SOL REPUBLIC Relay Headphones Review & Giveaway

What the hottest or maybe the “coolest” thing on the market that Mom wants for Mother’s Day?  The SOL REPUBLIC Relay Headphones!   Why, the Relay Headphones?   They are cool and come in amazing colors, have great sound and they make the life of mom’s like me easier.  And as a mom, any little thing that makes life easier is a REALLY big win!


So let’s forget the cool factor for a minute and talk about how they make my life easier.   As you know I’m not a “techie”.  I don’t know much about technology and you won’t catch me doing a review of a fancy running watch cuz well, I don’t have time to stress over which button to push!  I like things simple. And everything that I own that’s branded SOL REPULBLIC is always that, simple but with amazing quality.    If you’re a mom or a busy person, you know simplicity is key. 

So how many of you mom’s actually run with your phone in your hand because you can’t stress about missing calls or text messages while you are mid-workout?  Are you always afraid Little Jimmy will jump off the roof and break a leg while you are out running?  Is your Princess Ariel always stressed over reaching you while you are at the gym or on the trail because maybe she forgot her track bag or her lunch or her brain at home on the kitchen table?  Is hubby freaked out every time you walk out the door cuz he is home alone with the kids?  Is your boss frequently mad at you cuz you “took lunch” and hit the Lakefront Trail for a midday run and heaven forbid he needs his iPhone password RIGHT NOW?  Yeah?  Well, I might know how you feel so let me help.  I understand that you really don’t want to be bothered while you are running but realistically as wives, mom’s and bad ass business execs, it’s super hard to unplug and leave anything behind for too long.  So run long, but use these amazing SOL REPUBLIC Relay Headphones to stay connected. 

Relay Headphones _2    image

These in-ear headphones are comfortable with soft, flexible ear pieces which come in 4 different sizes for the perfect in-ear fit.  They have a volume control on the cord so there is no digging for the phone to adjust volume every time the wind blows you want to blast your favorite song.  It also stops your music and pings you when a text message arrives.  And my very favorite thing?  That same volume button on the cord allows you to pick up a phone call.  Yes, you can pick up your phone call with one push of a button and zero fear of it going to voicemail before you are able to dig your phone out of your belt.  This is a really big deal to me.  Really big deal. 

Relay Headphones_collage

I tested these out during the Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville a couple weeks ago.  The kids were in a hotel room waiting for me to finish running.  I needed to be connected and available to help them and also be able to threaten keep Mr. Michael in line.   Plus there were times when I needed a few tunes to keep me moving.  These worked great, plus they are sweat/water resistant!!!  The kids called me 2 times and Aby probably texted me 10x.  I was able to respond immediately, each and every time.  I’m wearing them in this picture below. I wore them for about 20 miles of the race and they didn’t bother me at all.  Big win!!

Relay Headphones_me

The SOL REPUBLIC Relay Headphones are in my purse and one of my new “must have” running and travel items.  Great item and I’m happy to have found them!

Now, would YOU like to have a pair of Relay Headphones ($79 value) for yourself?  If so, comment below and tell me what brand headphones you use as your “go to” for running and exercising!    For a second entry to the giveaway, follow and “like” SOL REPUBLIC on Facebook HERE and let me know in the comments below that you in fact “liked” them.  If you don’t comment below, you can’t win, so go comment NOW! 

Giveaway starts now and one winner will be drawn via a random number generator on Monday, May 5th at 9am.  Good luck, all!

If you need these now and can’t wait for the win, or if you need a cool gift for mom/dad for Mother’s/Father’s Day, then feel free to purchase a pair of these amazing headphones HERE

** Be Connected When You Run ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

81 thoughts on “SOL REPUBLIC Relay Headphones Review & Giveaway

  1. It’s so sad, but I use dollar store headphones and they are complete crud (I’m using polite language here, they are actually worse than crud). I really need good headphones for my workouts and runs.

  2. I use a cheapie pair that I got off amazon..with 4 kids I would love to win this so I can stay connected (or continue to be disconnected from them…depends on the day) while I run! Liked on FB too!!


  3. Right now all I’ve got are the earbuds that came with my iPhone, and they are no good for longer periods of time–they make my ears hurt! These SOL earbuds sound pretty great!

  4. I use some kind that I bought from Target, and they constantly fall out of my weird shaped ears!!!! I would love these – and I likes SOLs page!!

  5. I have always used the skull candy ear buds but my wonderfully evil cat has chewed through the cord on 7 pairs because my kids have left them out. I would love to win these!!!

  6. I used to have yurbuds which I really liked, but lost. Have been running with a pair of “phone” earbuds lately as I am not sure what kind I want to spend my $$ on yet!

  7. It’s really sad, but someone stole my brand new iPod in November and I had the PERFECT set of earphones with them. They were purple. Now I just use the earphones that came with the new iPod I had to buy. They are uncomfortable and don’t stay in my ears.

    I have liked SOL Republic’s FB page and am crossing my fingers from now until you post the winner!! 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  8. I use motorola bluetooth headphones but I have trouble sometimes with them not working and would love a pair like this.

  9. I use yurbuds, when I use them, if I am running with someone I don’t listen to anything, but this would be a great option!!

  10. Love SOL…all thanks to you & your giveaways!😘
    Currently a skull candy & yurbuds gal. Have a hard time finding comfy ones.

  11. I use whatever headphones i can find laying around the house. The kids are always taking my headphones for themselves…

    • I started off using the earphones from my Nokia Lumia 800 unfortunately with wear and tear they broke . So I’m using anything that will work on my phone and have now borrowed my daughters bright pink earphones lol

  12. I use basic Sony (white with purple accent) ones that I bought maybe 5 years ago cheap at Beat Buy – the sound quality is good but they always fall out of my ears when running which drives me nuts!

  13. I’m currently using the earbuds that came with my iPhone and they are on their last leg. The volume is different in each ear and it sucks!

  14. I have yurbuds but they don’t fit as well as I had hoped. I am currently using some off brand over the ear headphones.

  15. Oh my goodness I would love to win these!! The regular earbuds that came with my phone always fell out so I bought cheap ones at Homegoods (I don’t know the brand) and they stay in for short runs, but fall out after I start to get sweaty! (and frankly, I only like music for long runs) I really need good headphones!!!

    I alos Like their FB page 🙂

  16. I totally liked their page…based on YOUR review. Thanks for the information on these. My HUBBY is actually the one in need of these as he works out with music and is so in need of headphones that stay in his ear! I would love to win some and hand them over for the smile on his face, it would encourage him to keep running. Again, thanks for pointing the direction to what seems to be some great headphones!!

  17. I liked the SOL page 🙂 I use Sony buds right now, they are ok, don’t stay put as well as I would like.

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