Starting Over …. Again

Life is cyclical. We all move thru a series of cycles. Some good. Some bad. Some just, well, different. Sometimes the outcome can be controlled with how we react to the situation. Other times, it can’t. Most of us have gone thru enough of these cycles to be able to roll with the punches manage them to the best of our ability. For that very reason, most of us are very familiar with the term “starting over”.


It happens to all of us. And if someone says that they haven’t had to start over some aspect of their life then they are lying very fortuante. No matter how great life is, things happen. Injuries. Relocations. Burnout. Job stresses. The list is endless. As a result, we sometimes need to reset and restart when the storm blows over. There is no shame in starting over, just be committed and make it happen!

So if you are staring down a dreaded “restart”, do it now. Join me in rebuilding. I’m rebuilding my running & fitness routine. I hope what you are facing is something as simple as that but regardless, it’s time. Do it now. Breathe. Commit. Make a plan. Then come back and tell me all about how you TOTALLY ROCKED IT.

Yes, I’m Starting Over …… Again,
Amanda – TooTallFritz

3 thoughts on “Starting Over …. Again

  1. I just started a new job and have to get back into the swing of full time work…and creating balance again. I wish you the best in your re-start. I have a feeling that you’ve got this šŸ™‚ keep us posted!!

  2. Commit and make a plan… I’m struggling with that part right now. I wish you the very best with your own restart!

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