Motivation – Quotes, Inspiration, Affirmations and Wisdom to Stay Mentally Tough – Eleanor Brown – $8.33 Value

WOD Motivation is here to help you build the mental toughness you need to finish every workout with pride. You can use the motivational quotes and affirmations in this book to face your WOD with discipline and determination, and to boost your mental strength when you need it most.

Whether you’re blasting through burpees or knocking out deadlifts, WOD Motivation supports you as you power through to your new personal best.

WOD Motivation

7)  Moji 360 Foot Massager – $39.95 Value.  As you know I reviewed this a while back and it was a big hit.  Great for gifts for runners or people who are frequently on their feet.   Can help with foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis.  It has the smaller spheres for massaging, then the two larger spheres for therapy.  Great addition to your post run routine!!

moji-foot-msgr_catalog-1_thumb Moji 360 Foot Massager

8)  The Inaugural Dopey Challenge 48.6 Pendant!  Value – PRICELESS.  I purchased this as part of my Dopey Challenge Registration packet for the Inaugural 2014 event.  I’ve never worn it.  I don’t wear silver and it’s been hanging from my jewelry rack neglected.  I’m pretty sure that someone would love to have it, hold it, wear it and show it off proudly.  So if you ran the inaugural Dopey Challenge, January 2014, here is your chance for a little memento that you may not have added onto your original registration package. 

4  Days * 4 Theme Parks




Dopey Pendent_Inaugural

That’s it!  Enter the raffle by donating to Ronald McDonald House Charities HERE.  I’ll draw 9 winners next Friday.  Each $5 donation = 1 raffle entry.  And while you are donating and checking out these cool prizes, I’m facing down an 18 miler this weekend and then 20 miles next weekend!  I’ll do the work so that I can run/walk/crawl thru the Chicago Marathon if you can please help the families of the RMHC kids!  Go, donate now!  And don’t forget to make a comment below if you have a preference of raffle prizes because it will really help me with the prize distribution! 


** Running For A Cause EACH & EVERY Day ** Amanda – TooTAllFritz **

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