STOP! Wait! Let Me Take A Selfie!

I’m always significantly behind on my reading. Always. Last week I was reading an article in an old Runners World, that I had just unpacked, and it was on the subject of selfies. Apparently some people hate don’t like selfies. In fact, their loathing goes beyond the fact that they don’t take them, all the way to the fact that it makes them crazy that other people take selfies. Really? Interesting. But stop! Wait! Let me take a selfie!


Then last night as I was driving home from the CHI, a couple radio personalities were discussing the most “hated” selfies. Apparently there is a list, compiled by a gossip magazine. What’s at the top of the list? The post gym selfie! And if you could see my newfeed from my TTF Facebook page or even my personal newsfeed, it’s overrun with gym/running/workout selfies. I may in fact be guilty of tossing a selfie or 10 up, just last month! But stop! Wait! Let me take a selfie!


I find it interesting that something so harmless can get people so riled up. Apparently the selfie is considered something of arrogance. Some people think the selfie is about boasting. I saw a post on FB a couple days ago about how shocking it was that a person was able to actually get & stay in shape without documenting the process via photos on FB. Shocking. But stop! Wait! Let me take a selfie!


Others think the selfie can be dangerous to others! No idea why. But stop! Wait! Let me take a selfie!


On a more serious note, my friends aren’t taking selfies of themselves in bikinis, or when they are sick, or when they are drunk. They take/post selfies when they are out and about. To show their friends a cool trail they are running. To motivate the reader who may hate to run in the rain or snow, or sleet, or cold, or heat. To let their mom know that they are at mile 20 of the marathon that they have trained for all summer and that they are still alive. To send to the kids who want to know “if they are done running yet”. To be accountable for their training. To thank a sponsor or vendor who has helped them along the way. To inspire. To share. To be social. To document experiences. And if that’s wrong. Or bad. Or upsets people …. then I would suggest that person ….. Stop! And go take a selfie! It’s actually kinda fun!


How about you? Yay or Nay on the selfies?

** Stop. Wait. I’m Totally Taking A Selfie. ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

11 thoughts on “STOP! Wait! Let Me Take A Selfie!

  1. I don’t take selfies of myself. I’m just really bad at it. The photos are awful. I have taken selfies with friends/boyfriend/family though. I don’t mind them. To each his own! I feel like taking a selfie now though.

  2. Have no objections to those that take the “selfies”….though I don’t think I have ever done one of myself and prefer others to take pics of me from their perspective. In some ways…the selfie might be the only way to get a pic including yourself on the run if no one else around to do the shot for you. Probably the “haters” don’t like them and interpret them as “boasting” cause the field of view is dominated by self with some aspects of the setting in background. Too bad camera phones didn’t have camera/lenses capable of “wide-angle” (e.g. 24 mm in std SLR cameras)….that would allow the close-up of you that captures a lot more of the background in higher detail. The Selfie reminds me those camera booths you used to be able to take pictures in at the mall. I like to call them “Rainman” shots cause they have distorted and sometimes subject images are “cut-off” in the pic frame. Watch the movie with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman called Rain-Man and watch how Raymond uses his camera to take strange angle-view pics. Pretty artistic in my opinion…so I guess in some ways…you or those doing selfies…are artists…capturing the moment/experience from a perspective were you or your mug dominates the field of view! And it must be fun….never see you with a frown…always happy….happy….happy! Maybe those that hate or criticize the Selfie…are unhappy people….unable to discover joy? Pretty interesting post and definitely an unexpected topic I never expected to see on TTF Blog! I will vote Yay for Selfie!

  3. I really enjoy seeing selfies of other people or if I can get in someone’s selfie with them…..Love Julie in the background of your selfie from that trail marathon in Wisconsin!!! See how people associate different selfies with places/races, how else to document the fun on some run’s or events!! YAY to selfie!!!

  4. I have a friend who went through an entire pregnancy and I didn’t read about it on Facebook until after she gave birth. Or maybe I just didn’t see those posts?

  5. For a long time I didn’t really take selfies. Lately? All about the selfie! Why not? It doesn’t hurt anything (except the memory on my phone) and it’s fuuuun!

  6. I take selfies for my own benefit but every so often. I think its a personal choice . We all have likes and dislikes. I just feel more comfortable not posting however I do post the occasional selfie.

  7. There are so many other things to get worked up about. Driving and texting. Drinking your face off night after night (or day after day) (or night and day). Running over people while drinking and driving.

    In the grand scheme of things, I think selfies are pretty rad.

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